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Iron Fist- A Hero Without Recognition

This week I’ve decided to walk away from this whole What to Do thing because of a huge injustice that has occurred to me. In my last article I talked about Iron Fist, a martial arts master that can use his chi in many ways. But, after I wrote the article I realized that very few people know about him or use him in Marvel things. In Ultimate Spider-Man Iron Fist is portrayed as a spacey type of person that says a lot of wise things while in all actuality Iron Fist talks like a normal person. He also has better fighting skills than portrayed but I am pretty sure, or at least I hope, that the team’s potential will show later in the series.

While Iron Fist isn’t a very popular hero, his popularity is growing. On Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Iron Fist and his partner Luke Cage (Power Man in Ultimate Spider-Man), were in the episode “To Steal an Ant-Man” and had a cameo in the episode “Yellowjacket”. Iron Fist is also in the games Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Avenger’s Alliance. He is not in many video/computer games, I hope he is in Marvel Heroes, and just a superhero that is just not well known.

Here are some reasons he would be great superhero video/ computer game character.

  • He has melee, ranged, and healing attacks
  • He would probably double jump
  • He is raw power
  • He would be a great variety and is lethal

(These are basic reasons and I could name much more)

All in all Iron Fist is just a cool superhero and would definitely be somebody that is just meant to be in a video game. He must also be in more things like children’s comics. So if by some improbable chance that anybody from Marvel Universe is reading this you now know is my humble request, also please add some more Nova things to Marvel media.


Boys and Girls?

Why do all the boys in middle school act the same way? They are so annoying! Well, some Boys aren’t. Some of the boys have a crush and they become kinda stupid in front of a girl. Or sometimes  they have other issues and just like to annoy all of the girls. I have a baby brother, and he doesn’t annoy me. I annoy him. In this case, It’s the other way around. Boys have  different moods and emotions. I can understand this because I’m the only girl sibling that my brother and my cousins have. I have always been the only little girl in my family. Boys need time to heal after something bad has happened, such as being picked on or teased, or they will become embarrassed.

There is  always a problem with boys, especially ones that are going through puberty. They get so annoying. Girls are also like that, but more sensible. You can’t say too much to a girl about the way they look. Girls are like glass. If you sing too loud to a glass, you will break it. That’s a girl. We girls have different humors, instead of moods. For example, some girls are funny, smart, stupid, and annoying. We just have this twitch. It’s natural and it’s part of our bodies. We can’t get rid of it. It is a feeling that belongs to us. Girls and boys always say something stupid even though they don’t mean to. I always say something stupid but I laugh with everybody to make me feel better. This way, I won’t feel like a total loser.

For those girls and boys who’ve just started to go through puberty, all I’m saying is that it’s just the beginning.


Everyone thinks that one juice is better than all the rest, but what is really the best? If you read this, then answer my poll, we’ll all find out. In the poll, you can choose Grape juice, OrangLuis's favoritee juice, Apple juice , and Pear juice. If you think pear juice is weird, get this! I also have Artichoke juice just to stir up the fun. Yes, Artichoke juice. In one month after I post this, I will see which is the best. Have fun!

What to do No. 2 and Spotlight Hero

What to do if you Attacked by a Stranger


            It isn’t that uncommon, people get attacked by strangers all the time. This will teach what to do if you get attacked by a stranger and what to do if he tries to bring you somewhere.  If the stranger comes near you make noise, scream, let EVERYONE in the area know that you don’t know them. Don’t accept anything from them as it could be counterfeit, stolen, or tampered with. If they engage and start to attack get out of there. It doesn’t matter if you are taller, stronger, or just better than them. Be smart and use your surroundings to your advantage. Sticks, dirt, rope, water are all things that can be used to avoid and evade an attack. Be creative, anything is possible. Remember to do the right thing at the right time. Think you are on the same level if not higher than him but don’t get cocky. Try your hardest and stay alert. If the person is really trying to harm you don’t be afraid to hit them. .Lastly, make sure you are near your parents or stay near your friend or group as there are strength in numbers and strangers hate to deal with groups or your parent. And that is what you do if you get attacked by a stranger.


Spotlight Hero: Iron Fist

Enter the Dragon! Master of martial arts Iron Fist is THE living weapon.  Trained in the city of Kun-Lun, a city that appears every ten years, Iron Fist knows most martial arts and what ever he doesn’t learn he adapts to. When he wants to do a whole lot of damage he channels all of his life energy, chi, to his fist and either punches the object or shoots it at something. He has heightened senses and lightening fast reactions. Able to dodge bullets, feel no pain, heal himself with his chi, kill a dragon with his bare hands, his sheer strength, and sweet dragon tattoo has earned Iron Fist Spotlight Hero for this month.

Gray Matter: Extracting Bismuth From Pepto-Bismol Tablets

THERE’S HEAVY METAL IN PINK PILLS!!! Pepto-Bismol is carefully synthesized organic molecules so potent each pill contains only a few milligrams of the active ingredient. As we all know Pepto-Bismol is a modern medicine, and all modern medicines now are synthesized in something. Pepto-Bismol is a very interesting exception. The active ingredient that it contains in Bismuth which is a heavy metal often used in shotgun pellets. Since there is a lot of Bismuth used in every dose. So much in fact that the doctor was able to extract a slug of Bismuth metal from some pink pills.

Every two-pill dose of Pepto-Bismol is more than a quarter of a gram of Bismuth subsalicylate and about an eighth of that weight is Bismuth. Salicylate is an organic molecule. In order to get bismuth metal is to reduce it chemically, just like the way people reduce iron ore. So basically the point of this article is when you eat Pepto-Bismol pills your eating metal.

