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Some Interesting facts on Dreams

What exactly are dreams? Dreams are series of thoughts, images and occurrences that  happen in a persons mind during sleep. Dreams are truly extraordinary phenomenons that occur in the brain. Every person reading this has experienced some sort of dream. Whether it be a sad dream, a funny dream, or even a scary dream. Everyone has had one. But generally, everyone’s dreams are different based on what they could enjoy or most fear, and people may have different effects with dreams. Images, voices, scenes and pretty much every sensual and impressionistic thought under the sun are things that could occur in dreams. Dreams could be very personal as well. A dream could contain some of your deepest and darkest secrets or most private fantasies. There is truly no limit to what your mind could come up with. You could have the least creative mind on the planet and yet your dreams could be so heavenly and illusory, that you know your mind is more capable of anything you thought possible. Everyone has a brain, and everyone has to sleep. Thus, everyone has dreamed before.

Dreams also can portray things that are happening to yourself or someone else your life. Anything could trigger dreams in your lifetime. Happiness, stress, fear… A dream about an empty and endless box that you are stuck in could be the analogy of your feelings for an end-less job you are working for. Dreams are usually most bountiful when you are in the R.E.M stage of sleep. R.E.M is a rare sleep disorder and also known as the deepest stage of sleep. A large percentage of us have it. During this disorder, people tend to get very ferocious in their sleep causing them to kick, scream and react violently to their dreams. Dreams are actually the most clearest during this stage. Eyes are moving rapidly, your heart rate rises and paralysis of your skeletal muscles occur. Even though it sounds a bit frightening and such, it is actually is pretty cool because the paralysis stops you from actually and physically acting out your dreams. This R.E.M stage of sleep usually last a small short while, only taking a short percentage of your sleep cycle. Vivid dreaming arises and in fact, if you awake during this stage of sleep, you are more likely to remember the dream. Strangely enough though, we all dream every night even though it seems like we don’t. We just do not remember our dreams.

Our brains are so endless and full of anythings that we are even close to understanding most of it. Our brains try to determine reality through dreams; which is another theory to determining dreams. There have actually been a lot of theories to what dreams are. Others say that dreams are just a representation of pieces and thoughts from memories or actions turned into one mash up. Truly, the of the end of story is that dreams are absolutely random.

Original Article from Discovery Health


Total Miner Forge

This game is similar to the big hit Minecraft, but lacks some things that Minecraft has. This game is for the Xbox 360 and allows Minecraft fans to play with their Xbox friends for a low price of $3 or 250 Microsoft points. It is located in the game marketplace in the indie games section. In game you can build anything your mind can think of, and also how much money you have. This game has an economy system integrated into so you can sell things and buy things through the block and item shop. There are to modes of game play one is creative, which everything is given to you and you can fly. The other mode is called dig deep which you have to earn everything and also find blueprints to create useful tools and survive and also can’t fly. If you dig deep enough then you will start having cave ins, earthquakes, and also see spiders that can kill you. The spiders in this game are huge and make very creepy screeches. You can change your character skin but have to complete certain challenges to get them.

Interview with Tre

Hello and for this post I will be interviewing my brother Tre Perry.

Q: How old are you?

A: 14.

Q: What was your favorite grade?

A: 8th.

Q:What is job that you want to have when your older?

A:  Professional Athlete.

Q:Are you currently in any extra curricular activity?

A: No.

Q:What is your favorite word to say?

A: Don’t Care.

Well you have to care

Don’t Care.

Book Review: Catching Fire

This book was released on September 9, 2009 and was written by Suzanne Collins. This book is part of a trilogy called the “Hunger Games Trilogy”. This book’s predecessor was The Hunger Games and it’s successor was Mocking Jay.

This book is about the aftermath of the Hunger Games. Katniss and Peeta have gotten a better house for their family and they have become wealthier. However Katniss is informed that her stunt at the end of the hunger games has had a negative affect on the audience that was watching it and has lead to riots in district 8. Katniss and Peeta are also forced to get married because the capitol wants to keep the public from knowing the truth. Katniss now has to convince the public to stop the riots while preparing for the next special hunger game called the “Quarter Quell” in which past tributes battle to see who’s the best.

I thought this book didn’t live up to the expectations that everyone had, but the second half of the book makes up for it, but not enough to fill all expectations. The story wasn’t bad, but It would’ve been better if it had more action in it. I recommend this book to people who would like more back story on some of the characters and for those who really enjoyed the first book. I give this book a 3.7 out of 5.

Teenagers Get Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer

Six students have been put in San Fernando Valley Hospital after drinking hand sanitizer. The students drunk hand sanitizer and got drunk off it. The doctors said that the students had alcohol poisoning. The kids have been reported to be really ill from drinking the hand sanitizer.

The students did not drink it right from the dispenser. They used salt to isolate the gel so that it turns into sort of “a shot of liquor”. They got the instructions to do so, online. It only took a couple of shots of the sanitizer for the teenagers to get drunk.  Cyrus Rangan, the director of the toxicology bureau for the county health department said that this was extremely dangerous.

The Voice: Review on the show so far

With less then 2 weeks till the finally, The Voice has thousands of Americans voting for there contestants. This past Monday and Tuesday, Coach Adam Levine and Coach Ceelo Green had to do the instant elimination. In my personal opinion they made the right choices.

Both teams did a little performance before the elimination this link is to Team Ceelo ( http://youtube/EXNny_r-vEc ) and this on is to Team Adam ( )

So now Team Adam consists of.

And Team Ceelo consists of.

I cant wait to see who wins. TEAM JULIET!

Teenagers Drinking Hand Sanitizer to Get Drunk

In the last few months 6 teens showed up at Los Angeles emergency rooms. The doctors found out that they got intoxicated off of hand sanitizer. The teens found out it contained 62% ethyl alcohol and found out a way of distilling the alcohol out of the sanitizer.

Guides explaining how to get the alcohol out of the sanitizer can be found all over the internet. The ethyl alcohol that you would get could be compared to a hard shot of liquor. Toxicology researchers say that kids have done this in the past with cough syrup, mouthwash, and vanilla extract.

Researchers recommend getting the foam type of hand sanitizer, because kids are less likely to ingest it. I think kids should stop doing this, because it could get them killed if they don’t distill the sanitizer well, even then some of the unsafe chemicals in hand sanitizer are not distilled out.

The New iPhone

Apple has been a very successful company over time. Starting with computers, to iPods, to iPhones, and then to tablets. Every year a new iPhone comes out and so far there have been 5 iPhones. It started out with the 2G phone that was the beginning of it all. They went from the 2G, to 3G, to 3GS, to 4, then finally to the 4S. All of Apples iPhones have come out in June every year, but for some odd reason, the 4S came out 2 months later then usual. Finally, this year in 2012 the iPhone 5 is coming out which has been said to come out in June like previous years. The only big difference between phones over the years were the iPhone 4, which changed the appearance and made the phone square and flat on the back instead of curved. The iPhone 4S was exactly the same as the iPhone 4 with minor adjustments. The big change was the revolutionized “Siri”. The “Siri” was a system made on the phone where you could talk to it and it would understand you and talk back like a normal person or of course a robot. Siri is said to be in the iPhone 5 but there are lots of rumors going around so, no one knows whether it will or not.

The iPhone 5 is just another iPhone, but every year Apple has improved, and improved, and improved. This year, one of the rumors said that it will have a bigger screen and will be thinner. This theory makes sense because a lot of the new android phones coming out have been thinner and have had bigger screens then the iPhone and a lot of the costumers are enjoying the bigger and thinner phones. The conference is going to be in June (the one they have every year about the new phone). Every year a couple of weeks after this conference the new phone comes out and they are saying they are going to keep it this way. The crowds are waiting to get the new phone this summer and the stores will be packed with more and more iPhone buyers.

Apple could not have gotten this far if they never had Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a man of great minds and brain power. This man has gotten Apple to where it is now. No one would have a Mac, an iPod, or an iPhone right now if it wasn’t for Steve. Steve revolutionized the way people use and see technology in our world today. Thanks to Steve, we will have more and more iPhones, Computers, and iPods to come.

The Top 25 Artists

Here is the top 25 music artists of 2012 so far over the year. I think that The Beatles should replace Justin Bieber on this list. Also, Adele deserves the top spot on this because she is also number 1 around multiple other countries and almost all around the world.

1) Adele

2) Rhianna

3) Katy Perry

4) Lady Gaga

5) Lil Wayne

6) Bruno Mars

7) Nicki Minaj

8) Taylor Swift

9)  Justin Bieber

10) Chris Brown

11) Black Eyed Peas

12) Eminem

13) Jason Aldean

14) Britney Spears

15) Wiz Khalifa

16) P!nk

17) Pitbull

18) Kanye West

19) Ke$ha

20) Lady Antebellum






This is not my personal opinion and I got it off the internet. The website I got this information from is

X-men :First Class Review

The “X-men First Class” movie is about the X-men series before it all happens, when Professor X was just Charles and when Magneto was just Erik. It is about how X-men started and why Magneto hates Professor X. This movie is full of action. When you watch it, it’ll explain all the stuff that you don’t understand in the other movies. (X-Men, X-men:The Last stand) For example, like why Beast is blue, Why the government hates mutants, and more. I give this movie a 8 out of 10. The movie made me laugh, and made me wonder what was going to happen next.

Cast overview, first billed only:
James McAvoy James McAvoy
Laurence Belcher Laurence Belcher
Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender
Bill Milner Bill Milner
Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon
Rose Byrne Rose Byrne
Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence
Beth Goddard Beth Goddard
Morgan Lily Morgan Lily
Oliver Platt Oliver Platt
Álex González Álex González
Jason Flemyng Jason Flemyng
Zoë Kravitz Zoë Kravitz
January Jones January Jones
Nicholas Hoult Nicholas Hoult