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GoPro HD Hero 2

GoPro Hero 2 is new and improved from the original GoPro Hero. GoPro Cameras are famous for all kinds of action sports. One of the greatest things about this camera, it is water proof. Their water proofing case is wonderful to fit the compacted camera size and doesn’t take away the definition of the camera. There is no other camera that is quite like this one. Most of the pros in action sports use go pro for producing video of what they do.

One of the sports I love and do is wakeboarding and I also skateboard. Both of these sports are great for the GoPro quality. With GoPro, they have different mounts for any kind of sport. For skateboarding, a lot of the riders use the helmet mount. The helmet mount mounts the camera on the front of the helmet so you can ride hands free. Wakeboarding on the other hand, uses go pro a lot more. Since GoPro has the waterproof casing and the wonderful floating back door that lets the camera float in the water if something might happen to it, then it gives the rider a lot less worry on the camera and more on the tricks.

GoPro HD Hero 2 is not as pricy as you might think, this camera is $299.95. The original GoPro Hero is $199.99. The original GoPro has most of the same features besides the new one is faster and has better definition and resolution. So I recommend the 2 if you want the best.


Byerly Boards

Byerly Boards in my opinion are amazing boards. Byerly boards was started by Scott Byerly, pro wakeskater. Byerly has not been a company that has been around for very long but has had great new innovations to the wakeboarding industry. Byerly Boards was started when Scott asked a good friend of his who he calls Butch, to make a board for him to try out. Butch has a background as a pro surfer and he would design a lot of his own boards.
A few of the riders on Byerly’s team are a couple of old friends of his. Byerly was fortunate enough to help bring wakeskate to life, which is why they call him the king of wakeskate. Byerly Boards are considered to be one the most futuristic wakeboard brands out there and on of the best boards made.
I myself have a Byerly Wakeskate and I love it. Just the durability and the riding quality are great. A lot of boards sometimes drag in the water but the board I have glides great. Byerly sells mostly just 2 sizes in there wakeskates which are 39” and 42”. My board is a 39” for my size and it’s not too heavy or too lite, it’s just right. So I would recommend if you want a good board to go for a Byerly because they are truly amazing.

Rise Against

The band rise against are a group of people who want to fix the worlds problems by making music about them. When I first heard about them I did not get their music but then I saw the videos and truly listened to the music like the song “Help is On the Way”. This song was to raise money for the people affected by hurricane Katrina. Then the came to the subject of bullying with “Make it Stop”. This attacks bullying with lyrics like “Who will rise to stop the blood and the hurt.” This band tries to help as much as the can to help. Their names are Tim McIlrath, Zach Blair, Joe Principe and Brandon Barnes. This band might be said to just scream but they truly sing and the lyrics can shine light on situations give power that there is help out there some where. The bullying issue they made the make it stop video great at the end of the video they show the people being bullied having a great life like president, C.E.O, and others while the bullies are working for them.

New world record

This summer,Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will try to break the world record for the longest jump. He’s  going to jump more than 23mies from Earth’s stratosphere. He quotes in a  interview with Fox News ( I’ve done a lot of test jumps so I’m good ). He said he also would say a little prayer. Both of those of those statements where said with confident.

He has been preparing with retired Air Force Col. Jo Kittinger, who set the record back in 1960 when he made a 102,000-foot jump. To get ready for the jump he will breath a pure oxygen for nearly an hour to remove nitrogen bubbles from his blood. Then, he stay at the peak elevation for 3 hours,allowing his body to adjust. Then he will jump in a pressurized suit that will prevent his blood from boiling at the extremely high elevation. So if this all goes well Baumgartner will set another world record during his jump, becoming the first human being to break speed of sound in a free fall jump.

Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson was born on July 10, 1991 in Pensacola, Florida.  Trent was raised by his grandmother and mother his dad had passed away but Trent said “he was very supportive while he was here”. Trent has two daughters Taliyah the five year old and Elvera the three year old.  Trent is also a  All-American football running back for the Cleveland Browns of the NFL.  He attended Escambia High School in Pensacola (FL)  and he also played college football for the University of Alabama and was recognized of winning two B.C.S National Championship. He finished his senior year in high school 2,090 yards on 228 carries scoring 25 touchdowns.  The Cleveland Brown selected Trent Richardson 1st round 3rd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. He has been the best running back in college since Adrian Peterson who is a former NFL player for the Minnesota Vikings that was drafted to the NFL in 2007. To award his athleticism at the University of Alabama Trent Richardson was recieved with the Doak Walker Award. He was first to win this award at Alabama.

