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Do you like soda? Do you drink soda a lot? Well after reading this you might not want to drink soda anymore SO BEWARE. Many people drink soda for the fizz factor and also some for the caffeine. But there are other ways to get this INSTEAD of soda. Keep reading and you might be surprised about some things.

Are you trying to lose weight?  WELL DON’T DRINK ANY SODA! The thing about regular soda is that it builds fat in places where you will NEVER know. Some places around your organs are where it really builds. Also, let’s talk about diet soda… Diet soda is no better than regular! Diet soda is all fake, the sugar, everything. Diet soda has a lot of artificial stuff to have fewer calories. What this does is damage the brain cells. This later gives you a higher risk of getting diabetes. You don’t want this do you?

Why don’t I tell you about Mountain Dew? After this you probably won’t want to take another look at a Mountain Dew can. In Mountain Dew is Brominated Vegetable Oil. This is a toxic flame retardant which is put in to keep the artificial flavor from separating from the actual liquid. This really affects your health a lot and it’s just a horrible drink for you and horrible substance.  If this doesn’t make you want to stop drinking soda? Then there is nothing more I can tell you! I will continue about sodas later in another post.



Tell me what smells good dead but bad alive?

A pig

Cool riddles. com

Who fights Chuck Norris?

No one he just allows people to lose.

How were giraffes made?

Chuck Norris round house kicked a zebra in the chin.

When Chuck Norris was born he round house kicked his doctor.

Never slap Chuck Norris.

Super Smash Flash v.08 NEW RELEASE

After a series of attempts, McCleod gaming has finally recreated Super Smash Bros. (A Nintendo Game) as a successful flash game!

After many failed attempts, McCleod  gaming created one of their first successful Demos of a flash video game called Super Smash Flash 2! Super smash flash was based off a video game series by Nintendo. Super Smash Bros. was a video game series in which famous Nintendo video game characters came together to fight in epic battles! McCleod gaming has already created one successful clone of the game series. It has a few different character then the actual game and even has Anime Characters. Now, for about three years, McCleod gaming has been working on a a sequel to the game. SUPER SMASH FLASH 2 has been a playable demo game for about a year and a half. It was last seen as version 0.07. It was the first fully playable demo. Currently, it has been upgraded to version 0.08. The game is now closer to completion.


Sonic the hedgehog














Donkey Kong

Mega Man

Black Mage

I must admit, this game is very impressive. There are a lot more characters. The game play is incredible! The graphics are awesome! I am looking forward to writing my next review of the complete game.

Combat City Airsoft Jacksonville vs. All

On February, 4 there is going to be another event called Jacksonville vs. all of the other teams, which the teams are set uneven. This is basically NvS 6  because if you bring your own gear its free the whole day. The Jacksonville team will consist of the best players at the event which includes me my team leader and my two other squad mates and together we are 1st ASTG which stands for 1st Airsoft Special Tactics Group. This event will have an estimated 3,000 people at Combat City so it is going to packed to the very last parking spot.

The Radiant Peace Education Awards

The Radiant Peace Education Awards program is  an award that is given out to students in grades 1-12 from public, private, and home schools. The Project is for students to express their feelings about Radiant Peace and how they find it in their lives. The students of Page did a creative writing project telling how they felt about Peace. Well, 3 kids from Page placed in the competition.                                                                                                The winners are,

1.Anthony Cruz age 10 , grade 5

2.Alex Cruz age 10, grade 5

3.Kellen Friedburg age 8, grade 3

The student who won got a cash prize. Their work will be on display for people to see at The International Museum of Radiant Peace. Which is on 5601 Central Ave. St . Petersburg. Thank you to all the student how wrote essays for the Radiant Peace . You all did a great job!

Blood on the Dance Floor

Blood on the Dance Floor or BOTDF, is a emo/metal/rock band that makes amazing music. They have some screaming in their songs, but not much from what I’ve experienced. I love their music. Their band consists of Jayy Von Monroe (LEFT SIDE): Their Screamer and singer and Dahvie (RIGHT SIDE) The lead singer. I don’t know the names of their instrumentalist, but I do know that their drummer is the old screamer and singer Garrett Ecstaty. When they were old enough they changed their name to the ones I am calling them by.

Jayy’s name by birth is Jeremy Griffis and Dahvie’s is Jesus Torres. My favorite song by them is Death to your heart and Bewitched. They are one of the best bands evert in my opinion, but you would have to listen to them to know if there good or not. This band is not reccomended for people under the age of 14.

New York Giants vs. San Francisco

The NEW YORK Giants won 20-17 in over time against the SAN FRANCISCO 49ER’S. The 49er’s were playing a good game over the giant and the probably would have won if it wasn’t for Kyle Williams letting the ball hit him on his knee on the punt return. But the giants did have victor cruz making big plays as well as Hakeem Nick and Mario Manningham. Eli actually did a very good job working around the pressure from the 49er’s defense.

The giants defense needed a lot of work against the 49er’s offense but it finally started to kick in ant the second half of the game and I think that was a big help in there win. The 49er’s shouldn’t have tried to run the ball as much as they did and got the ball to the wide receiver’s but as them not doing that the lost. And the giants go to take on the New England Patriots in the super bowl.

Silk Worms Make Silk as Strong as a Spiders

How many people know that spider thread is as strong as steel. Now think of the effectiveness of that. Now spiders silk is not easy to produce but what if you could have a silk worm create that strong of a material. Silk worms produce silk at a much faster rate than that of a spider, but the problem is that silk is fragile. So, how do you fix this problem?  Well, why don’t you splice the genes of a spider and a silk worm so that the silk worm makes the thread of a spider. It is not impossible scientists from the University of Wyoming is working on that solution currently. To those that are wondering the silk worms are not being put in harms way there is no harm to the environment because of this. Now little kids that watch Spider man in the morning can now have a material as strong as Spider mans silk in vast quantities.

Minecraft– GAME REVIEW

Minecraft is a game in which you can build items, fight enemies, and make your own house in this unique game. Everything is made of blocks! At night, monsters come out. You must build your house in the day, prepare your self for hordes of enemies, and build a variety of things to survive. If you are bored of surviving in the wilderness go and play with friends online, or dig for gold and other minerals in the ground. But be careful when you mine! Monsters also live in any place dark! Mine, Fight, an play in your own fictional world!

Minecraft is one of the top played games in the world. People have become hooked on the game’s Lego-like islands. Minecraft has a high replay value (the amount of times it will be played over again).

This game had me a bit skeptical at first. I did not think this game was as cool as my friends said it was. But after hours of playing, I was addicted to this game. Minecraft is probably one of the best games you will ever play! You should really try it out! Here is a website if you want to try the game out before you buy it:

or you can play the outdated free version at: