Review: Tom Sawyer at Melon Patch Player in Leesburg

On Thursday April  22 there was a play called Tom Sawyer. It was at the melon patch player in Leesburg the address is 311 North 13th Street Leesburg . At the melon patch I did not see the show……. I was in it.  The people how played the characters were kids ages 9- 13 years old. The kids who played the people in Tom Sawyer were great actors. The play was about a kid named Tom and his friend Huck ( played by Mary) are in the grave yard (  which is in the middle of play) see muff potter and Injun Joe with Doc Robinson at the grave yard and them getting in to a fight and Injun Joe killing Doc Robinson, But that’s not all there is, Tom panting the fence( or making other pant the fence). It is full of action and humor that all mixed together made a great play.


Melon Patch Wweb site

Where the melon patch is


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