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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi

On October 25, 2011, a new game was released as a sequel to the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging blast series called Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi. It is probably the best game in the series. Many months before its release, a rumor began to spread that Atari was in the middle of a project entitled “PROJECT AGE” which would be the third game in the Raging Blast series. A few screen shots of the game were released that contained high quality graphics and realistically detailed environments. It looked to good to be true. The game’s graphics looked too realistic, to the point where any Xbox 360 would take hours to load the game correctly. So, people thought that it would not be released to North America and forgot about this project.

Later, video was released of the gameplay and information on the new “Hero Mode” was released. “Hero Mode” is where you can create your own character and use him/her to explore the world in search of fighters to challenge. People became excited because they would finally live in a virtual Dragon Ball Z world. However, the more people heard of these great things, they lost hope that it would even be possible to create such a game. Then, IT happened. Demo gameplay was released in conventions all around the world. Finally, demo gameplay was released in Comic-Con 2011 and it was certain they were making this game! Now, you can buy a copy today! Gamestop is selling copies for about sixty dollars. I will be looking forward to buying a copy very soon.


Book Review: You dont know me

“You Don’t Know Me” is by David Klass.This book is about a teen named John that is trapped in the worst type of trap, a 14 year old life. He goes to a school that he calls “anti-school” because aren’t you supposed to learn at school, because if so where does he go every day? He also has a father that’s not a father because he is not related to him in any way. He also is stuck with this man because his actual mother had to leave to take care of her dying and sick aunt. So John is going through a hard time but the only thing that kinda understands him is his tuba which is not a tuba because it sounds like a dying frog.

I would recommend this book for the ages 13 and up because there is some violence and inappropriate language. Overall this was a good book I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.

U Can Ski 2

“U Can Ski 2” is an amazing organization! It’s a non-profit organization that was made to help disabled people all around the state of Florida. Most disabled people once they get disabled think they can’t do anything but lay around. That is not true. This organization is around so people that are disabled can get out in the water and enjoy life and learn how to ski. The wonderful lady that runs and founded this organization is Ann. Her goal is to helped disabled people learn how to ski and get out and enjoy life.

Lots of disabled people come and ski all the time and my dad is one of them. My dad and I have been with this organization for a few years now and it’s one thing that my dad always looks forward to doing every time we go. Since people with disabilities that are beginner water skiers don’t know really what to do there are 2 side skiers(people who ski beside them) who help them get up on the water and have a great time. I personally am a side skier for the organization now and I help out with the other side skiers who have been teaching me how things work. U Can Ski 2 is full of volunteers who want to help other people that don’t have a lot.

Now I will talk about the founder of U Can Ski 2. Ann is a wonderful lady who has a good heart. Ann actually is a disabled skier too. She has won lots of prizes and competitions for disabled slalom skiing. And after all those years she decided that every disabled person should have a chance on the water. She has helped my dad through skiing since he started and he is becoming really good. Now he doesn’t have side skiers and he does 180’s and wake to wake. Ann is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met and is so helpful to everyone. Without her U Can Ski 2 would not be running. Go to U Can Ski 2 website to check it out.

Orlando City Soccer Team

Now, the Orlando City Soccer Team is very powerful. They are looking forward to going to Major League Soccer.  Now,  the team, I saw them play before and they are outrageous.  They have lost only one game in the season and now they are playing in the playoffs. Their season record is  like 26-3-1, that’s crazy!

Now, that they are in the playoffs,  hopefully if they keep it up like they did with their last season, they would be pick for Major League Soccer.  That means if they get selected for the Major League Soccer they would have to face Seattle Sounders, L.A. Galaxy, and all those good teams. Also, Orlando City is playing in the finals Saturday on September 3 at 7:00 P.M. against City Islanders, so we will see how they do.

So that’s my story about Orlando city talk to u guys later. hope u guys like my status about Orlando city

Orlando Magic V.S. Boston Celtics

For All you Magic fans out there, you guys are cool.  Magic is a good team with number 35 Mallk Allen, number 33 Ryan Anderson, number 12 Dwight Howard, and all those good players.  They have made it to the playoffs 2 times back to back and they only won the championships once in 1995.  They made the playoffs in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, as well as 2010. WOW that is a lot.

Now, the Boston Celtics they are amazing.  For all you fans out their, I love you very much.  The Celtics have won more championships than Magic could ever win.  That is why the Magic are not really that good anymore.  I mean they have good players but their game playing is not that good anymore. I’m sorry but they aren’t. The Celtics have Paul  Pierce and Rondo as well as some excellent players. The Celtics have won 8 straight years in a row 1959-1966. As well as another one in 2009.  This is why I love the Boston Celtic. That’s my Magic and Boston story.  That is it for to good day  and goodnight.

What kind of Jobs DoYou Like?

What kind of jobs do you like? You can like any
job. That’s my story for today; it is about what kind of jobs you like.

Well, first off you have to get your degree before
you can get your job. The jobs I would like to work are either at a Hospital or
as a Firefighter. W what kind of job would you like to do? Pick any job you
want! Trust me there are many jobs out there. Now, just pick your job and stay
with that job.

To become a doctor you have to go through High School first. Next you have to go through 8 years of college.  After that, you are technically a doctor.

To become a Firefighter you have to go through at least one year of college. After that you have to get your Medical license. Then your one happy Firefighter.

