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The Top 25 Pop Songs of January 2010

The top 25 Pop Songs of January 2010

(from AOL radio)

Top 25 Pop Songs

  • 1. Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
  • 2. Jay Sean- Down ( feat Lil Wayne)
  • 3. I.Y.A.Z – Replay
  • 4. Owl City- Fireflies
  • 5. Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say
  • 6. Lady GaGa- Telephone ( feat. Beyonce)
  • 7. Boys Like Girl- Two is Better Then One  ( feat. Taylor Swift)
  • 8. Jay Sean- Do You Remember (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)
  • 9. Orianthi- According to You
  • 10. Ke$ha- Tik Tok
  • 11. Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone
  • 12.  Britney Spears- 3
  • 13. OneRepublic- All The Right Moves
  • 14. The Script- Breakeven
  • 15. Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind
  • 16. Miley Cyrus- Party in The U.S.A
  • 17. Cascada- Evacuate The Dance floor
  • 18. Beyonce- Sweet Dreams
  • 19.  Daughtry- Life After you
  • 20. Kris Allen- Live Like We’re Dying
  • 21. Jason Derulo- In My Head
  • 22. We The Kings – Heaven Can Wait
  • 23. Taylor Swift- Fifteen
  • 24. Lifehouse- Halfway Gone
  • 25. Justin Bieber- One Less Lonely Girl

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Harbor Seals and Sea-lions: Fun Facts

Have you ever been to California? Have you seen a Harbor seal or Sea Lion?  What do you think about them? Well here are some cool facts about the amazing animals!

Do you know that  harbor seals and sea lions are part of the Pinnipeds? Pinnipeds also include Elephant seals, Crabeater seal, Walruses and The Setellers sea-lion.What about differences between a  harbor seal and sea-lion? Well one basic thing is their ears. A sea-lion has ear flaps on the side of its head, when  harbor seals have holes on the sides of its head like a bird.

Where they live: Harbor seals and sea-lions mostly live around the poles.( In case you don’t know the poles are the north and south pole.) They also live in parts of South America and Africa that are below the equator. Others live on the west coast of  North America and the east coast of Asia.

The Life Of  Harbor seals And Sea-lions: Harbor seals and sea-lions share a similar life style, both the harbor seal and the sea-lion start out as pups. Pups live with their mother until they eat solids and can fend for themselves. The only thing that they need to worry about is Sharks, Orcas ( if you don’t know killer whales are orcas), and humans. Harbor seals and sea-lions can live up to 20 or 35 years. Also female harbor seals and sea-lions can have up to 15 pups.

Fun And Games: Harbor seals and sea-lions love to play games! From nearly the moment they are born they play (to learn, of course). As they grow older they continue to play. One of their favorite games ( my favorite as well ) is king of the mountain (as seen above)!

Fun Facts: All Pinnipeds swallow rocks–yes, rocks. (Nobody knows why.)Another little known fact is that the Crabeater seal can actually outrun a human runner!

Now that you know about the animals, it’s time for a Pop-Quiz! Look at the Pinniped on the right, and tell me if it is a harbor seal or a sea-lion . ( Please tell me via the comment link which can be found below the article. )

Camping 101

Camping over the break?  Going with Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts?  A kid who is preparing for summer camp?  Or maybe just a parent who knows nothing about camping?  Here is your check-list on what you need, what you should, and should not do!

The basics: water bottle, sleeping bag, extra sheet (as needed), towel, bug spray, lantern, food (if you need to), bathing suit (to take a shower in gross showers), flip-flops, close-toed shoes, hygiene items, extra clothing, tent( if needed)  and first Aid kit.

Songs! Songs are used for many things entertaining and if your board, but they are also used for keeping wild animals away! When the animals hear you sing they know you are there and they think you are crazy, and walk away! ( yes this is true.)

Rules: Listen to counselor, rangers, and parents. Never ever eat food in your tent or cabin! Do not go near a camp fire with out the proper clothes or without a bandanna. Don’t ever put on bug spray inside a tent or cabin. Don’t litter. Don’t leave a light on when you sleep. Keep doors and flaps closed!