Trent Richardson College Career Statistics

Year GP–GS Rushing Receiving Kick Returns
Att Gain Loss Net Avg TD Long Avg/G Rec Rec–Yards Avg TD Long Avg/G No. Yards Avg TD Long
2009[14] 14–0 145 784 33 751 5.2 8 52 53.6 16 126 7.9 0 17 9.0 1 20 20 0 20
2010[16] 11–2 112 719 19 700 6.2 6 65 53.8 23 266 11.6 4 85 24.2 24 634 26.4 1 91
2011[20] 13–13 283 1740 61 1,679 5.9 21 76 129.2 29 338 11.7 3 61 26.0 3 66 22.0 0 24
Total* 38-15 540 3243 113 3,130 5.8 35 76 75.9 64 730 10.4 7 85 20.3 28 720 25.7 1 91

A Night In Vegas

Friday, June 1st , 2012 is the end of the year dance. The time is 7:00- 9:00. The dance is for 5th-8th grade. The students are aloud to bring guest but the guest must pay to. The theme this year is “A Night In Vegas”. There will be snacks, games , prizes, and music. Some of the song that will be play are Warzone –  The Wanted, Jar of Hears- Christina Perri, and Pay Phone- Maroon 5, Playing God- Paramore, Bound to you- Burlesque, and more.

There will be cards out so you can play games, and there will be other games like monopoly.  There will be fake poker chips at the game tables. The fake poker chips can be traded  for candy. The dance cost $15 dollars. The snakes that will be severe are chips ,dips, fruit, soda, and more. The dance will be decorated in the colors of red and black. There will be life size Playing cards and Dise on the walls.

Robert Lee Griffin III

Robert Lee Griffin III was born on February 12, 1990 in Japan. Robert the 3rd nickname was RG 3.  His parents Robert Jr. and Jacqueline were both a U.S Army Sergeants that were stationed in Japan.  The Griffin family later moved to the U.S State of Washington, and then later moved to New Orleans, before finally settling in Copperas Cove, Texas. When RG 3 got older he went to CCH (Copperas Cove High School).

RG 3 decide later on in life that football was going to be his passion.  He was the 42nd best player in Texas in high school in the class of 2008.  During his senior year of high school many colleges were looking at RG 3 because of his athletic skills in Football, Basketball, Track and also because his academics were good.  RG 3 had letters from Stanford, Tennessee, Kansas, Nebraska, Houston, Tulsa, Illinois, Washington State, and Oregon. Robert Lee Griffin III chose to go to the University of Houston.  He transferred to Baylor University when his football coach Art Briles at University of Houston went to take the head coach job for football at Baylor.

His freshman year at Baylor RG 3 won the Big 12 Conference Offensive Freshman of the Year.  As a sophomore he sat out the entire season because he had an isolated tear to his ACL.  RG 3 Junior year he was had to red shirt because of  his injur, his chances of returning were less than 30%.  But it was the Senior year that changed every body thoughts of RG 3 not playing football again.  RG 3 opened people eyes he played so good his Senior year the NFL managers was looking at him.  Just on April 26, 2012 Robert Lee Griffin III was picked in the NFL Draft as in the 1st round 2nd pick.  Now as of today  RG 3 is the quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

The Wanted

British and Irish pop band, The Wanted, has gone viral over the whole world. Only a year from their number 1 debut “All Time Low” the’ve become one of Britain’s biggest pop bands. They just recently came out with another number 1 “Chasing the Sun”. Millions of people love there song’s. They are touring Europe and some of America over the summer. The band consist of Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, Max George, Siva Kaneswaren, And my personal favorite Nathan Sykes.

They are silly, fun loving boys that have a talent.

Max is 24

Siva is 24

Jay is 22

Tom is 24

and Nathan Is 19

Every Wednesday they make a video on Youtube for what they call “Wanted Wednesday” It’s pretty much shows what they did in that week. Millions of their fan wait hours and hours for these video’s. Well that’s all there is for now.

Happy Wanted Wednesday!

