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History of the Basilisk

basiliskIt is called the king (regulus) of the serpents because its Greek name basiliscus means “little king”; its odor is said to kill snakes. Fire coming from the basilisk’s mouth kills birds, and its glance will kill a man. It can kill by hissing, which is why it is also called the sibilus. The basilisk remained an object of terror long after the collapse of the Roman empire and was popular in medieval legends. It was in this period that a great deal of additional myth grew up around it. It became less a giant serpent than a mix of snake and rooster; it was almost literally hellish. An aged cock, which had lost its virility, would sometimes lay a small, abnormal egg. If this egg is laid in a dunghill and hatched by a toad, a misshapen creature, with the upper body of a rooster, bat-like wings, and the tail of a snake will come forth. Once hatched, the young basilisk creeps down to a cellar or a deep well to wait for some unsuspecting man to come by, and be overcome by its noxious vapors.

Other stories say that the basilisk is born from a rooster egg hatched from underneath a frog. It is believed as a giant serpent, with venom that can kill instantaneously. It also says that the only cure for basilisk venom is phoenix tears, which contain magical healing properties. I would go into further depth on phoenix’s properties, but this is basilisks, not phoenixes. It is also believed anyone who looks into the eyes of a basilisk will die immediately.  The This is from the book “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. This is the second book of the Harry Potter series.

Some manuscripts have separate entries and/or illustrations for the basilisk and the regulus, possibly because the basilisk account in some places has three sections, one each for the basilisk, the “kinglet” (reguli), and the sibilus. Where the regulus is treated separately, the bite of the basilisk causing hydrophobia is generally ascribed to the regulus. If you find a basilisk, I highly recommend you do not try to keep it as a pet, no matter how small it is.

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Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense and strategy game set in the medieval times. There are different levels in different areas with different terrain setups. There are empty lots set up in different sections of the level where you can buy and place an archer tower, barracks, mages, or a dwarven bombard. Each of them deal a certain amount of damage to certain enemies. Some enemies have certain defenses against certain weapon systems. Plus certain weapon systems have slow reloading, very fast reloading, etc. You can also upgrade the weapon systems and sell certain weapon systems to get what you really wanted.

When you win, you’ll get a certain amount of stars, depending on how many enemies you let go into the place your defending. With these stars you can upgrade the towers abilities and other things. You can also use reinforcements during the game and use a meteor storm to kill the enemies, but they each have a certain cool-down time. You can also upgrade the meteor storm and the reinforcements.

Some enemies have certain defenses against certain weapon systems. Take the orc for an example, it has armor that is strong against the soldiers from the barracks, but is weak against the mages. It is the same with a few other enemies. You can also buy heroes from the heroes room using stars. Some have certain strengths on certain powers, like one can have high health, but low melee. Kingdom Rush is a very fun game.

Kongregate Recommended.