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Dragons: Fact or Fiction?

Picture 1Stories of dragons have been told for generations in many civilizations. Many of these stories have probably been exaggerated through the years.However, that does not mean they had no original basis in fact. Even some living lizards look like dragons and it is easy to see how a larger variety of such an animal could frighten a community. Have you ever seen an old dinosaur film where they used an iguana in a miniature town set to create the illusion of a powerful dragon?

In 2004 a fascinating dinosaur skull was donated to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis by three Iowa residents who found it during a trip to the Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota. Special features of the skull include its dragon-like head, horns and teeth, the new species was dubbed Dracorex Hogwartsia. The dinosaur’s skull mixes spiky horns, bumps and a long muzzle. However, unlike other members of the pachycephalosaur family, which have domed foreheads, this one is flat-headed. Considering some of the ancient stories of dragons, some fictional and some that might be authentic history of dinosaurs.

In medieval times, the some civilizations described water dragons and the Vikings placed dragons on the front of their ships to scare off the “sea monsters”. As a missionary to Greenland, Egede was known as a meticulous recorder of the natural world. Numerous stories have been recorded from the age of sailing ships (1500-1900 A.D.). The familiar story of Beowulf and the legend of Saint George slaying a dragon, which are well-known in English literature, likely to have some basis in fact. Dragons were even described in papers published during the Middle Ages.


Skylanders Giants

Skylanders are back and better than ever. Kaos has returned and is now stronger, but you have a secret weapon- the Giants. Giants can do things that a normal Skylander could never do. They can throw boulders, break weak platforms, and just walk over small enemies. There is one giant for each type of of element: Swarm=Air, Thumpback=Water, Ninjini=Magic, Tree Rex=Life, Eye Brawl=Undead, Bouncer=Tech, Crusher=Earth, Hot Head= Fire.

In Skylanders Giants there are also 2nd edition Skylanders. They are normal Skylanders with an extra ability that makes them stronger. For instance Wrecking Ball’s extra ability is that he rolls up into a disco ball that does more damage. There are also Skylanders that light up and defeat nearby enemies when placed into the game. In the game there is also one new character for every element.

The video below came out around Christmas time and lists all of the Skylanders and the Giants. I also found the video amusing. This video features the bad guys Noodles, Drill-X, the Cyclopes, and of course the Chompy Mage. Remember that if you see a Skylander that you like you should look for its trailer or just go to the Skylanders website to find one that you like.

Curious George


Curious George is written by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey. It is a series of popular children’s books. Curious George is about a brown monkey named George who is brought from his home from Africa by “The man with a yellow hat”. He comes to live with him in the big city. In 1941, the United Kingdom gave George the name Zozo. They called him Zozo because they didn’t want to use the name of their King, George VI, for a monkey.

The Curious George books were originally in French but were translated into many languages. The Curious George books are popular worldwide. Originally, Margret and H.A. Rey published seven “Curious George” books. However, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has recently sold more Curious George books. In the early 1980’s, Curious George was made into a  series of animated TV films.

The Curious George animated TV films were produced and co-written by Alan Shalleck. In 1984, two stop-motion animated shorts were made of Curious George stories. “The man with the yellow hat” is a character in Curious George. He is the one that brought Curious George to the big city from his home, Africa. “The man with the yellow hat” often facilitates George’s adventures by taking him somewhere.

What Are Your Favorites?

01. What is your favorite color?

02. What is your favorite sport?

03. What is your favorite genre of music?

04. Who is your favorite band?

05. What is your favorite restaurant?

06. What is your favorite game console?

07. What is your favorite tv show?

08. What is your favorite brand of shoes?

09. Who is better: Green Day or Linkin Park?

10. Where do you like to go to eat?

These are my answers:

#01. Blue
#02. Football and Soccer
#03. Rock
#04. Linkin Park
#05. Fireside Pizza (what used to be RedBrick’s Pizza)
#06. Xbox 360
#07. Naruto Original and Shippuden
#08. Nike or Adidas
#09. Linkin Park
#10. Home to my mom’s cooking

Post in the comment section what your favorite’s are. Hope to see some cool things!! =D

Linkycraft: An Awesome Minecraft server

Picture 2Linkycraft is my personal favorite Minecraft server, with no PvP or griefing. The people on it are friendly, and trade prices are reasonable. I found this server and it is one of the best I could find online. At the spawn, there is a huge castle , which is the center of trade. You can’t build in the castle, though. Just press “t” and type /warp wilds to go where you can build anything you can imagine. A mine to the core, a tower of diamond blocks, or even a cave hidden by a waterfall. All of it is at your fingertips when you enter the world of Linkycraft. It’s practically impossible to die, as you’ve got many people to help you at any time, and if a creeper tries to blow up your house, it automatically rebuilds! If you need any more information, got to Linkycraft’s site at You can also vote daily for 15 free diamonds and $500 FREE. There are also donor upgrades, such as scholar, apprentice, king, or even God!

At the spawn there is a magnificent castle made of lapis lazuli, wool, glow stone, and snow. Almost everybody makes a little farm near their house, but I have a huge farm consisting of melons, pumpkins, wheat, carrots, and potatoes. I used to have trees in my farm, but it got too crowded. My walls are spider-proof, and I hit zombies on the head with a shovel from atop it. I used to be a hard-core miner, so I have plenty of coal, red stone, iron, and diamonds to build pretty much anything I need. I have a trapdoor in front of my house that traps anything that might get over or through my wall (creepers, for instance). Since there’s no PvP I don’t have to worry about other players killing me in my sleep(this is figurative, I don’t actually have a bed).

