How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You!

A lie is an intentionally false statement. In your life time you will lie over 88,000 times. Which means you will lie about 4 times a day.  All lies are not actually bad, some can save your reputation, your job, or maybe even your life, etc. But it is never good to not tell the truth. It is always good to know if someone is lying to you in the first place. There are multiple  ways to tell if someone is lying to you,  here is a few.

Body Language

If the person is not moving much when they are talking to you. A person who is not lying would be moving around or taking up more space. If they are not making eye contact or looking away from you while their speaking. If the person is touching their face, throat, mouth, nose, or behind their ear they are most likely lying. Sweating or fidgeting is also another sign, as well as less friendly and not in a good mood.

Physical Signs

If their pupil is dilated that means that they are stressed over something and that can relate to a lie. A raise in there vocal pitch is another sign. When someone is faking an emotion like a smile, their whole body won’t be involved. Like when you actually smile your jaw and cheeks move, but that won’t happen if you are lying.

Verbal Signs

A guilty person would speak more naturally and add unnecessary details. The sentences on a lair will be muffled and not spoken clearly. If they use humor or sarcasm they are most likely lying.  Like a liar would say something like “I did not do it” instead of ” I didn’t do it” not using proper grammar.

I hope that this will help you find out if you are not being told the whole truth. Good luck lie hunting!


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