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Great Teen Reads

We all remember when we were younger  and we read The Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones. But now that we are older we can’t read these books let alone do reports for school. But there are some ups to being older! here is a list of some of the great books you can read now that you are older!

1. Cirque Du Freak : Have you seen the movie? Well the book is 100% cooler! The books also come in Manga, if you want a light read.

2. The Sight and Fell: If you like wolves and liked “Call Of The Wild” or “White Fang” you might like theses two books.

3. The Chanters Of Tremaris Trilogy: Do you Like Avatar, the Last Air Bender? Then This Book is for you!

4. Night World: This book is allot like Twilight!

5. Night of the Solstice and Heart of Valor:These books are written by the same author as Night World.

6.The Dragon Keeper Series; Dragon Keeper, Garden of The Purple Dragon, & Dragon Moon : If you love dragons, and Chinese Mythology try these books!

Many of these books you might not be able to find via scholastic. So make sure your local library, or bookstore for them! Keep reading!- Silvercat


Orlando Magics and Their New Arena!!

Have you heard about the Orlando Magic’s new arena? Well I have visited the new arena and it’s big and nice. It’s now called the Amway Center. The new arena is located at 400 W. Church St. in Downtown Orlando, Florida. The construction of this arena cost 48million dollars. The arena was opened on the 1st of October.  The Orlando Magic’s roster for the 2010-2011 season is as follows: #33 Ryan Anderson, #30 Brandon Bass, #15 Vince Cater, #12 Dwight Howard, #25 Chris Duhon, #13 Marcin Gortat, #9 Rashard Lewis, # 14 Jameer Nelson, #21 Daniel Orton, #20 Mickael Pietrus, #7 J.J Redick, #5 Quentin Richardson, #24 Stanley Robinson, #44 Jason Williams, and #35 Malik Allen. The starting five for the Orlando Magic (the first five players on the basketball court)  are: starting at center is Dwight Howard, Starting at power forward is Rashard Lewis, starting at small forward is Quentin Richardson, starting at shooting guard is Vince Cater, and point guard is Jameer Nelson. Also the head coach for the Orlando Magics remains Stan Van-Gundy. Let’s Go MAGIC, we look forward to winning the NBA Championship!.!.!