You might know him for being one of the worlds highest producing oil president, but he’s just a Venezuelan president. His name is Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez has been the president of Venezuela for over twenty years. Chavez did some things to the Americans. Americans are the highest oil consuming country in the world. Venezuela is number three of the highest producing oil country in the world. Americans started getting oil from Venezuela, but Chavez did not like the idea. So, Chavez started making them pay for the exports of oil.

Chavez was fifty-seven years old. He got cancer. He was cured with all the medical assistance. From being so stressed from the Venezuelan elections, he got cancer again. That time it came even worse. Hugo Chavez died March 5, 2013. He remains a strong leader for the poor, but has a very bad reputation with the rich. R.I.P. Mi compadre. Chavez is a very well, good role model for my family, and other poor. When he died people cried, or people celebrated. He is still the president of Venezuela. Venezuela has other elections coming in a couple weeks make sure to leave a comment.images-9


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