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Angelic Layer

The main character of Angelic Layer is Misaki Suzuhara, a seventh grader who just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt.  After arriving in the city, she watches a battle doll Athena on a big screen television outside of Tokyo Station and becomes interested in learning about Angelic Layer, a popular game, when players by and custom-design dolls called Angels. Angels can move by your mind, when on a field called the “layer.”

An eccentric man wearing a white lab coat and glasses, calls himself “Icchan” . Icchan encourages Misaki to buy and create her own angel. She names the angel Hikaru, She names the doll Hikaru because she wants the angel to be “a short girl, but strong and happy” like Hikaru and herself. In the anime. Misaki soon competes in tournaments and gets help by Icchan. Later, Icchan’s identity is revealed as Ichiro Mihara, the co-creator of Angelic Layer.

Misaki also begins studying at the Eriol Academy, an school which includes grades from kindergarten through high school. There she becomes friends with Hatoko Kobayashi, a very intelligent and mature kindergarten girl who is a famous, and an Angelic Layer expert. Her incredibly fast angel Suzuka is a favourite in tournaments. Misaki also is friends with Hatoko’s older brother Kōtarō Kobayashi and his friend Tamayo Kizaki.Both turn out to be Misaki’s classmates.

While adjusting to her new surroundings, Misaki is also thinked about her past which would be her mother, she has not seen since pre-school. Eventually Misaki learns that her mother was key in the development of Angelic Layer, which she worked on in an attempt to develop for her multiple sclerosis, which has confined her to a wheelchair. Her mother is also the Deus of Athena and the champion of Angelic Layer.


Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic is a basketball team in Florida.  Here are some of the major point shooters on the Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, Matt Barnes, and J.J. Reddick.  The Orlando Magic are currently in the 2010 NBA Conference Finals, against the Boston Celtics.  The Orlando Magic play the Boston Celtics in 7 games.  The game score is 2-3.  The Magic are currently losing by 1 game.  If the Orlando Magic win the next 2 games, they will face the winner of the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Phoenix Suns.   Game 1 Celtics beat Magic:92-88.  Game 2 Celtics beat Magic: 95-92.  Game 3 Celtics beat Magic 71-94.  Game 4 Magic beat Celtics 96-92.  Game 5 Magic beat Celtics:113-92.  If you want to watch the game 6 it will take place on Friday, May 28th,at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN.  If the Magic beat Celtics tonight then they will face off one last time and the winner will be going on to face the winner between the Lakers and the Suns.

How Panther Press Turned Out At The End of The Year

Panther Press is where are these kids work on a blog either about the school or about something they know a lot about. There are seven kids and two editors. The two editors are Mrs. Zeiger the one who made this all happen and now Cosette. The authors are Diago, Tyler, Matthew, Clara, Adora, Austin, and Isabella.

At first nobody had been writing a lot of articles. But now everybody has been working really hard to finish their goals. So far in one school semester we have  1,366 viewers. Cosette had just been chosen to be editor on Tuesday May 25th, 2010. At 12pm on Friday May 28th, 2010 everybody who is in the sixth grade most have to have eight articles up. This is going to be over in a couple of weeks. But some are the kids are going to try to keep the site alive. There well probably be only three or four more authors left to save this site.

May 25th Baseball News

On May 25th the Boston Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays 2-0. The Tampa Bay Rays’ coach was kicked out in the fifth inning for arguing with the umpire. In the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays are in first place and the Boston Red Sox are in fourth.  Also, the Chicago Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-0. The top play on May 25th, the Cleveland Indians vs the White Sox, and their center fielder, made an amazing diving catch. And the Rays stole a home run hit off the Red Sox. The Cardinals Center fielder ran in to the back fence, and still had made the catch. He didn’t get hurt when he ran in to the wall. When the Colorado Rockies were playing vs the Arizona Diamond backs left fielder had made an amazing diving catch. The Arizona Diamond Backs, and the pitcher threw a bad pitch, and then the guy on first had tried to steal second but the catcher threw to second, and the runner was out. Here is a link to a good site.

Internet Safety Tips

  1. Never give any information to anyone you meet or see online. hear are some examples = first or last names, phone numbers (they can be used to track down you home), passwords, birth days or years, and credit card information.
  2. Never meet up with anyone you don’t already know. Don’t tell anyone your schedule; don’t say where you’ll be hanging out. No party plains. People are sometimes not who they say they are.
  3. Don’t fill out any questionnaires that are forwarded to you, even if they’re from your friends. Remember, you’re in a world where everything can get forwarded. All those personal things about you could land in the hands of someone who could use them to hurt you.
  4. Make sure you know everyone on your friends list. If you haven’t met the people face-to-face, they may not be who they pretend to be.Instant
  5. You do not have to answer emails or IMS from people you don’t know. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t. Who knows who they are? Even if they say they’re “David’s friend,” David could be a lucky guess. “Kids” you meet in chat rooms may actually be creepy adults.
  6. There’s no such thing as “private” on the Internet. You may think so, but it’s not true. People can find anything they want — and keep what you post — forever.
  7. Be careful about posting pictures of yourself. Just because an older sibling has posted pictures on a site doesn’t make it a smart or a safe idea. Pictures with identifiers like where you go to school can be shopping lists for online predators and other creeps.
  8. Don’t send pictures of other people. Forwarding an embarrassing picture of someone else is a form of bullying. How would you like it if someone did that to you?
  9. Don’t download content without your parents’ permission. Many sites have spyware that will damage your computer. Other sites have really inappropriate content. Your parents can check your computer’s URL history, so you can’t hide where you’ve been.

