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LSU vs Alabama

Today I am going to talk about the LSU vs Alabama game last night (1/3/11). To me personal the game was not good at all. I was actually rooting for LSU. I expected more from them last night.

First, lets talk about the offense. The offense was the main reason for the lost. They couldn’t really get any good passes or runs off. The quarter back Jordan Jefferson had so many interceptions. He only had a couple of good passes. If it wasn’t for the wide receivers he wouldn’t have made the little completion’s that he did have. We can’t forget about the lineman. They could not get their act together when it came to blocking. I wondered would they block if their life depended on it. They were one of the reasons Jordan Johnson was getting sacked so much.

Now, lets get on the defense. They are suppose to be one of the best defense’s in the NCAA. They surely didn’t play like it. They could have made a come back in the first half, but they weren’t playing like they wanted to. If I were the coach I would have been so embarrassed. But I have to give them their props for at least making it to the championship. The safety Tyrann Mathieu was not having a good game. He started off with a OK game but when they got further into the game he started losing hope. He got caught over multiple times.