What to Do If Your Lost in a Forest

This is a new series that I call What to Do. It will be focusing on real life situations that can happen to everyone. This week’s What to Do is What to Do When You get Lost/Stranded in a Forest.Well, first thing’s first take inventory on what you do and don’t have. To be on the safe side always bring a Swiss Army Knife, a field guide of poisonous, venomous, deadly, and edible plants and animals, an extra supply of food, a cup or a container, and a cell phone. If you have a cell phone with a live battery call for help if you are able to get reception. From your list of what you don’t have think of how you can get those things. You can hunt for food in any nearby lakes, streams, ponds, or find land dwelling animals and plant to eat if you don’t have any food. Find a stick that is either sharp and pointed already or sharpen the stick yourself and hunt. If you know that the area is crawling with bears keep mobile but try to stay within a 3-mile radius of your campsite. Also make sure that you leave nothing to waste. Use bones as tools and use the skin of a furry or hairy animal as a blanket or as a roof for your tent. Find wood and use it to build a tent. Get water from river and lakes, preferably upstream near a waterfall, and put some in the container. Bring the water to your campsite and boil it to kill the bacteria and wastes in the water. Make sure that your campsite is in the open and doesn’t reek of pee, as this is how bears and some other animals mark their territory. The reason for this is so that a rescue chopper can get as close to you as possible. Although the area may smell fresh as a mountain breeze doesn’t mean it’s bear free because bears have a wonderful sense of smell. Another reason is so that you don’t start a forest fire and kill yourself and the animals that live in the forest. Try to keep a fire going in case a rescue helicopter is on patrol so you can signal them. If you keep the fire burning all night long make sure that you keep all items away from it as they might catch fire. Finally, always remember to tell a lot of people that you are going on a trip and when you expect to come back and let them know where you are going. And keep in mind that just because you are lost in a forest that you can still have fun while you wait. So swim in a lake or a gator free and clean pond, climb a tree or two, and get to know your wild side because that smart, strategic, primitive, and free spirited side will be the one that will help you survive the forest.

Black Bear


The Unicorn is an animal from European folklore. A Unicorn is a white horse with a horn on his forehead. The ancient Greeks created this character and it is the most imaginary animal in their mythologies. The only way you can capture a Unicorn is that you have to be a virgin. Some books say that the Unicorns horn have powers to heal sickness and to render poisoned water potable.
Until the 19th century, the belief of Unicorns was widespread among historians, alchemists, writers, poets, naturalists, physicians, and theologians. In the bible, it says that there are these un-tamable animals with strength and agility and horns. That animal was an Aurochs, similar to a unicorn. In Chinese mythology, there is a being that is sometimes called “The Chinese Unicorn”. The Chinese unicorn is a hybrid animal that is part unicorn,  it has the head of a lion, the body of a deer, it has green scales, and a long, curved horn.
There is also a being called a Chimera. In the Bible it says “His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh”. (All of these verses can be found in 33:17). In the past, humans have wanted to hunt down a unicorn. The white color on the unicorn made it a symbol for virginity, purity and chastity. The unicorn’s horn was the weapon for  christ and the faithful. The unicorn was a symbol of chivalry with qualities befitting this status. It was proud and untamable.

Who’s BetterER?

Whose better? Dwight Howard, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, or Kevin Durant? A lot of People proclaim that one basketball player is better than the other. So here’s some info about each of them.

PPG: Points per game

RPG: Rebounds per game

BPG: Blocks per game

SPG: Steals per game

3P: Three Pointer

MPG: Minutes per game

APG: Assist per game

FG: Field Goal

FT: Free Throw

Dwight Howard

PPG: 20.6

RPG: 14.5

BPG: 2.1

FG%: .573

FT%: .491

Team: LA Lakers

Lebron James

PPG: 27.1

RPG: 7.9

APG: 6.2

SPG%: 1.9

FT%: .531

Team:Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade

PPG: 22.1

APG: 4.6

RPG: 4.8

SPG: 1.7

3P%: .268

Team: Miami Heat

Kobe Bryant

PPG: 27.9

APG: 4.6

RPG: 5.4

SPG%: 1.2

3P%: .303

Team: LA Lakers

Kevin Durant

PPG: 28.0

RPG: 8.0

APG: 3.5

SPG%: 1.3

FG%: .496

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

So those are the players and there statistics. From the Miami Heat is Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. From the LA Lakers are Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. Also Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder. The vote is up to you, so choose wisely. Goodbye!

Victoria Justice

     Victoria Justice is an American actor and singer. She has recently been in a Nickelodeon show called “Victorious”. She plays the part of  “Tori Vega” the main character. The show is about her being in a school of amazing talents and hers is singing. Victoria is currently nineteen. She was born in Hollywood, Florida. Watch her on Nickelodeon at seven o’clock in the morning or night. She inspires me to be me , she really has a sense of humor that can really cheer you up.

     Victoria Justice is a beautiful young lady, she has a lot to offer and I hope that she lives a life that people don’t have. Victoria was featured on a show called “Zoey101”, she played Lola a very confused, stupid girl. Victoria Justice guest stared on “Icarly”. Now,  she has her own show called victorious its about a school filled with talented kids, her talent is singing, acting, and dancing. if you don’t know her then watch Victorious on Nickelodeon.



When Officer Cassidy is found guilty for stealing a$40 million dollar diamond  from the richest guy in  town, he is  sent to jail. But he escapes at his brothers funeral. He decides he wants to kill himself. But, what he really wants is for the world to be looking when he jumps of the ledge of a hotel.  Another officer won’t let him jump. His friends know that he is innocent and they decide to steal the diamond. But there’s one problem… the  SWAT TEAM are watching his every move.

I thought this movie was amazing because it was filled with action, surprises, and breaking codes. Watch it its out of theaters right now!