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2012’s Possible Tech Trends!

According to Pete Cashmore, a writer for CNN,  2011 has been a very historic year in technology. Everything we do is slowly becoming a new part of technology. With the Kinect becoming more and more popular and the IPhone constantly being upgraded, what will the years too come be like for technology?

Well, with tablet computers and touch screen phones, we do not truly need mouses or keyboards as user interfaces for our computer systems. The new Windows 8 has already given an example of a touch screen desktop computer. But maybe computers will be completely operated without keyboards in 2012. Heck, with Microsoft’s Kinect technology, computers may be completely hands free!

Another possible future for technology could be the rise and fall of social networks. With Facebook’s 800 million users and counting, The site is upgrading more and more. This is causing web activity to constantly be shared. Although people will want to use Facebook because of it’s new features, the privacy of it’s users may be reduced greatly.

Voice control is also another big thing that may change in 2012. With Siri for the IPad and Vlingo for the Android, phone’s are becoming virtual servants. These programs can be integrated with robotics to create realistic machines that can have conversations with people. Or maybe Voice controlled technology can be used to control Televisions and Computers. Apple is rumored to have been creating voice controlled T.V remotes.

We do not know what the future may hold for our technology. But whatever happens to our computers, I am sure that our technology will get a lot better.


Interview of Alessia’s Art Work

This blog post is based off an interview I did with “doomisgood“, a author here on this blog and also a great artist. In this post, I will be asking her some questions about her artwork and her trail to where she is today.

Q: When did you start drawing?
A: At the beginning of 7th grade.
Q: Were you a good artist from the start?
A: Nope. Not at all.
Q: Would you feel comfortable showing these pictures?
A: No. Well, maybe some of them.
Q: If you were to get your pictures in a museum and they did a time line of your art would show them the pictures then?
A: Maybe it depends on what pictures they are.
Q: If you weren’t drawing what would you be working on mostly?
A: Get into some kind of neurological science.
Q: Does art or drawing run in your family?
A: No, Well my uncle and aunt are both artists and my uncle is a very good scientist and artist so, I look up to him.
Q: Would you open a school to teach people how to draw?
A: Probably not just because I don’t like teaching all that much.
Q: What do you like to draw?
A: Fan art from books, movies, TV shows, stuff like that.
Q: When you draw the charterers, what setting do you draw them in?
A: It depends on what characters they are and what I am feeling.
Q: Have you ever gotten any requests and if so, did you complete them?
A: Yeah, I get them quite often and usually yes I do complete them.
Q: When you draw do you take it seriously or…?
A: Um sometimes, although I like to do mediocre.
Q: If you got the chance to become a pro artist now at your age, would you take it?
A: Oh absolutely.

If you are interested in seeing any of her artwork, here is her Deviantart.


Polyvore is a website for people that like fashion to make complete outfits by dragging and dropping images of clothing on to the blank screen. You can make your own designs for clothes. If you type in thing that you like, for instance black clothing you can make something like this.

I use this website to describe what the people in my stories are wearing. This is a free website and you can choose if you want people to see you work or not. So you should visit this website just to see if you like it or not.

Website review: Deviantart

“”, A website specifically designed for artists and writers around the world to post and show their works to others. It was founded in August 2000 and already, up to this day, has more than 13 million active accounts and users, and it’s the largest online network for artists and writers on the web. Deviantart allows its members to become Premium members, if they wish, to be able to get multiple different accesses to the website but unfortunately, this advancement would require a monthly payment that would contribute to the top contributors of the website and to the website itself. The Premium website provides a higher gain in development of your creativity on your profile. For example, my account, does not have the premium membership while other accounts have more accessibility to the progression of their journals and the progressions of their deviations or the stuff that they post.

Deviantart joins artists from around the world to be able to connect with each other and post their creative works with one another. From photography to illustrations, to fashion design and 3D art to poetry and literature, all of the above and more are accepted on DA. Even pieces with mature content will be accepted. But they require a mature content warning when you submit it. The process of plagiarism and copying art will not be tolerated on this website without some sort of recognition to the artist or writer responsible for the original art. But besides all rules and regulations, Deviantart is a very good spot for young and unrecognized artists and creative writers can be descried by others who are into the same interests.

I definitely recommend this site to responsible artists and writers who just want to connect with others and share their works.

Grinchmas at Universal (Islands of Adventures)

Grinchmas started November 17 and will go on till January 1.  Grinchmas is the story of Dr. Seuss’s book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. For the people who don’t know what that book is about, It about this old cranky green man (thing), that lives near the town of the WhoVille . The Who’s are these people who LOVE Christmas, and the Grinch, who lives just north of WhoVille hates Christmas and the whole Christmas season. The Grinch comes up with a plan to stop Christmas.  When all the Who’s are asleep sleep, he will sneak into the town and take everything. After he steals all the gifts, he goes to the top of the mountain to dump it. But then the Grinch realizes that Christmas is more then the gifts, Its about having the people who care all around you.