If you become a donor, you can fly in creative mode, turn into any animal, and have a rank (scholar, apprentice, king etc.) which will show up every time you chat. I am not currently a donor (I’m only a citizen), but plan to be one soon. Anyways, I hope you like the server and its website is here. I Hope you enjoy and if you have any problems, I’m sure anyone who’s online would gladly help you.

If the link above didn’t work, go to here.

NCAAF Bowl Game – Discover Orange Bowl

At the start of the 220px-FSU_Seminoles.svggame, an onside kick fooled the Seminoles. However, a fake punt by the star quarterback fooled them as well. Senior fullback Lonnie Pryor, from the Florida State Seminoles,  was voted the game’s outstanding player. He also ran a career high of 134 yards and two scores on five carries. The Senior EJ Manuel, quarterback, threw 291 yards. “I’m glad I’m a Nole, and I’m glad the seniors went out with a bang,” Pryor said. “I always wanted to be MVP of a bowl, and I told myself that every time I get the ball, to try to make a big play.”

When Florida State was in a fourth-and-one situation, Lynch punted for 52 yards and rolled dead at the 5 yard line. In 4 plays, the Seminoles score a touchdown and make the field goal. The  score was then 7-3 with Seminoles in the lead. With 11 seconds in the first half, Manuel threw the ball to Rashad Greene, who was able to get one foot in bounds before he tumbled out of the end zone. Desroy Maxwell kicked a fake punt on fourth-and-three. The Huskies were then able to get their first score. In the third quarter, the  Huskies got another score. However, the Seminoles weren’t going to let them win. Because it was the Seminoles’ night. “We wanted to leave a legacy and change the culture in what we do here,” said Manuel, who became only the second quarterback to go 4-0 in bowl games, joining West Virginia’s Pat White. “You’re reaping the benefits right now.” The final score was 31-10 with the Seminoles taking the win.

Minecraft Skin Editor

Picture 2     Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can build pretty much anything, from Atlantis to the Sear’s tower. To move around, use the wasd keys, and move the mouse to look around. Left click and hold to destroy blocks, and right click to place them again. There are plenty of crafting guides online, if you ever get stuck, however, creating on the game is not far off from the real world. If you want to try the old mine craft, go to If you buy Minecraft, you can change your skin, which is how you look to other players in the game when on a multi-player server (They won’t kill you unless you’re on a PVP server).

With a skin editor, you can make your own skin from existing templates. Say you wanted to look like an assassin, but not like the one already made. You could change the trim, hat, or anything else you want to mess with.

Just remember to download the skin onto your computer and upload it to your Minecraft profile online. You can do that by going to Once you’re there, log in/sign up, and on the homepage go to profile. From there, you can change some settings on your account. Just click “browse”, find your sketch, and upload it. See the picture above for one of my creations.

Doodle God Vs Doodle Devil

Doodle God

Doodle DevilThese games are revolved around alchemy. Doodle God is a game that tells about all things that god creates. Well the good things that god creates creates. Doodle Devil Shows all the things that devil creates. Again only the bad things that devil creates.

The difference between Doodle God and Doodle Devil is that somethings that you combine on Doodle God may not work on Doodle Devil. So if you use energy plus human on Doodle God it will make a wizard, but if you use that combination on Doodle Devil it won’t work at all. In the beginning of the game you start with only four elements water, earth, fire, and air. In Doodle Devil those are the same elements as well.

In order to finish Doodle God you have to discover all 26 Groups and 248 elements. In order to finish Doodle Devil you have to discover all 17 groups and 170 elements. I have these games on my kindle. You can get either the full version or the lite version. You can also play these games on the computer. I have the full versions, but you have to pay at least a dollar for the full versions. Currently in Doodle God I have discovered 14 out of 26 groups and 99 out of 248 elements. In Doodle Devil I have currently discovered 17 out of 17 groups and 88 out 170 elements.

Nicole Terife Vs. The World

  • Chicken VS. Meat


  • Lays VS. Doritos


  • Sponge-bob VS. Patrick


  • Stingray VS. Eel


  • Penguins VS. Polarbear

Polar Bear

  • i Pad VS. Kindle


  • Sean VS. Trevor


  • Jorge VS. Luis


  • Skittles VS. M&Ms


  • Coke VS. Sprite


  • Baby Ruth VS. Snickers

Baby Ruth

These are the things I like (friends) in the world….


Learn To Fly 2: The Game


Learn To Fly 2 is a game with a penguin that is getting revenge off of a message that he saw on Facebook which is “penguins can’t fly”, then the penguin got frustrated and went outside and bought some materials to fly. In this game you are trying to slide a sack as far as you can, as high as you can, as long as you can, as fast as you can, and trying to destroy the obstacles. There are different kinds of upgrades for this game, you can upgrade your ramp height and length, you can get better sleds, get better gliders or choppers, get better rockets, get better payload which is the sack, and get better fuel amounts. There is also a shop where you can get different bonuses on different stuff like fuel, gravity, reduce speed loss, boost efficiency and many other things.

During the flight you can measure yourself, so you can get better distance and better flight. The main things I usually use on Learn To Fly 2 would be the best glider, not chopper, best payload without explosions and stuff, get the best toggled boost which means like using the boost at different times instead of using it all at once, and the best sled without a takeoff. I wish luck to all of you, so you can hit the wall and prove those jerks wrong that penguins can fly. I believe I can fly high, I believe I can touch the sky.