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My Future

I’m trying to find a way to get big in life . By saying get big in life, I mean make it in life.  I mean get rich and do something constructive in life. I like to rap and I like to play football. I feel that I am very good at 2 of my many talents.

I like to rap and sing. I have been rapping for a couple of months now. I am in this group called Florizona. Its a rap group that me and my friends made. We have been trying really hard to make it. We made an inspiration song for our self. It really works because one day I felt like giving up rapping. But I had listened to it got me hyped up. We try to keep the raps as clean as we can.

I would like my football career to work out also. I love playing football. I have committed myself to football. I have been playing for 8 or 9 years. I have always put in my best effort in to be the best I can. I know, I still have a long way to go before coming pro. So, I am just going to better myself until the time do come when I make it pro. I want to play for the new England patriots when I do go pro.


My new school

I have switched from public school to Page Private School. I have to adapt to the new rules. This school has it ways of being better than my last school. In some ways it isn’t better than my other school. We get out of school earlier. We also get a lot of field trips.

In some ways Page Private School is better than my old school. It has better lunches. My old school we used to have the same thing every week. The pizza was really greasy. Sometimes the food used to be cold. At Page the food is always hot. The pizza is in a cool and unusual square.

At Page Private School we get a lot of field trips. In my other school we didn’t have any field trips at all. Now we have a field trip every month from what my friends told me. They have one field trip were they go to Washington DC. This month in August we go to Bounce U. I have never been there before. I guess it would be a pretty cool field trip since I have never been there before.


       Hi I hope you guys have had a great first week of school. Well as you know there are a lot of events coming up. NanoWrimo is coming up in November. I talked to Mrs. Greaver for some information about the NanoWrimo.

“The Purpose of the NanoWrimo is to excite students and show them that writing isn’t an evil thing.” said Mrs. Greaver. I asked her how long we have to write the NanoWrimo and I quote “All the students have from the beginning of November to the end of November to finish it. The NanoWrimo can be about anything you want. It could be about Zombies, Vampires, Harry Potter or just about life it’s self. I’d recommend that what ever it is that you write about it is appropriate and has good language.”

“You are more than welcome to start you NanoWrimo early.” Said Mrs. Greaver.

3rd grade has to write 500 words

4th grade has to write 1,000

5th grade has to write 2,000

6th grade has to write 3,000

7th grade has to write 4,000

and 8th grade has to write 5,000

I hope you have fun writing your NanoWrimo!

Movie Review By: Sean Perry

Movie Review By: Sean Perry

The Kung Fu Panda movie started out in 2008 directed by Mark Osborne and John Stevenson. It starred Jack Black as the main character Po. It also stared Angelina Jolie and Ian McShane. The genre was an action, adventure and in 2011they decided to make Kung Fu Panda 2. It starred Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, and Jackie Chan. The director is Jenifer Yuh. It’s also a action adventure and both movies were rated PG. The movie was about a panda, Po and his friends trying to defeat the evil peacock. To read more look at my movie summery below this review. So I have to say I didn’t expect a Kung Fu Panda 2. But if I had to rate it I would of given it a 9.5 out 10 it was really good and it leaves you with questions like is there going to be third in the series or is the series over. Movie Summery

Movie summery for Kung Fu Panda 2. It started out with a tale of Po’s past and a peacock who was hungry for power. The peacocks parents were king and queen of China. Then the next day his parents were told by a fortune teller that their son would be defeated by a panda. Then their son heard this so to prevent this he tried to wipe out all the pandas in china. Then he told his parents and they had no choice but to banish him from china. And he swore that he would be back for revenge. Then in started getting better when Po’s master called for him and showed him inner peace. Then Po’s master told Po he had to go search for the peacock and beat him cause he is back and looking to to take control over China. They were scared at first cause he defeated strongest people in the army (Master Rhino and Master Croc) but Po and his friends knew they have to stop him but the so the packed their bags and poe says good bye to his dad and left with his kung fu friends. Then they found him, but Po stopped when he saw a mark on the wing Po had another flash back about his past Po realized he knew he was the peacock that was there

Riots In London

In London fires spread through the city as a large mass of protesters destroy and ransack the towns they come across. Police were called in to try to stop the rampage of the protesters but the protesters began to direct their anger toward police trying to stop this rampage. The protesters then began to attack police with sticks, rocks, and Molotov cocktails. Then police made a dangerous move and tried to send armored vehicles into some of the worst hit districts. Police have been authorized to use rubber bullets and teargas in order to try to disperse the large crowd. With the Olympics coming up in 2012 the police will have their hands full with trying clean up the streets. Also, the damage the protesters have caused will affect the job amounts through the 2011 and 2015 year. The police are overwhelmed and are trying to authorized live ammo and also military enforcement at this time. If you want more info go to Picture of officer after being splashed in the face by paint.

Penguins: The Aquatic Birds

Have you ever heard of a flightless bird or a bird that can swim and dive, well you probably heard about penguins. Penguins are a very peculiar type of bird in my opinion this is because the cannot fly, a common trait among every type of bird. Some humans hunt these flightless birds this has caused conservation groups to form in favor of saving these flightless birds.

      Penguins have a very complicated anatomy that is essential to survive in the cold. Penguins have to dive underwater to get food, but the only reason they are such good swimmers is the fact that their arms are flippers and their tails are in a wedge shape which helps them navigate underwater. Have you ever wondered why penguins are black and white? well it helps them underwater when they are getting their food because they are at risk from predators. Their back is black because when predators look down every thing is black because of how deep the sea is and their belly is white because the penguins will blend in with the sun’s rays.

      Penguins are believed to be descendants of early birds. Their ability to swim was obtained due to the fact that they had to adapt to getting food from water and they basically traded flying for swimming. Penguins eventually adapted to the cold by obtaining layers of fat which obviously helps them actually survive in the cold.I hope you have learned something about penguins and thank you for reading this blog entry.

My Football Years

I hope to make it to the NFL one day! I like playing football. I have been playing for 8 years. I started playing football for Lake Mary Rams. I played Tiny Mites for two years. Then I went to play for Mite Mites. Then I switched to play for the Sanford Seminoles. There is an order of the league. It goes from Tiny Mites, Mite Mites , to Jr. Peewee, Peewee, then Jr. Midgets to finally Sr. Midgets.

When I switched from Lake Mary I went to Seminole as a 3 year player. So I was one of the best players on the team. My first year on the Seminole team, I played Mite Mites again. We had a good season. We weren’t able to go to the play offs but we had a bowl game and we played South Central. We beat them but I forgot the score because it was so long ago.

After I had left mite mites I went to Jr Peewee then we made it to the playoffs. We had made it to the 3rd round. At the 3rd round game we had to go to Bradenton Fl. We had to to stay in a hotel. That was my first ever going to the 3rd round. So, I was pretty excited for myself and the team. But sadly we had lost the game. If we had won we would have been at the champion ship at Disney World.

Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Rated R

The book, “Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?” by Max Brallier. This book is one of those choose your path type books. It is very very gory and is not recommended for younger people. It starts out with people already getting eaten by zombies and a whole bunch of cursing, so I was into this book right away. I picked one then it went for awhile, and another then it went for awhile again,  then I die being eaten by zombies. That little part was only about twenty  minutes of reading ,so  if you make one wrong turn in this book and it shows a couple of zombies and says you died.  In this book it can go from peaceful to chaos in a second and have almost a hundred. This is do to the zombie’s biting one person, that person is then a zombie and so and so on.


You have heard of water skiing right? Well have you heard of wakeboarding? Put those together and what do you get? WAKESKIING! Wakeskiing is a mixture of wakeboarding and skiing. You can do every trick on wakeskis that you can on wakeboards but you’re on two skies. Really, it’s kind of like jump skis but they’re a different new type as you might say. But it is now becoming a great sport that skiers might want to try.

In 2006 some skiers and wakeboarders got together and had a prototype pair of wakeskis that were wood and they took it behind a wakeboard boat and that’s really how it all started. Then in Norway they started a TV show called “The Creator” and that’s what really speeded it up. In 2007 they were finally national. Wakeskis are still a young sport, not very many know about it. I have heard they are really fun. It is finally becoming a world wide sport.

Movie Review: Tranformers 3: Dark of the Moon

The famous “Transformers” icon has been around for ages. From toys to movies to TV shows and merchandise. Started by Hasbro in 1984, these popular action figures have been a fun resource and entertainment to everyone all ages. The toys popularity had started to grow rapidly and as it grew, Hasbro had decided to license a Television series. Time went by, and more Television shows came out as the plans for a real action live movie created images inside peoples mind.  Finally, In approximately 2005-2006, Michael Bay had decided to partner up with Hasbro and create the first Transformers movie.
The first movie than came out later in 2007.  Things seemed to be going good, So good that Micheal Bay decided to make a second one. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, which was released in 2009. The movie looked like it was going to continue on with the third in a sequel, and apparently it did so. On June 28, 2011, “Transformers: Dark of the moon”, the third in the sequel, hit theaters.
This Action, Sci-Fi adventure is approximately 2 & 1/2 hours and has a movie rating of PG-13. Courtesy of IMDB, for some of this information.

In my opinion, the movie was great. If you are a big “Transformers” fan, in general, like myself, than hopefully you would think the same. I had just seen “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” a few days before I had seen this, and honestly I enjoyed Transformers just a bit better. Not to put anything down on Harry Potter, because I am a huge Harry Potter fan as well as Transformers, but I was just expecting more from it… But that’s a whole other subject that I shall not get into… Anyway, “Transformers Dark of the Moon” is most, beyond any doubt, a movie to see. Full of Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, and Romance. Definitely worth the money.