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The Band Perry

The Band Perry is made up of three siblings, whom are all from Grenville,TN. Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry, and Neil Perry make up the band. Kimberly is the main vocalist. Her two brothers are the back up singers and they both play many different instruments. Kimberly was 15 when they started the band, Reid was 10, and Neil was the baby of the group and was 8. On February 2011 there album sold 500,00 copies which means it went gold. On February 2011 also there song “If I Die Young” was nominated for the Best Country Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards. They are a great group/band  and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Different Types Of Food

Have you ever tasted different types of food?  What types of food you like? Well this review is about different types of The food. I like Steak, Chicken, Fish, and Pumpkin bread.

That’s what my favorite foods are because its mostly protein. I like protein so much because you get stronger. Now tell me What’s your favorite food? Your favorite food can be Steak, Shrimp, or anything in the world.

That’s my story and my favorite food.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians. The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief is about a boy (Percy) that is a demigod. a demigod is a half human half god person which pretty much means they have one parent that is human and one that is a god. Well Percy is the son of Poseidon and he was sent on a quest with him friend Annabeth and Grover. Annabeth is the daughter of  Athena and Grover is a Saytr. There quest is to find Zeus’s master bolt and  return it to him by the summer solstices. This book series is a good one. I’ve only read the first to so far’, but I’m really enjoying them so far.


This is what is going on all in the pre-school building. This is what the three year olds with Mrs. Ana are doing. Her class is working on color and number reconsign, letter sounds, and class room rules. This is what is going on in the two year olds room with Mrs. Diane… Her class is working on getting to know the class, sharing with friends, and cleaning up toys when you are done playing with them. Also they are learning their colors, shapes, and learning how to ride bikes on the play ground. Mrs. Diane said ”We try to stick to a routine so the kids feel more comfortable at school.” Pre-school really has some exciting things in their building and the three and two year olds are ready for a great and fun filled year.


The number one artist in the world is now Adele. She is a British pop singer. Her newest album, “21” came out recently with her hit singles “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep”. She has touched many peoples hearts. When Adele was 14, she discovered that she wanted to be a singer. She never liked writing poetry, but she loved reading it. Adele has vocals that will blow you away. She wrote all of her songs about one guy, and he tried to claim the money because he eligibly caused the inspiration.

Protest in Boston

On Tuesday morning, 200 policemen in riot gear went to a park in Boston where protesters were located. Police gave the protesters two minutes to disperse and clear out of the area. The protesters would not move and police began to arrest the protesters, The amount of protesters that were arrested was at least 100. The reason this happened is earlier protesters were allowed to stay in Dewey square and a small part of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Green way. But within a few hours they occupied the entire Green way. After that the police dispersed the crowd, protesters were arrested and after an hour or sow the protesters returned to Dewey Square. The protesters that were arrested were 65 men and 35 women. People are calling it a “Brutal Attack on a peaceful protest”. The main concern is who could be spearheading these attacks. If you want more info go to

Son of Neptune – The Heroes of Olympus Book 2

Have you heard the news? If not, here it is. The new book “Son Of Neptune” just came out. Its from the series “Hero of Olympus” , The second Percy Jackson Series. And Percy Jackons back. If you don’t know who Percy Jackson is, he was the main character form the first series”Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. There are 5 Percy Jackson books in the first series. Now there are 2 more.

In this book, Percys back but he has only a little of his memory. Juno(Hera) took it for some reason. Percy some how ends up at Camp Jupiter. Jupiter stands for Zeus in Roman. The thing is this camp is a Roman camp, not a Greek one. Percy soon make friends with Hazel and Frank. Frank is good with a arrow but does not know who is dad is. Hazel is scared of her past, for many reasons. One thing, she 13 but she was born in 1928. The god Mars(Ares) tells them to go on a quest. The quest is to go find and free death. Gea(the goddess of earth) is evil and has made a evil plan to rule the world. They have to free death before the feast of Fortuna. If they don’t, the camp will be destroyed.

This is a great book. I recommend it to all those who liked Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Its full of action and it keeps you on your feet. Its good for readers of 9 and older.

Source Code: Movie Review

In this blog entry I will review the movie Source Code. This movie is about a man who is part of a government experiment to save a train from a bomb. His name is Colt or Colter and he used to be a captain in the army before he died. He Doesn’t know it yet, but he is a part of a government operation to stop a terrorist attack before it happens.

The movie starts off as he is on a train, but instead of being called by his name he is being called Sean. He is seated with another woman named Christina and she appears to have been befriended by him. Trying to figure whats going on, Colt asks Christina like a mad man where he is, why she is calling him Sean etc. This all comes to an end when the train explodes because of a hidden bomb.

Colt wakes up in a contained sphere of some sort, he is contacted by a woman named Goodwin and is explained why he was chosen for this mission and what the mission is. Colt is frustrated and gets sent back with only 8 minutes to find out who planted the bomb and where it is exactly. Colt fails the first few times, but is given some advice from Goodwin to get to know the people on the train.

My opinion is that this movie has an amazing, both plot and concept, but they could’ve used it better. When I watched the movie I got to know the various characters in a small amount of time and this is an amazing feature for the directors, who were given the fast paced story. You can also feel the suspense as Colt fights against the clock to find out who was responsible for the bomb. I would say this movie would get a 7 out of 10.

Fan-fictions: My Opinion

In this blog entry I will state my opinions on fan-fics or fan fictions and the concept of them. Fan-fics, if you didn’t know already is a story. A fan of an entertainment series makes, the story includes the same setting and characters as in the original story. Most fan-fics are stories in which the author makes another story including the same characters, but some are just add-ons to the original story. Fan-fics to me are more like alternate stories or a story that pleases the fan more.

To better explain fan-fics and what they are, they are basically alterations of and original story and the authors can change it to their liking. Changing the story keeps it original and is not considered plagiarism because fan-fics usually change the plot and they usually add more characters. Fan-fics change mostly everything except the concept. The possible changes listed here are some of the changes authors can make, but they may make more or less than the changes listed here.

Now my opinions, I think fan-fics are great reading material as I’ve read some myself and they are usually filled with comedy and a great plot. Most of the fan-fics are from anime shows or books and it’s really cool to look at other people’s opinions on the show or book. I also think fan-fics are a good way to express your thoughts on your favorite shows and books. I have been inspired by other people’s fan-fics and I have        started my own and it will probably be my Nanowrimo.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

On Wednesday night, the great man we know as Steve Jobs died peacefully at the age of 56, surrounded by family.  Steve was suffering from various illnesses and 7 years ago had surgery to get rid of a rare form of pancreatic cancer.  Steve was one of the worlds greatest innovators and was the co-founder of the great company we know today as “Apple”. Also about a month ago, Steve stepped down from his job as chairman of Apple because his illness made him unfit for his job as CEO. Without Steve Jobs, the world of technology would not be the same, just like there would not be touch screens without him.