Animals: Animals need to be respected, so don’t go up to a wild animal and start petting it like it was a cat or dog.  Also way animals like wolves and bears will not attack you. ( unless you do something dumb.)

Bugs: We all don’t like the creepy crawlies that move into cabins, tents and homes. There are many ways to stop these bugs such as putting on bug spray, leaving doors and flaps closed, and turning lights off when you sleep or when you leave your tent or cabin. If you are one of the people who puts on bug spray every 10 minutes, there are wrist bands that has the same amount of bug spray inside of it and all you have to do is put one of them on. Also please put on bug spray outside!

I hope the tips help you on your camping trip, and that you have fun!

Review: McDonalds Mac Snack Wrap

The new McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap is just like the McDonald’s Chicken Wrap. The McDonald’s company is try to make a wrap that tastes like the McDonald’s classic Big Mac. It has the same secret sauce.   It has the same stuff like pickles, veggies, and cheese and comes hot out of the oven. This is not a smaller Big Mac with all the same flavors. It costs $1.49. The new Mac Wrap is a mistake. It has no flavor and it tastes nothing like the Big Mac sandwich. If you think you want to try the Mac Wrap, I would instead suggest the chicken wrap.  It is better tasting than the Mac Snack Wrap. There is a  McDonald’s on 1601 Rinehart Road Sanford, FL 32771. If you want to find out more go to mac wrap . The Mac Wrap was a good idea that just went wrong.

Review: YMCA Camp Wewa

Camp Wewa is at 221 S Binion Rd, Apopka, FL 32703.  It is a YMCA camp that  has been around since 1950. The camp director is Richard. He and his family stay in a house at the camp. The program director is Chance. He stays at the camp in a small house. The camp was the  Fox TV “Cool Camp of the Week” in 2009. At camp they have a ceremony where each camper makes a boat and puts a candle on it and puts it in the pool. They sing songs too. The camp has activities. They include dance, newspaper, volleyball, and field games. They have a rock wall, swimming pool, and a chapel. They have daycare and sleepover camps. The sleepover is for a week, not on weekends. Wewa is one fun camp. If you love to have fun, meet people who are nice and stay in a cabin for a week, go to Camp Wewa to learn more.

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The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales

If you like the books: The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Blue Girl, The Glass Sea, Magic for Beginners, and Ombrai in Shadow, The Coyote Road, could be for you! The Coyote Road is a mix of 26 different stories and poems. Each of the stories from a different country or time. For example “Realer Than You takes place in Japan, and “The Listeners” takes place in Greece. This book has 28 different authors!  Each author has a different view on tricksters, and they express it in a fictional story! It is a very good book, and it is the 3rd book edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling. I would say this book is for ages 12 to adult.

Stories include: One Odd Shoe, Coyote Woman, Wagers of Gold Mountain, The Listeners, Realer Than You, The Fiddler Of Bayou Teche, A Tale For The Short Days,Friday Night At St. Cecilia’s,The Fortune- Teller, How Raven Made His Bride,and much more!

I really hope you read this book!

Earthworms= Green Waste

Do you want to go green this year? Are your plants dead from the freeze and  you don’t want to use chemicals on your plants? Then think worms!

We all think that the U.S.A is doing great by recycling paper and plastic, but no, Australia is so far ahead of us! In 2002 they reduced their organic waste in their landfill by 65% and all in a four-year period ( from 1996 to 2000). How did they do it? They used the Can-O-Worms!

Can-O-Worms is a large can with four levels. Three of the levels are for trash and the one bottom level of worm tea. (remember only 3 types of worms eat trash, so don’t go in your garden and get random worms) The worms live inside of them and can move freely the levels (but not out).All they leave is worm castings. Worm castings is also known as Black Gold. Worm castings is a complete organic fertilizer. At the bottom level is worm tea. Worm tea is an organic liquid fertilizer that will not burn your plants. Look what it can do!

Worms are a huge part of our eco-system, and they will help you go-green and help your plants.

For more information go to: