Some Interesting facts on Dreams

What exactly are dreams? Dreams are series of thoughts, images and occurrences that  happen in a persons mind during sleep. Dreams are truly extraordinary phenomenons that occur in the brain. Every person reading this has experienced some sort of dream. Whether it be a sad dream, a funny dream, or even a scary dream. Everyone has had one. But generally, everyone’s dreams are different based on what they could enjoy or most fear, and people may have different effects with dreams. Images, voices, scenes and pretty much every sensual and impressionistic thought under the sun are things that could occur in dreams. Dreams could be very personal as well. A dream could contain some of your deepest and darkest secrets or most private fantasies. There is truly no limit to what your mind could come up with. You could have the least creative mind on the planet and yet your dreams could be so heavenly and illusory, that you know your mind is more capable of anything you thought possible. Everyone has a brain, and everyone has to sleep. Thus, everyone has dreamed before.

Dreams also can portray things that are happening to yourself or someone else your life. Anything could trigger dreams in your lifetime. Happiness, stress, fear… A dream about an empty and endless box that you are stuck in could be the analogy of your feelings for an end-less job you are working for. Dreams are usually most bountiful when you are in the R.E.M stage of sleep. R.E.M is a rare sleep disorder and also known as the deepest stage of sleep. A large percentage of us have it. During this disorder, people tend to get very ferocious in their sleep causing them to kick, scream and react violently to their dreams. Dreams are actually the most clearest during this stage. Eyes are moving rapidly, your heart rate rises and paralysis of your skeletal muscles occur. Even though it sounds a bit frightening and such, it is actually is pretty cool because the paralysis stops you from actually and physically acting out your dreams. This R.E.M stage of sleep usually last a small short while, only taking a short percentage of your sleep cycle. Vivid dreaming arises and in fact, if you awake during this stage of sleep, you are more likely to remember the dream. Strangely enough though, we all dream every night even though it seems like we don’t. We just do not remember our dreams.

Our brains are so endless and full of anythings that we are even close to understanding most of it. Our brains try to determine reality through dreams; which is another theory to determining dreams. There have actually been a lot of theories to what dreams are. Others say that dreams are just a representation of pieces and thoughts from memories or actions turned into one mash up. Truly, the of the end of story is that dreams are absolutely random.

Original Article from Discovery Health


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