Gray Matter: Extracting Bismuth From Pepto-Bismol Tablets

THERE’S HEAVY METAL IN PINK PILLS!!! Pepto-Bismol is carefully synthesized organic molecules so potent each pill contains only a few milligrams of the active ingredient. As we all know Pepto-Bismol is a modern medicine, and all modern medicines now are synthesized in something. Pepto-Bismol is a very interesting exception. The active ingredient that it contains in Bismuth which is a heavy metal often used in shotgun pellets. Since there is a lot of Bismuth used in every dose. So much in fact that the doctor was able to extract a slug of Bismuth metal from some pink pills.

Every two-pill dose of Pepto-Bismol is more than a quarter of a gram of Bismuth subsalicylate and about an eighth of that weight is Bismuth. Salicylate is an organic molecule. In order to get bismuth metal is to reduce it chemically, just like the way people reduce iron ore. So basically the point of this article is when you eat Pepto-Bismol pills your eating metal.


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