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Avatar, the Last Airbender

The avatar the last airbender is about when once an avatar kept balance between the four nation the water tribes,the earth kingdom, the fire nation and the air nomads. Everything was fine but then the fire nation attacked.They attacked the air nomads think they would get redid of the avatar, but a  girl named Katara and her brother Sokka were fishing in the southern water tribe when they stumbled on a boy in an iceberg. When they found a kid named Aang who the later they  find out is the avatar. An avatar can control the four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. When Aang finds out he has to fight the fire lord.  They set so Aang can find masters to help him learn all the elements. On the way they make friends like Toph a blind earth bender, and enemies like Zuko and Azula.

Aang the avatar


Why People Like Silly Bandz

So many teenagers and kids are now starting to wear Silly Bandz. The reason why they are called Silly Bandz is because they are rubber bands that they are in different shapes. Like if you like sea animals there are packs that you can buy a pack with a lot of for about five dollars. You can buy them at Books-A-Millon, Walgreens, and at Silly Bandz.

There are more places where you can buy Silly Bandz. There are so many kinds of them. Here are a few:

  • baseball pack,
  • spring bandz
  • fantasy characters
  • princess characters
  • letters of the alphabet
  • Rock bandz

There are tons more than that though. You can see all the different kinds on They are also now going to come out with silly-binders and silly buttons. There are a lot of people today that buy Silly Bandz. So if your into any animals, sports, or fantasy characters. Then you should get some. Kids love them.

History: Facts and Tall Tales

Have you heard about the man who conquered the Volohai empire with just swallows and cats? How about the two girls who tricked the a British with just a drum and a fife. What about the fact that the croissant is not French but Austrian? If you haven’t this is the article for you, it could even help you on a project.

1207 to 1683:

1207– Genghis Khan and the Mongols use swallows and cats to take over the empire Volohai. He told his men to tie cotton to the tails of the animals and set the cotton on fire. When the animals ran around the city they set it aflame, and when they did the Mongols ran in and took over.

1519– The Polish town Allenstien was suffering from a plague, and many people blamed the bread they were eating. The famous astronomer, Nicolas Copernicus, thought it was not the bread itself and that the bread picked up the plague when it fell on the ground. Therefore, he ordered that butter be spread on all the bread, so when it fell on the ground we would see the dirt. From then on we put butter on our bread.

1642– When the Swedish army attacked the walled city Kissengen, the people within the walls threw bee hives down on the advancing troops, and the Swedish gave up and left. We still use bees today!  In the Vietnam war Both America and Vietnam set traps with bees.

1683– Did you know that the croissant was not French but Austrian?  When the Turks were trying to invade Austria by digging under the walls late at night. The Bakers heard them digging and told the city, and they stopped the Turks. To celebrate they made the Kipfel, which is the croissant to mock their enemy’s flag.


1814– Two teenage girls, Rebecca Bates and her sister saw a British man-of-war coming up the river near Yorktown. There was no one in sight so they grab a fife and a drum and played “Yankee Doodle”. When the British heard it they turned around and paddled away thinking it was the American army.

1862- (Civil war) Corporal Barton W. Michell, of the North found the marching orders of Robert Lee’s Confederate  Army(the South). He found the orders wrapping 3 cigars! Without the orders, the North might have lost the Civil war.

1943– James Write tried to make a rubber substitute in tires, it did not work out well so he gave it the name “Silly Putty” and put it in a plastic egg and made millions.

If you can find any of these moments in history in your textbook please tell me via the comments bellow the article!

All the information on this article is found in the book “The Greatest War Stories Never Told.”

Maximum Ride Review

Do you like books with action, humor, and romance all wrapped up in to one? How about short chapters, like one page per chapter? Well than Maximum Ride is the book for you! “Buckle up. This is a ride that starts fast and gets faster.” -Cleveland Plain Dealer (Quote on Maximum Ride)

What is Maximum Ride: Maximum ride is a series that has 6 books, and two Manga based on the first book. Maximum Ride is about six kids named Max, Fang, Iggy (Ig), Nudge, Gasmen (Gazzy), and Angel. Also one dog, Total. Max is the leader of the group. They call themselves “the flock.” Did I mention they were made to, fly or 98% human and 2% bird? ( but Total is not part bird.) The flock is being hunted down by human-wolf hybrids called Erasers. The erasers come from a science lab known as School. The School in this book is not the place you got to learn, but a lab that they create human hybrids in experiments. Theses books are for kids of all ages. (Twilight fans, try these books!.)
The Books (So Far.):

1. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

2.Maximum Ride: School’s Out – Forever                                                                                            3. Maximum Ride: Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports

4. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning                                    5. Maximum Ride: Max

6. Maximum Ride: Fang


Maximum Ride: Vol. 1

Maximum Ride: Vol. 2

Remember these books have mild violence and might not be for younger children.

I hope you will like these books! Keep reading!

Why You Should Read It: (Quotes from Maximum Ride; Max)

“A page- turner from prologues and epilogue.” – Amelia, 17

“It was AWESOME! I couldn’t put it down.”- Michelle, 15

“A great read for all… impossible to put down!”-Katie, 13

“I loved this book. The plot twists had me gasping, and I never could have imagined the ending.”- Linda, 16

“Picking up this book comes with some danger- you will laugh, cry, scream, and sigh. You have been warned.”- Emily, 16

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