Sent: Book Review

In this blog entry I will be reviewing the book “Sent. This book is in the same series as Found” which is the “The Missing series. This book is written by the children’s author Margaret Haddix and she has written four books so far. You might not want to read this blog entry If you have not finished reading the first book as it contains spoilers.

This book follows Jonah, Katherine, Chip, and Alex, a character new to the gang. They are sent into the 15th century by a man named the Janitor. They now have to find a way out with the guidance of the mysterious Janitor who is not in the 15th century, but is in a rift in time. This rift contains a computer that watches Jonah and company’s every move he makes and it is vital for Jonah and his friend’s safety as well as their journey through time. You have to read the book to find out how they escape from the 15th century and why Chip and Alex are relevant and vital to the correction of time in the 15th century.

I have recently finished reading this book and it was a good continuation of the first book found and it explains the plot twist at the end of the first book. This book also improves on characterization and includes real life history which adds to the experience. I give this book a 9 out of 10 for it’s excellent sense of variety.


Wake-boarding is a worldwide sport done by lots of people but isn’t known by everyone. Everyone knows about skateboarding and snowboarding but no one ever talks about wake-boarding. Wake-boarding is known to most people who live in the Orlando area and in other places with warm temperatures. Wake-boarding is a water sport that is actually like snowboarding a little bit but you are being pulled behind a boat on a lake and the board is shaped a tiny bit different.
There are various amounts of tricks on a wake-board, and many of them are ones you can do on a snow board too. When you do a trick you usually jump the wake, which is like a type of wave the boat gives out behind it. The wake gives the riders so many tricks to do and so many variations of them. Some of the top brand boards are Hyperlite, Byerly, Liquidforce, and Ronix.
Wake-boarding has been around for years and years but still hasn’t gotten to everyone because I still know people who don’t even know what wake-boarding is. Most people haven’t even heard of it. I love the sport and it’s just like a natural high for me but other people have different opinions. If you want to try it out there is a sport complex just for the water sports like this. The place is OWC(Orlando Water sports Complex) and you can rent boards, life jackets, and everything there and you can ride all day for not too bad of a price. Just go to this site to see the prices and directions. Go to OWC website to see the prices and for signups.

Byerly Toe Jam

The Byerly Toe Jam has been going on for years. The Byerley Toe Jam is a special event made for wake-skaters around the world. This competition is hosted by Scott Byerly who is the one who brought wake-skating to be a national sport and he has his own company of boards called Byerly Boards. He has wake-skates and wake-boards. I personally, have a Byerly wake-skate called the “Revival,” which is just one of the series of boards.

Byerly Toe Jam has some of the greatest wake-skaters competing against each-other. This year’s 2011 Byerly Toe Jam started on August 31st.  That was the day when they did the boat competition and they used the Nautique Byerly Icon Edition boat. This year’s Toe Jam will be amazing. The first day on the boat was great and turned out, as they thought, with the two greatest riders behind a boat, which was Grub and Hansen on all wake to wake.

September 1 was the competition on the system 2.0 park at “The Projects” right outside of Orlando. There were 30 riders that day that came out and rode all day on the park. They all did great out there on the rails, kickers, and also some great water flat water tricks. There were 6 beginning heats and with the 2 winners from each of the heats there were 4 more heats. On the first heat there was Andrew Pastera, Brian Grubb, James Balzer, Collin Gee, and Aaron Reed. The 2 winners of the heat were Andrew Pastera and Brian Grubb. On the second heat the riders were Bret Little, Leo Labadens, Reed Hansen, Travis Belsito, and Jennifer Gilanfarr. The 2 winners of this heat were Bret Little and Leo Labadens. There were many other competitions but the top winners for these were Bret Little and Andrew Fortenberry, which was announced a couple days later.

Next, which was day 3, they had riders go on the winch pool and ride at “The Projects” outside of Orlando. Each one of the heats had 30 minute sessions so every rider was able to land a sick trick. The 4- man finals for this event were Ben Horan, Matt Hooker, Dieter Humpsch, and Andrew Pastera. The finals for this day were announced that Saturday. Finally on day 4 they were at the projects again and  they had the Rail jam competition. There were the highest amount of riders out of the whole event that day. On this day they used the Sea-Doo Wake edition PWC. It was hard for the judges but they picked 4 finalists and they were Reed Hansen, Matt Manzari, Ben Horan, and Grant Roberts. Each rider had a 5 minute session with as many falls as they needed. All of them landed some great flip tricks and shove-its. Later that day they had the Arnette Awards party in downtown Orlando at “The Social”. Go to Byerly Toe Jam to find out more and what the finals were.

Found: Book Review

In this blog entry, I will be reviewing a book called “Found“. This book is in a series called “The Missing” which is currently made of 4 books. This book is made by, children’s author, Margaret Haddix.

“Found” is the story about 3 kids trying to find out who’s sending them peculiar letters that say “You are one of the missing” and to find out what they mean. There also seems to be a coincidence to what people the letters are sent to. They are all kids and they are all adopted. The main characters are Jonah, Chip and Katherine. Jonah is the first to receive the letters and he is 13. He already knows he is adopted. Chip is Jonah’s new best friend, and he has recently moved into the neighborhood and found out he was adopted recently as well. Katherine is Jonah’s sister and is willing to help Jonah’s problem.

They later find out that the FBI may be involved in this because of a case of an unidentified plane full of babies.

This book is filled with suspense, excitement, and a good story which basically describes what your going to get from this story. The characters are given great personalities that stick with you which really adds to the characterization process and story. This book is amazing and I give it a 8.5 out of 10.