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Boston, MA Field Trip

The Boston, MA field trip for Page Private School is March 25-28, 2011. All the things you will be doing for those four days is having fun and learning different things. On the first day of the field trip you will eat lunch at the Quincy Market-Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Then after that, you will be going to the New England Aquarium. The school also listed the Bean-Town Tours, Prudential Tower Skywalk, and having your dinner at the Prudential Center that first day. On the second day of the trip you will see the Paul Revere House then walk the Freedom Trail. On the Freedom Trail you will see the Old North Church built-in 1723, stop by Mike’s Italian Pastry Shop for morning snack, see the Old State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying-Ground, the Copp’s Burial Ground, the Boston Commons, and the Faneuil Hall built-in 1742.  Also you will learn about the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. To top this off you will be eating at a famous restaurant called Fire and Ice Restaurant. After that you will depart to the Charles Playhouse and enjoy a performance by the Blue Man Group. On the third day of the field trip in Boston, you will see the Lexington Battle Green and Concord, the Minute Man National Historic Park, then walk to hear about the famous North Bridge. Later in the day you will report to the Plymouth Plantation for lunch and introductory movie ”Two People One Story”. Then you will be able to do  a self guide of the Plymouth Plantation, the living museum of 17th century of Plymouth. By the end of the day you will head to the Mayflower.  The famous ship transported the Pilgrims from England to Plymouth in 1620. This day you will have dinner on the wharf at Weathervane Restaurant, then enjoy the Dead Night Ghost Tour. On the final day of the Boston, MA field trip you will see the Boston Museum of Science, have lunch, and walk to the Bunker Hill Monument. HOPE THE BOSTON, MA FIELD TRIP WILL BE INTERESTING AND FUN, BUT NOW IT’S TIME TO DEPART BACK TO THE WONDERFUL STATE THAT’S CALLED FLORIDA. HOPE YOU GET TO ENJOY THIS LOVELY FIELD TRIP….!!!! 🙂


Review: Ice House Theater

The Ice House theater is in Mount Dora. The Ice House is an excellent theater. This theater has kids programs and has very good shows. I have acted in the Ice House in Honk and Really Rosie , both were kid’s programs.

This theater is on it’s 2nd show this season. It has already done Bye Bye Birdie which I saw and it was a funny and interesting show. Currently, Little Shop of Horrors Sept. 17- Oct 10th, 2010. I hope to see the show. The other shows are Marcel on 34th street, Steel Magnolia, Bingo the winning musical, and Later Life. Some are musical, some are not but I hope to see a few of them. The Ice House theater is my favorite theater, my 2nd favorite is Melon Patch whereI have performed in a play. Ice House theater was found in 1948 and the president was Cella Clafie .

This is the Ice house web site .

Here are some videos from Honk and Really Rosie , Poulatrytal,   Realy rosie

D.Gray Man

This book is a Manga book this book takes place in the 19th century. The world is under attack by a thing called The Millennium Earl. This thing creates Akuma which are made when someone dies and the person that is closest to them wants them back . The soul can be brought back to the world in a robotic skeleton. This robot eliminates the person and then begins to wear their skin. This robot goes around and kills people. This allows the robot to level up to unspeakable monstrosity. There is a defense for our world, they are the worlds first and last line of defense against The Millennium Earl and His Akuma. These brave men and women are The Exorcists. They destroy the Akuma The Earl creates. The Exorcists depend on their  generals and those generals depend the head generals. The Exorcists would fall apart without the generals if only the Akuma would figure that out.

Goodbye ……. Bwahhhahhha ahhhhahhhhha 🙂 – the Earl

Taylor Swift Mine!!!!!

For all of the Taylor Swift fans out there guess what?? Okay I can’t wait, Taylor made a new song and it is called Mine. The song came out August 4th, 2010 and it’s album is Speak Now which comes out October 25th, 2010. This song is basically about how this girl meets this guy in a restaurant while he his waiting tables.They became a couple and now she is starting to  fall in love. As they become more serious they decided that they would not make the same mistakes as their parents. As their relationship grows they begin arguing but after realizing their love for each other, they make up and decide they were meant for each other .

Taylor has been working on this 14 song album for 2 years. I would rate this 9.5 stars out of 10 stars. I hope that you like her song as much as I do. And I hope you can figure out the other songs on her new and exciting album.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints football team is looking to face the San Francisco 49ers tonight at 8:30pm. As you may probably know the Saints defeated the Minnesota Vikings 14 to 9 on last Thursday for their opening season. So the New Orleans Saints record is now  1-0.  The San Francisco 49ers are going off to a bad start of week one as they lost to the Seattle Seahawks 31 to 6 and going in to the season at 0-1. My opinion on who is going to win the game tonight is the New Orleans Saints. If you want to know the quarterback’s name for the New Orleans Saints it is Drew Brees, and they have one of the best running backs in the NFL named Reggie Bush. Even though the Saints aren’t my favorite team I think they are a descent team. New Orleans Saints are the defending champion of 2010, and looking forward to a good season and another championship.

