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*NEW* “Angry Birds: SPACE” Available for download!

This is the Trailer for the newest Angry Birds video game!

This time, Rovio is taking the famous Angry Birds franchise into outer space with the new “Angry Birds: Space”!

Angry Birds space is about the dastardly space pigs who have come to earth in a cosmic storm to steal the famous eggs of the Angry Birds! Now, the birds have had their physical features changed due to the cosmic storm and are now looking more futuristic than ever! Rovio plans to have this game also become an educational tool as well. This game teaches you about NASA, Space, and it teaches you more about the physics in space. This new new game is going to definitely become Rovio’s newest bestselling video game!

To learn more about Rovio, go to:


Peyton Manning

Ex Quarterback Peyton Manning for the Indianapolis Colts became a free agent. He made it now that he only has 3 teams that he wants to go to. The new team that he chose is the Denver Broncos, that he chose to add to his list. The San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans gave him a chance to sign to the team but he turns the offers down.

He was released by the Indianapolis Colts on March 7th. Since then he has been released and he has depending on the free agent wooing. It was said that Peyton spent six hours with each team. Since the Miami Dolphins released Brandon Marshall, it raises the steaks for Peyton Manning.

Movie Review

This week I am doing a movie review on “Ghost Rider 2”. The movie stars include Nichols Cage as Ghost Rider, and he returns as the hero except when the rider comes out, he can’t control it. So since everyone has done something bad, when he turns into the rider he is always hungry for souls who have done something bad. Except this time he makes a new deal with a person to find a kid who is the devils child. In return, they will take his powers away. He tries to get the child but he does not know that there are hired demons after this kid too. So he now had the child and the curse is lifted but that is not all. So in order to see the ending, you must see this movie. This movie was so awesome it cannot be put in to words. I would give it an 11 out of 10. That is how awesome it is. The actors where great and the ending really leaves people thinking what happens next in the series. So this is a must see movie.

Top 5 Beatles songs: According to “Rolling Stone” Magizine

Here is the full 100 best songs by the Beatles on the official Rolling Stone website. I’m here to skip to the top five-I would go to the top ten, but my classmates and peers here at the blog HQ don’t really care much for The Beatles and plus I should keep the article to a minimum size- and give a little information about the songs.

I started listening to Beatles music just recently now. But I had grown up with it my entire life. Even though when I listen to the song for the first time, it feels like I have heard that tune before, along with the words as well. Has that ever happened to you? Wow, that was off topic. So back to the original article I was about to show you! If you don’t like the Beatles but like good music then you should stay to read this. For this music has sat in the tops of the tops in legend even up until this day. The Beatles were a group that had started out in the beginning of the sixties. Ten years later and many albums later, they split up and the band mates Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison went there separate ways, Each of them still making music.

Up to this date today, almost half a century later, they are still up on top at the best group of all time, once again according to Rolling Stone magazine, and are till hopelessly missed by fans and groupies. Inspiring many by their great talent.

#5: “In my life”  – Listen

Writer: John Lennon

Album- “Rubber Soul”

– According to John, “It was the first real song that I wrote consciously about my life.” He had actually originally began writing it as an autobiographical poem before Paul had decided to turn it into a song. Actually, it was one of the only songs where they disagreed about who wrote the song, since both of them absolutely adored it.

#4: “Yesterday” Listen

Writer: Paul McCartney


– Before Paul had actually ever written the song, he knew had a good one coming. The melody strummed in his brain for two full years until one day, out of a dream it hit him. A few weeks later, after he had written lyrics, he jumped into the studio and recorded it with only two takes. Later that same day, George Martin their manager had the rest of the band mates dub in a string quartet. Short belated time passed until the song was credited in “Rolling Stone” magazine as a Lennon/McCartney song. Even though John had no involvement in the making of the song.

#3: “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Writer: John Lennon

Album- “Magical Mystery Tour”

Named after a Salvation Army house in Liverpool in Lennon’s youth, It certainly spoke from the youthful heart. “We were trying to write about Liverpool.” John told Rolling Stone in 1968. This song was written in Spain while John was making his movie “How I won the War”. Having backwards noises and psychedelic instrumentation, this song made the message clear. When he had finished up the song on a Spanish beach, he headed back to England and played it for the rest of the band mates. The song struck McCartney as just “Brilliant.”. Separate recordings were done and when the final recording was made, John wanted to submerge two of the recordings together to fit into one song.

#2: “I Want to Hold Your Hand” 

Writer: Lennon/McCartney

Album- Non Album Track

This was the song that made America fall in love with the Beatles and made them kings of the planet. No other British group had brought this much popularity to those shores of America. In 1964, they had gotten their dream. They had appeared on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9th and was drawing over 70 million viewers. Young people weren’t the only fans out there. The Beatles were inspiring to many American artists such as Poet Allen Ginsberg, Composer Leonard Bernstein, and even the famous Bob Dylan fell in love with “I Want to Hold Your Hand”.

#1: “A Day in the Life”-Listen-

Writer: Lennon/McCartney

Album- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Starting in the album as the epic closing song, this is apparently and arguably the best Lennon/McCartney song ever composed. In the song, they describe the usual morning routine of any ordinary person. Through the first part of the song, John spaces out in dreadful apprehension as he fawns over the newspaper, while Paul jumps out of bed and jumps onto the bus steadily with little time to spare. This type of aspect defines the creative bond between the two amazing song writers. That’s why one of the reasons this song is so spectacular.