OFFICIAL FAN GAME NEWS: Mine-4-Dead (Currently Under Development by Myself!) 5/29/2012

Although I have had some doubts about this project, I am formally announcing the first official fan game made by myself:

Mine-4-Dead is a fan made project that has been experimented for quite some time now. I’ve done a lot of test games and .gml scripting (Game maker language scripting). I just feel I should do something official. Unlike the popular Minecraft mod, this game will be a two-dimensional, side-scrolling shooter similar to the popular flash game, Raze. However, this game will have elements from the popular game Left 4 Dead(a zombie shooting game), including the location of the player’s heads up display. However, all HUD icons will be replaced with Minecraft-style sprite icons (Minecraft is a block world-style game in which you can build, fight, and explore to survive evil mobs). The main characters will also appear to be identical to the Minecraft characters. Steve, the famed Minecraft character who shares the same likeness as every Minecraft player, will also be a playable character in all campaigns. The main controls will also be similar to that of Minecraft.

In this game, the world’s population of creature mobs has grown. Even people have transformed into these evil creatures. You and your friends will embark on a journey to reach Notch’s castle (The home of the famed creator of minecraft) since it is the only safe house in existence. Players will move through apocalyptic waste lands and burning buildings to find a place where everything seems safe…

The Mob:

The following is a description if the enemies you will be facing in Mine-4-Dead. It includes their bios and what they will do to keep you from reaching your goals. This will also have a comparison between Left 4 Dead creatures and Minecraft creatures.

The Horde Zombies:

Yes, there are already Zombies in Minecraft. But like the Zombie horde in Left-4-dead, these types of Zombies don’t have any special characteristics. They may be green, but their strange color does not mean anything. The only thing they can do is try to get to you. Trust me, they may sound intimidating, but wait until you meet the rest of the mob.  I’m sure they wouldn’t be so happy to meet your arrows.

Trust me, they may sound intimidating, but wait until you meet the rest of the mob.

The Boomer The Creeper:

These sad green creatures just want a hug… If you get close though, they will explode. Not only can that kill you, but it can attract an entire Mob. Mobs are attracted to loud noises. Explosions or loud weaponry will startle an entire mob and bring them to your location. Try to avoid making any kind of noise in infected villages or large cities. Especially avoid these Creepers. Defeating one without the use of loud weapons will not alarm them and they will not explode. Boomers in Left 4 Dead will get close and spill bile on you. This attracts the horde.

The Witch Spawn of Herobrine:

Herobrine, brother of Notch, was once defeated in battle by a gifted swordsman. Now, he haunts the chaotic ruble that is now Earth. Those who have seen him have gone insane and simply wish to be in peace. If startled, they will charge at you! Avoid making loud noises near them. You can always figure out if someone has seen Herobrine if they are white in the eyes and if they constantly murmur soft whispers under their breath. Whispers will get louder when they are about to charge. Work with your team if you encounter one. Witches in Left 4 Dead will cry and wish to be left alone. When startled, witches will attack.

The Hunter Endermen:

Endermen will seem invisible. You can see one if you look for a purple, particle-like glow. Once Visible, they will grab you and shake you to death. Hunters in Left 4 Dead will hide and pounce on you when you pass by them.  Endermen are very hard to kill and will not stop attacking until they die.

I don’t want to spoil everything for you, so I’ll let everything else be a surprise. In a few weeks, I will release the beta version for testing in at least a week. I’ll post any updates later. For now, have a good rest of the day !

Why Do We Get Goose Bumps?

There are multiple reasons why people get goose bumps. Some times its because someone scared you. Your body tries to get as big as possible to scare away what just scared you. It does this by making the hair follicles on your body stand up. If we had as much hair on our body as our ancestors then you could see the difference. For example if you where to scare a cat then you would see the hair on its body stand up and make the cat appear to be bigger than it actually is. We use goose bumps as a defense mechanism.

Also when you are cold you will get goose bumps and it will make your hair stand up as well. If you had a lot of hair on your body then, you could see that the hair would form a insulating layer of air, that looks like protective shell to keep your body warm. This means that goose bumps can actually save your life. You can shiver or goose bumps when you feel any sort of surprise, an intense emotion, or in music. A increase or decrease in volume, the moment a singer begins to sing, and a powerful voice of a singer can case goose bumps.

If you hear something or feel something that relates to a lost loved one or an emotional time in your life can cause them as well. Goose bumps are just one false alarm that your body sets of in order to protect you. There are multiple other false alarms that your brain sets of and goose bumps are just a small part in those alarms.