Different theories of blushing

Every time you blush it’s truly amazing what is going on in your body. The entire theory of blushing itself is a bit strange and farfetched actually. Blushing is a way of displaying emotion and embarrassment, even if sometimes we don’t want to show it. When we blush, we are showing our embarrassment and we are showing that we have either messed up socially or just did something completely embarrassing. Most people see blushing as an awkward situation where you’re trying to understand the social uncomfortableness. According to theories and studies, blushing usually has to do with a social matter that is generally unpleasant. Also according to theory, when we blush, we are controlling and coping with humiliation. Blushing can also be the opposite of humiliation; anger. It is the appearance of rage. The rage is exposed and hidden if an aspect of your personality is exposed. The NPA theory of personality (Narcissism, Perfectionism, Aggression) is the practical basis of all personality types. Every person shows these three components either gradually at a high level of usage or at a generally small level of usage depending on their personality types. Most of the blushing comes from the Narcissistic component of your personality. Narcissism has to do with self indulgence and general glory among peers and others. It all has to go back to social embarrassment. An embarrassing situation that occurs publicly surges a rush of adrenaline to your body and you can feel the blush.

Your heart rate increases and you get a warm feeling in your cheeks; you my friend, are embarrassed and you’re blushing because of it. When you are embarrassed, your body releases a hormone called adrenaline. Adrenaline is naturally occurring and acts sort of like a boost. It speeds up your breathing and heart rate to get you prepared to get away from danger. It allows your pupils to grow and take in as much visual information as possible. It also allows your digestive process to slow down so that the energy that was used to digest, goes to your muscles. Everything that adrenaline does, is being applied to when you blush. Adrenaline also causes your blood vessels to dilate, which is a process called vasodilation. This process allows the improvement of blood flow and oxygen delivery. The veins in your face dilate, allowing more blood to flow through your face thus turning its appearance red. This has always been a bit strange though because blood vessels are the ones usually responsive to adrenaline, causing the them to dilate. But here is where the strange part comes in, veins usually don’t respond to adrenaline.  In other parts of your body, veins don’t do much when adrenaline is released; the hormone has barley any or no effect on them. Blushing can also occur from other means as well asides from embarrassment: Drinking or becoming sexually aroused can cause someone to blush. These two ways are the only causes that blushing can occur without the help of adrenaline or embarrassment.

Everyone blushes, everywhere around the world. But what is it about blood rushing to your face that makes it so interesting? Some people actually have a fear of blushing called Erythrophobia. Some people are so afraid that they would even resort to having the tiny nerves at their spine, which control blushing, snipped. This surgical procedure is called endothoracic sympathectomy and is known to limit blushing.

Whenever you are in an embarrassing situation again and you start to feel your cheeks warm up, just remember the process that is going on inside of you and that the veins in your cheeks are swelling up with oxygen filled blood.

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