Parenting Videos

Lately, there have been some videos made by parents made because of and towards their children; who have written bad things about them on the Internet. One of the videos was authored an extremely angry father that found a post on Facebook about him and his wife by his daughter that really set him off. This man printed the status and read it on video for the whole world to hear and then talked about all the stuff he did for her computer and how much trouble if she did something like this again (because she had preformed similar actions before). Then after he was done talking about all the areas of the status he moved the camera to the ground where the daughters computer was laying and he pulled out a 45 caliber pistole and put a whole magazine of bullet holes through the computer and said that the daughter had to pay for the computer updates and the bullets.

Personally I can’t really judge him because it is his way of punishing his daughter. But it is a different thing when you put it all over the Internet and her Facebook. What you do with your daughters stuff and how you punish her is between you and her and the mother, NOT the whole world. This video was seen by millions of people and he might have put it to show children that it was not rebellious, but either way it has encouraged other parents to video tape their child’s punishment and put it on YouTube. I don’t think this is the right thing to do, to show the whole world what kind of parents you are. Really it doesn’t matter how the world sees it.

To conclude this I want to let parents know that putting videos like that up doesn’t affect other children around the world. So just keep your punishments to yourself and not post it on the internet. You will really get to know your kids if you don’t completely humiliate your kids in front of the world. So just keep the videos to yourself.

EVE Online

Hello, my friends, today we will be speaking about a massive online video game called EVE online.

WHAT IS EVE: Some may be asking what is EVE, EVE is a massive online video game that has billions of players, that can be found all around the world in 21 countries. That is a lot of players! Now EVE is a game where you are in command of a ship-not ship on the ocean a ship in space. There are four races to choose from The Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Republic. Lets start with history the Amarr Empire is the largest faction in the entire game now these people are known for largest religion and also slavery. They expanded their empire over 2,000 years ago and are known for brute force and slavery they assaulted Jove Empire and caused a rebellion with a slave race called the Minmatar Republic. The Caldari State is known for pure military and also massive corporations. The Gallente Federation fight for freedom and are basically the rebels in the galaxy. Then you have the Minmatar Republic this faction was captured by the Amarr and was taken as slaves when the Amarr assaulted the Jove Empire they rebelled claiming their independence. I served in the Caldari State, I went to the State War Academy which taught me how to get the basics of flying my ship and targeting others. Now, if you don’t want military then there are other academies that can teach you. From their I was ordered to destroy a small raiding party. This was a simple task causing some to flee and others to crash and burn. After my training, I began to do some missions for people. Then, I was asked if I wanted to do one of three things, To join a fleet and fight the other factions fleets fight, choose another carrier or fight something called the Insertion now the Incursion is some one very evil in the universe he has taken entire planets away from systems and what he does to the populace is well I don’t even know. So, now that I had a massive capital ship that could take down a Titan if I had good support  Titan a ship that can destroy entire fleets and even planets now my objective was to check near the far edge of the universe and that is where I started a new fight against a new enemy one that knows no fear no pain no remorse these ships the likes I have never seen assaulted my ship now you’d think that ships smaller than me are going to do less damage but they fired these lasers that destroyed my ships shields in a matter of seconds. I launched fighters to try to distract the enemy for a long enough time to let my weapons to warm up and get a firing solution on these ships, but the problem was my fighters were almost destroyed. My weapons got a target lock and after 2 salvos from all of my main cannons the enemy was destroyed. So little kiddies listen up, if you are going to fight the Incursion then you better grab some friends and fight from long-range because I went up against some small ships with a capital ship and almost lost and that is something.  We will continue the second part of this review another time see you then.

Alice 2.2

Alice 2.2 is a program written by Carnegie Mellon, a company whose products were used to make The Sims video game. Alice is a 3d video and video game making software with simple drag and drop programming features. This allows you to simply create games or videos with 3d models already in the program. Alice is used by many schools and students in order to learn about  simple programing and animation. Alice is one of the best teacher tools for teaching children about programming.

Alice is a good program for experimenting with animated videos. I suggest people download and use it. It is very fun and easy to use. I use it all of the time. I’ve done many projects and have become a very good programmer because of this program.  Here is a picture:

Download whenever you get the chance at


Interview: Matthew Lunn

I have decided to interview Matthew Lunn for the fun of it, so here’s the questions that I asked and the answers he gave me.

Q: How long have you been to Page?

A: 8 years.

Q: How old are you?

A: 14.

Q: What are you afraid of?

A: Spiders.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: Shrimp.

Q: What is your favorite internet memes?

A: “You mad bro” and “I like trains”.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen?

A: Glitches in Skyrim.

Q: What is your opinion on mustaches?

A: I think they’re cool because I have one.

Q: What’s your opinion on Happy Wheels?

A: I think it’s a cool game, but WHAT WERE THE CREATORS THINKING!

Movie Review: Courageous

In this blog entry I will be reviewing a movie called Courageous. This movie is made by the same creators of Fireproof, a movie I love. This movie is rated PG-13 for some intense situations and dialogue.

This movie revolves around 5 policemen and their lives. They have seen the worst in people and while they are on duty they lose possible time they could be spending with their families. Their leader tells them to spend more time with their families as a fatherless home has 25% more of a chance of kids making wrong decisions. It turns out many of the police men themselves had made wrong choices family-wise as well. Will they fix them?

I Give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Game Review: Void Hunters

In this blog entry I will be reviewing a game called void hunters. This game was made by Jagex the same company that made other fan favorite games such as adventure quest. This games is also a flash game which means it is purely 2D and it is free.

This game has no plot, but it redeems itself by providing an open canvas for your imagination. Your main objective in this game is to build an awesome space ship and you can customize your ship to your liking. This game offers a large amount of artillery in terms of weapons and armor.

This game also includes multiplayer support so you can play with your friends and show off your ship. The multiplayer type of game play includes different modes of game play in which you have to defend your base and destroy the other team’s base or just defend your base etc. I give this game a 8 out of 10.