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Website review:

Kongregate is one of my personal favorite gaming sites. It is user-friendly, fun , and easy to use. It is easy to use because of its search system, because you don’t leave the page when you search, the results appear right under the search bar, and doesn’t block your view from anything else except your notifications. It’s gets even better when you create an account. It’s free and easy, just follow the directions on the page. When you create a account, you open an entirely new world. You can compare scores, level up, and add new freinds. to add a friend, hover over your username at the top, and click on the friends link. Once you’re there, type in your friends username. Once you’ve invited all your friends, you can see their favorite games, their levels, and even new badges they’ve completed. You can compete scores in games, and challenge them to beat you to winning a badge!


Marvel: Avengers 2 and Spider~Man NOW OWNED BY SONY?!

What Went Wrong?

You know how “The Avengers” was a huge success? Marvel released super-hero movies that had Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow in them to eventually bring them together in “The Avengers”. As you all know (or at least most of you know), at the end of the credits there was a preview for the next movie showing that the next villain will be Thanos. But Marvel will first make “Iron Man 3”, “Thor 2- The Dark World”, “The Wolverine”, “Ant Man”, and “Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier”. Will “Ant Man”, “Spider Man”, and “Wolverine” be a part of the second “Avengers” movie?

Maybe an entirely new Marvel character will join the Avengers. Hopefully, Marvel includes some more unique-yet-popular characters such as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Nova, or Black Panther. “Ultimate Spider Man” and “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” are increasing the popularity of the heroes and they would certainly bring life to the Movie. There have been some references to vibranium and Iron Man could at least mention Rand- Meachum Corp., since Iron Fist and Iron Man are both rich and popular in society. But what about Spider Man?

He is popular and would be a great asset. However, his involvement in the Avengers really isn’t Marvel’s choice. Marvel (or Marvel Disney, the only real reason Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider Man is on Disney XD) is either having a conniption or just have problems. However, half of Spider Man’s rights now belong to Sony.

Spider Man! Really? Spider Man is like the face of Marvel and now he belongs to Sony?  Marvel has to ask for Sony’s approval of involving Spider Man for anything. Rest assured that I am doing everything possible to connect with Marvel and will post my progress as soon as I get a response.

Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2012

The annual Victoria Secrets fashion show is every year. There is always a famous musician that performs his or her latest hits. This year Victoria Secrets had Rhianna perform “diamonds.” Justin Bieber performed an acoustic version of “As Long As You Love Me.” Victoria Secrets is for older woman to shop for there underwear. Young girls are disgusted by Victoria Secrets ,but the truth is they be shopping there when they are teens, just saying. At the annual Fashion show the models are called angels. They have different types of angels every year. In 2012 they were candy angels. In 2011 they were aquatic angels as in under the sea.

Victoria Secret has been around for a while now. It is also a store all around the world. The biggest Victoria Secrets shop is in new york city. Victoria Secrets is known for its bras and well you know the rest. Victoria Secrets is just a regular store that only sells bras, underwear, lotion, makeup, etc. Usually women wouldn’t like to shop there. Sometimes I shop there for the perfumes and creams. They have all types of smells.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s most wanted

Madagascar 3 brings back the old New York City Zoo gang. The characters names are Alex the Lion, Gloria the hippo, Marty the Zebra, Melman the giraffe, The penguins, and the chimps. In this movie The gang is stranded in Africa and are trying to get back home. The penguins ditched the gang in the airplane they built and flew to Monte Carlo with the chimps. Some how the gang ends up getting to Monte Carlo and find the penguins in a casino gambling their lives away. The gang tries to get to the penguins through the roof by having the lemurs shut off the lights. The plan doesn’t go well and the casino people end up putting the place on lock-down with only the animals inside. The humans call animal control a little bit after the gang escapes with the penguins, the chimps, and the lemurs. The gang ends up joining the circus and rides a train all the way to Europe. Ben Stiller plays Alex the lion, Jada Pinkett Smith plays Gloria the Hippo, Chris rock plays Marty the Zebra, and David Schwimmer plays Melman the Giraffe. I rate this movie 5 stars because it is family friendly and very comedic.