Help Girl Scouts Recycle

Did you know that one aluminum can, recycled gives a tv 3 hours of power? Also it takes plastic 700 years to break down in a landfill. Now girl scouts have seen this problem and are trying  to help. But we need as many people as possible to help, because we only have a couple of people and that won’t cut it.  So now you’re thinking, how is there a way for me to help recycle? Now your problem is solved. Thankfully the Girl Scout t Troop 1084 has come to help. If you want to recycle something then come to Page Private School and we have 2 bins upstairs  on the far side of the hall way outside of the library. Also, one down stairs in the main building outside of the office. The big blue bin is for plastic, glass and aluminum bottles. The small green one is for any loose paper or news paper. So if you want to help the earth then start recycling today.


Lake Mary  Skate Park is an entertaining skate park for people from all skill levels. Beginners as well as pros will have a great time exploring the park. I go to LMSP all the time. It is split into two sections.  You can skate the bowl or the street part of the park. I love LMSP because it gives me something to do for a cheap price. LMSP only cost three dollars to skate on unlimited time during operating hours.  You have to have a helmet and also a waiver needs to be signed so if you get hurt you can’t sue the park. If you are a current skateboarder or thinking about taking up skateboarding, LMSP would be an excellent hangout.  The skate park has a lot to provide for a lot of different people.  Take my advice and go skate board. I hope one day you will like the park too.

Info from


Daily: $3.00
10-visit pass: $20.00
6 month pass: $75.00

Hours of operation

Monday – Friday 4pm – 9pm
Saturdays 9am – 9pm
Sundays 11am – 6pm
*Sunday after hours private party rentals are available starting at $75 + tax. Call for details 407-324-3065
The skatepark is reserverd for BMX bikes ONLY at these times:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm-9pm
Saturdays 10am-12pm
Sundays 11am-12pm
Lake Mary Sports Complex
550 Rantoul Lane
Lake Mary, FL 32746-4223

Big Nate

This book is about a boy named Big Nate. He is always saying he was made to do big things. So one day he did not have a lunch so a kid offered him a fortune cookie. He opened his fortune cookie and it said.Today you shale surpass all others.” Throughout the day Nate did not follow the rules and found himself in detention after every class.  Now you will have to read the book to find out how he got in trouble and how he will surpass all others.

I think that this is an amazing, funny, and exciting book. I think kids 3rd grade and up wold love it. You can find this book in your local library and at Books-A-Million. I hope that this book will inspire you to do something in school and to not forget your lunch. So go out and start reading. Happy reading 🙂

How much do you know?

1. What it is the biggest country of the world?

a) China

b) India

c) Russia

d) Africa

2. What was the name of the SIXTEENTH president of the United States?

a) George Washington

b) Theodore Roosevelt

c) Franklin Pierce

d) Abraham Lincoln

3. What is the color of the sari Indian brides wear for their wedding?

a) blue

b) red

c) yellow

d) green

4. What is Eurovision ?

a) a vision in Europe

b) a Pokemon

c) a Chinese traditional dress

d) a  song contest in Europe

5. What country is the most populated?

a) China

b) India

c) Taiwan

d) the USA


1. The biggest country of the world is Russia. The total area of the land is 6,592,600 sq miles.

2. The sixteenth president of the United States is Abraham Lincoln.

3. Indian brides wear red with a little bit of gold saris because is considered the color of good luck.

4. Eurovision is a song contest that happens in Europe every year. Every country (in Europe) has to pick a singer. The best song wins the competition, and also have the Eurovision contest next year in their country. You can check out this page to get more information

5. China has 1.3 billion people

The Adventers of, The Super Book Fair

Here comes the book fair. The book fair is towards the end of October and it’s theme is…… SUPERHEROES!!!!!!!!!! This year’s book fair is going to Be SUPER cool. One thing that is going to be super cool about this year’s book fair is that since it is a super hero theme we are all going to dress up as superheroes. It will also be near Halloween so it will give you ideas for who you want to dress up as. Also, if you are looking for a certain book then please contact Mrs. Lanouette for any questions or concerns. We are looking for some adults that could help set up and tear down the book fair.  Older kids can help too if Mrs. Lanouette gives you permission. You can get more info by contacting Kayla Frederick or Mrs. Lanouette. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have.