Why Do We Get Goose Bumps?

There are multiple reasons why people get goose bumps. Some times its because someone scared you. Your body tries to get as big as possible to scare away what just scared you. It does this by making the hair follicles on your body stand up. If we had as much hair on our body as our ancestors then you could see the difference. For example if you where to scare a cat then you would see the hair on its body stand up and make the cat appear to be bigger than it actually is. We use goose bumps as a defense mechanism.

Also when you are cold you will get goose bumps and it will make your hair stand up as well. If you had a lot of hair on your body then, you could see that the hair would form a insulating layer of air, that looks like protective shell to keep your body warm. This means that goose bumps can actually save your life. You can shiver or goose bumps when you feel any sort of surprise, an intense emotion, or in music. A increase or decrease in volume, the moment a singer begins to sing, and a powerful voice of a singer can case goose bumps.

If you hear something or feel something that relates to a lost loved one or an emotional time in your life can cause them as well. Goose bumps are just one false alarm that your body sets of in order to protect you. There are multiple other false alarms that your brain sets of and goose bumps are just a small part in those alarms.


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