Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2012

The annual Victoria Secrets fashion show is every year. There is always a famous musician that performs his or her latest hits. This year Victoria Secrets had Rhianna perform “diamonds.” Justin Bieber performed an acoustic version of “As Long As You Love Me.” Victoria Secrets is for older woman to shop for there underwear. Young girls are disgusted by Victoria Secrets ,but the truth is they be shopping there when they are teens, just saying. At the annual Fashion show the models are called angels. They have different types of angels every year. In 2012 they were candy angels. In 2011 they were aquatic angels as in under the sea.

Victoria Secret has been around for a while now. It is also a store all around the world. The biggest Victoria Secrets shop is in new york city. Victoria Secrets is known for its bras and well you know the rest. Victoria Secrets is just a regular store that only sells bras, underwear, lotion, makeup, etc. Usually women wouldn’t like to shop there. Sometimes I shop there for the perfumes and creams. They have all types of smells.


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