So the book is basically what Grinchmas is all about, but Grinchmas has singing and dancing, too. This year for Grinchmas, they put it out where the sound stages are. It’s easy to find and if you can’t find it, just ask one of the Who’s that are all around . Yes I said Whos, who are walking around Seuss land. So I think they would know. Grinchmas is a good show for EVERYONE. I hope you guys go and see it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie is a 17-year-old YouTube sensation. She was actually named the biggest YouTube sensation since Justin Bieber. She was born in South Jersey. She posted her first YouTube video at age 15 and after a little over a year and a half, she had over 1,000,000 subscribers to her page where she played the piano and sang covers to different songs. Since she has started posting her videos, she has had over 205 million views. My favorite song she has done a cover to, is “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars.

Attack in Belgian

In Belgian city of Liege, a man with grenades, and assault rifles attacks people that are holiday shopping. The man was identified as Norodine Amrani. He is a 33 year old man that stays in Liege. The man has been put in jail with gun, drugs, and sexual abuse charges. In this weapon rage, he killed 4 people and injured 75 people.

The man has sadly killed 2 teenage boys, a 15 and 17 year old. He also killed a 75 year old woman. The attack was declared NOT a terrorism attack, though. It was said that Amrani left his home with a backpack with grenades, a revolver, and a FAL assault riffle. He got on a platform in central square and lobbed 3 hand grenades down towards a bus shelter and then opened fire. Fortunately, he died before he could hurt anyone else. But his death was not because of the police. It was unclear if he died from suicide or an accident.

Movie Review: Happy Feet 2

In this blog entry I will be reviewing the movie “Happy Feet 2”. This movie is a sequel to the movie “Happy Feet”. This movie is rated PG and It came out on November 18, 2011.

This movie is about a penguin colony’s struggle for survival, as an iceberg collides with theirs blocking them from their only source of food as well as trapping them in a death pit. Luckily Mumble and his son Eric, as well as 2 other kids were not in the pit because they were trying to find Eric who had run off because he had no talent. This movie also follows the lives of two krill named Bill and Will who have found out that they are the second to last lowest animal on the food chain and so they separated from their swarm to adapt and move up the food chain. How will Mumble save his colony, and will Bill and Will survive on their own? Watch the movie to find out.

This movie is a lot more serious and suspenseful compared to the first movie as every penguin’s life is at stake. In my opinion even though this movie doesn’t live up to the first movie’s plot it still holds up quite well. This movie could’ve been better if the production team focused on only one plot through out the whole movie, but the way the side story connects with the main story at the end adds to the excitement build up. I give this movie a 7.5 out of 10.

Book Review: Hollow Fields

“Hollow Fields” is a book about a little girl named Lucy Snow. She was traveling to an all girls boarding school and once a strange man gives her directions to a school that turns young boys and girls into evil scientists. Lucy was very surprised when she saw that she does not take normal classes like math and science. Her text books said the math of evil robots. And the ways to create an evil robot. Lucy snow already signed a contract however, so she is not allowed to leave the school. every Friday a child with the lowest scores in school goes to detention in the windmill. That did not sound to bad to her until she figured out that no one ever comes back from the windmill. She was doing horrible in her classes but still trying to find a way out and she found a little talking box inside of the library when she was trying to escape. He is helping Lucy with her school work so she does not get sent to the windmill.

This is an adventure and mystery book. It has 3 books in the series. It is also a manga or graphic novel. I would recommend this for children 10 years or older due to the language in the story. For me I wold rate it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Movie Review: Happy Feet

In this blog entry I will be reviewing the best movie ever “Happy Feet”. This movie was released on November 17 2006 and is getting a sequel which will be released this Friday. This movie is rated PG so it’s family friendly and the DVD has been out for about 4 to 5 years, so if you want to re-watch this movie experience you should pick it up.

The plot consists of a penguin named Mumble who is the out cast of the penguin colony because of his differences and is believed to be the cause of the recent fish famine. Instead of singing like all the other penguins, he taps his feet to the ground and makes beats and because of this people think he has angered the “great guin” which in turn is thought to be the cause of the famine. When Mumble is older, he and other companions, make a journey, set out to find out the real cause of the famine and in turn clear his reputation.

This movie is an amazing experience and is best when watched by people who love penguins. This movie also incorporates an environmental message that states what would happen if we over fished or took to much of something from an animals habitat. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.