Book Review: Animal Farm

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell, is a book about a group of animals that are fed up with their oppressive leader, Mr. Jones. The “important” main characters are Snowball, Boxer, Napoleon, and Mr. Jones. This book talks about the ordeals that the animals face when making an independent society. An interesting fact about this book is that it is based on the events that led up to the Russian Revolution.

The story starts out with the story of Old Major, a wise old pig and highly respected leader. He is aware that his time on Earth is about to come to an end. Old Major decides to gather every animal and spread his wisdom to them before he died. During his speech he explains his idea of animalism and tells his fellow animals or comrades that it is time to rebel against Mr. Jones. A few days later Old Major dies peacefully in his sleep and the animals are left with his wise words. Will the animals hold a successful rebellion or will they fail?

A few days after Old Major’s death, the animals attack and drive out Mr. Jones and his wife. A pig named Snowball takes the lead and commands his comrades to build a windmill. All of the animals are ecstatic as they won their independence from Mr. Jones. They all work hard and happily as they feel free and are finally allowed to roam in the pasture. Sadly, Snowball was not the leader he seems to be.

After successfully building the windmill Napoleon, a boar, drives Snowball out of the farm with his dogs. He explains that Snowball was a spy of Mr. Jones and that he had stole his idea for a windmill. At night, the windmill is destroyed and Napoleon accuses Snowball for this happening. Napoleon then becomes the leader figure and focuses on conservation and efficiency. Problems arise when neighboring farms try to capture Animal Farm and when animal commandments are altered. Will the animals maintain a fair society and hold on to the idea of animalism?

My opinion on this book is that it is very interesting and fun to read. It surprises you early on and keeps you wanting more. It shows the reader how a society can corrupt slowly over time and how easy it is to be deceived by your leaders The story gets more and more surreal as it reaches he end and it has a satisfying, yet creepy climax. The ending makes you wonder what happens after the story….


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