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Why Baseball is The Best Sport

I think baseball is the best sport because you meet new people, you get a little work out, and you have fun. People who don’t play baseball think that it’s boring. Well, the only way it’s boring is if your in the outfield and nobody hits the ball to you. Also if you don’t get a hit. But that really doesn’t happen.

In baseball you get to meet a lot of people.You can meet someone who lives in your neighborhood. It also helps you have more friends by hanging out with other people.

In baseball you get a little work out. How you get the workout is by running around the bases, hitting the baseball with a bat, and also you either have to throw a ball from a short or long distance. For doing all that you need arm muscle, leg muscle, and abs, if you want to be awesome player. It takes a little bit more work to be a great player. You need to know how to throw a ball, hit a ball, and you need to know how to dodge a baseball.

The last reason why I think baseball is the best sport is that you have fun playing the sport. You get to let a lot of energy out if your playing the game. You get to slide, dive, and run into someone if there in your way. But there’s a chance that you can get kicked out of the game if you drop your shoulder while you run into someone. Also, you get to hang out with your friends most of the time.

Those are the Reasons why  think baseball is the best sport. So if you like hitting, diving, and running, then you should try to play baseball. Go sign up or play it with you friends out on the street. That’s how you meet new people, get a little workout, and have fun, while you play baseball.

Here is a link for a baseball league.


2010 MLB Count Down

It’s almost time for the 2010 MLB season.  There are only ten days and five hours left on the count down. The first two teams that are playing in the first 2010 MLB baseball game are the Phillies and the Nationals. The Phillies are one of the best teams. They have won the World Series two times.  A lot of baseball fans have been watching the preseason games. Most people are going to cheer for their state team. I want the Tampa Bay Rays to win the World Series. A lot of fans are getting really excited for the season to start. April 4th is when the MLB will play the first game. Here is a link to a baseball site. I recommend if you live in Florida you should go to a Tampa Bay Ray game or a Florida Marlins game. So get ready for some baseball!

Interview: Mrs. Zeiger

Who is Mrs. Zeiger? We know her as a teacher at Page Private School, but there is more. I have interviewed her, so you can find out who is Mrs Zeiger.

Me -How was your childhood , and when were you born?

Mrs. Zeiger I was born in 1976. My childhood was unusual because I was adopted I had a lot of pets.

Me- Why did you become a teacher?

Mrs. Zeiger  I had to be a teacher when I was 4 years old when I wanted to be like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Me- What word would you use to describe yourself?

Mrs . Zeiger – energetic, caring , and outgoing

Me – How many kids do you have? What are their names  and how old are they?

Mrs. Zeiger-  I have 2 children David and Loralei , David is 8 and  Loralei is 5 .

Me- If you could do a different subject what would be.

Mrs. Zeiger – I used to teach all subjects, so I feel comfortable with any subject. I really like science because it is hands on.

Me- list the school you worked at from 1 to present

Mrs. Zeiger- Hamilton Elementary, Goldsboro , and present is Page Private School.

Me – Thank you, Mrs , Zeiger. I hope you like the school you are at now.

Mrs Zeiger is at Page Private School, as an English teacher and reading. She has two kids and is married.

“Toy Soldiers” New Xbox live arcade game

This game is for all ages because it is about Toy Soldiers. There is no blood. It is a fun and safe way to let your child experience war. All it is about is an army of soldiers that are toys. Say you want to get your kid into planes. You can take some time to build up a game where there are air fields. Then you can teach your children how to fly the plane with an Xbox controller and then have an air battle.  In this game you can command all of your units and also there is this classic game mode called capture the flag. You and your child will have warfare like no other. Also you can command turrets when you make them. Make artillery shells fall on your enemy’s heads or even curve the shell of the artillery towards an enemy tower or even towards the enemy horses.  This game is based on World War II [w.w.II] where it is the British vs. the Germans. So get this and your child will enjoy it. For more info go to this link Toy Soldiers.

When in a Wheelchair…..

Are you in a wheelchair? Did you get hurt and will soon be in one? Would you rather use crutches than a wheelchair? Do you know the differences  between a travel and a normal wheelchair? How about how you feeling for being pushed all around all the time? Well here is some tips and tricks when you are in a wheelchair!

Your Friends and You: When in a wheelchair friends are friends, but sometimes  not drivers! For an example one of my close friends (kik333) is kind and nice but she is, one crazy driver! So she is on my do NOT let drive list. Now you may think that being pushed every where you go and not having to do PE would be fun, you are very wrong! Lets just say it really starts to get on your nerves.

Wheelchair 101: When in a wheelchair you should know the basics. There is two different types of wheelchairs, the travel wheelchair and the normal wheelchair. A travel wheelchair is light and has four small wheels. But a normal wheel chair has the two large wheels and the two small wheels.

Boot or Cast: If you are hoping to get a wheelchair and you have a boot, it is not very likely. If you are in a cast you will most likely be in a wheelchair. The upside to a boot is that you can walk on it.

Wheelchair or Crutches: Wheelchairs and crutches are completely different. If you want to be more active I say get crutches (but they seem to be harder to use). A wheelchair is  somewhat more fun in my opinion. Also a wheelchair is harder to get around in. Ask your doctor before  making any decisions about using wheelchairs or crutches.

Wheelchair or Crutches? Which one do you prefer? Please tell me via the comment link below.