Common Sense Media is my  source in this article

Review: Tom Sawyer at Melon Patch Player in Leesburg

On Thursday April  22 there was a play called Tom Sawyer. It was at the melon patch player in Leesburg the address is 311 North 13th Street Leesburg . At the melon patch I did not see the show……. I was in it.  The people how played the characters were kids ages 9- 13 years old. The kids who played the people in Tom Sawyer were great actors. The play was about a kid named Tom and his friend Huck ( played by Mary) are in the grave yard (  which is in the middle of play) see muff potter and Injun Joe with Doc Robinson at the grave yard and them getting in to a fight and Injun Joe killing Doc Robinson, But that’s not all there is, Tom panting the fence( or making other pant the fence). It is full of action and humor that all mixed together made a great play.


Melon Patch W Read the rest of this entry

Barn Swallow Nest Review

There is a new bird nest on Sports Man Paradise an it is swallows their are 4 chicks and one mother. The nest is located in the corner of a house. The mother swallow is feeding the baby swallows they have their eyes open by now. Barn swallows prefer a wide country side where the plants are low so they can easily swoop up any bugs that they can see and then return it to their nest. This nest is a small and the chicks inside the  nest can barley move around and also the mother has to hang on the side to feed a chick. And also they have their mouths open most of the time they will be sitting in their nest and the wind will blow and they will open their mouths. Or they would just keep their heads faced the wrong way. So if you want to see these baby chicks and vote then go to this link.

Facts about Anime

Anime, is abbreviation for “animation” in Japanese.  Animation originated in Japan. Anime was created in  about 1917. The world outside Japan regards anime as “Japanese animation”. While the earliest known Japanese animation dates from 1917  and many original Japanese cartoons were produced in the other decades. Anime’s style developed in the 1960s from the work of  Osamu Tezuka. Anime became known outside Japan in the 1980s.

Anime, like manga, has a large audience in Japan and is very popular throughout the world. Distributors can release anime in, via, television broadcasts, directly to video , as well as online. Both hand-drawn and computer animated anime exist. It is used in TV series, films, video, video games, ccommercials, and internet-based releases, and represents most.

Anime and Manga is a very particular style of art, its focus on the emotions and creation, that’s why the characters usually have big eyes and unrealistic faces, its make it easier to show what your character feel like, the simple style of drawing also make it easier to create your own character personality and look, unlike realistic art every hairstyle and clothing style become possible,

yet not all people like this, I am a fan of this form of art myself but it is something you like or dislike.

Review: How The Grinch Stole Christmas ( movie )

Have you read How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but have you seen the movie it came out in 2000? Then you should know the story but if  you don’t . It is a little different, it tells how a little girl named Cindy Lou Who ( played by Taylor Momsen) wants to find out why the Grinch ( played by Jim Carry) hates Christmas. Then the Grinch try to steal Christmas. After he is done he goes to Mt. Crumpit to dumb it off. ( SPOILERS can not tell the rest). This is one of the best movie ever. I love how it tells how the Grinch hates Christmas. It tells how people all want present and not how all the family is to gather. The movie show what the meaning of Christmas is  ( at least to me). I give 10 out of 10. Movie web site

The Actors

Jim Carrey Grinch
Taylor Momsen Cindy Lou Who
Jeffrey Tambor Mayor Augustus Maywho
Christine Baranski Martha May Whovier
Bill Irwin Lou Lou Who
Molly Shannon Betty Lou Who
Clint Howard Whobris
Josh Ryan Evans 8-Year-Old Grinch
Mindy Sterling Clarnella
Rachel Winfree Rose
Rance Howard Elderly Timekeeper
Jeremy Howard Drew Lou Who
T.J. Thyne Stu Lou Who
Lacey Kohl Christina Whoterberry
Nadja Pionilla Junie

Review : Kit Kittredge Movie

Have you heard of the movie Kit Kittredge? It is about a girl named Kit, and she want to be a reporter. She is growing up in the great depression. When here dad looses his jobs and he moves away to find a job, Kit and her mom have to take in border. Kit make friends with hobo who’s names are Will and Countee. After someone steals Kits money and then blames it on Will. She is determined to find out who stole her families money.

It is a funny and loving movie , that all family will love. The main girl Kit is played by Abigal Breslin who is a great actor and was prefect for the role. I think ever one should she this movie. The movie website is IMDB


Abigail Breslin Margaret Mildred ‘Kit’ Kittredge
Julia Ormond Margaret Kittredge
Chris O’Donnell Jack Kittredge
Jane Krakowski Miss May Dooley
Wallace Shawn Mr. Gibson
Max Thieriot Will Shepherd
Willow Smith Countee Garby
Glenne Headly Louise Howard
Zach Mills Stirling Howard IV
Kenneth Welsh Uncle Hendrick
Madison Davenport Ruthie Smithens
Joan Cusack Miss Lucinda Bond
Dylan Smith Freidreich (as Dylan Scott Smith)
Stanley Tucci Jefferson Jasper Berk
Douglas Nyback William ‘Billy’ Peabody