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Music Powers

Music touches people in many ways. Even though you might not like the music, it will impact you still.  Rock music can make your mood a little….edgy. Pop will definitely make you start to move to the beat. Those annoying songs that just get stuck in your head can help you memorize things that can get a little boring when plainly stated. And the music you play makes others feel a certain way too.

My type of music is totally pop and rock. It reflects my personality well, a lot of beat and a lot of edge. My type of music to study to would be pop. That’s the type of music that will make me drop what I’m doing and start lip-synching to the music. When I hear rock music though I feel like the loud music just gives me the urge to start fist pumping.

However, it is said that relaxing music would really soothe you. It also helps plant grown and makes animals calmer. Different musics effect people differently. So start mixing music to find your perfect combination. You never know, maybe you’ll get superpowers and the ability to controls minds. 🙂



Mechanical Commando 2

Mechanical Commando 2 is a game that falls into the categories: robot, action, shooter, science fiction, and upgrades. Mechanical Commando 2 is a fun-filled game that you can play on,, and a few more other websites. Once you play the game, you get sucked into the game and you can’t get out, it’s like an illusion you can’t stop staring at. Mechanical Commando 2 is a very fun game.

When you play Mechanical Commando 2, there is a hangar where you can upgrade and change how your robot looks, how good your robot is on defense, speed, and power. You can change your weapons so that you can be very powerful so that you can shoot certain enemies with fewer shots, you can change your cockpit so that you can be very defenseful so that when they shoot you, it won’t deal much damage, and you can change your legs so that you can be very fast and you can easily dodge the enemies bullets and the legs also tell how much weight you can put on it, so don’t put too much weight otherwise you will not be able to play with that robot. There are also special components that give you a boost on certain abilities.

There will be levels that are pretty tough and make you change your strategy on how to beat the level. So that’s all I will tell you, so if you are very curious about this game then GO PLAY IT!!!!! 😀

Tim Tebow Book

Anyone who has ever watched, seen ,or followed football should know Tim Tebow. Tim is a quarter back in the NFL he went to college at The University Of Florida(UF). While Tim was at UF he set records such as being the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman trophy and leading his team to two national championships

In the book Through my eyes Tim lets his fans and other readers see what his life was like on and off the field. Tim say’s in the book that his birth was not the greatest his mother almost lost her life, and his. Tim was born in the Philippines while his dad was on a mission trip.

Tim moved to Jacksonville when he was almost one. Since the his family has lived on a farm. Tim was always home schooled by his mother. Even then he was always into sports he played baseball, basketball, and football. When Tim was in high school he stooped being home schooled so he can play football.

Tim hasn’t always thought about Florida as a collage, he considered Alabama and Florida. It was a tough choice for him he liked both schools but in the end he choose Florida. Tim was starting to see his calling in his freshman year Tim led his team to a 2006 national title and another in 2008.

Times looked hard for Tim in 2009 when he had a famous concussion. This concussion had him out for most of the season. Most people thought that was it for Tebow but like every other challenge Tebow faced in life he came out a champion.


Kongregate_logoKongregate is a website that has many games that you would love to play. It has many categories such as action, multiplayer, shooter, adventure & rpg, beta testing, strategy & defense, puzzle, tutorials, mmo, and music & more. You can also look at hot new games to see what games are new inside Kongregate. You can also make an account to check what recent games you have played, you can also add your favorite games, chat online, and many more things.

When you go on Kongregate, there will be this box that switches games in a box form that tells you the featured games. There will be games from almost every category. There will also be achievements you can get from playing games on Kongregate (only for people who have accounts). You can also gain points from earning them from getting achievements from playing games. You can also add games in your playlist. You can friend other people that you know, too. You can send messages to other players and they can reply back.

Now I will tell you a little about my account. My account name is LunarShield5 and you can friend me if you want. I am level 7 (for now) and I have few games in my favorites. I love to play action, rpg, mmo, and robot games. So join me in the battle of humanity!!

Alejandro Sanz

Alejandro Sanz is a Spanish singer, song-writer, and musician. For his total work in this business so far he has won a total of fifteen Latin Grammy Awards and three Grammy Awards. He has won a total of three Latin Album of the Year Awards. In his whole career he has released a total of eight albums and six DVD’s. The singer is known for his flamenco ballads but als0 experimented with rock, salsa, and hip hop. Born in Madrid, Spain Alejandro started playing the guitar at age eight. Taking influence from his family, he released his first album at age sixteen. He didn’t get much attention from Spain until his second album, “VIVIENDO DEPRISA.”

His two records “SI TU ME MIRA’S” and “THREE” were released in 1993 and 1995. His break through album “MAS” had international success. Following in 2000 was “EL ALMA AL AIRE.” Selling over one million copies, in its first week of release. In 2002, he became the first Spanish artist to win MTV Unplugged Album. His collaboration with Shakira “LA TORTURA” reached number one in some countries worldwide. Since 2002 he has release for album with one on the way. Alejandro Sanz has become one of the most respected Spanish artist of all time. He has recently released a new song called “CAMINO DE ROSAS.”

My opinion about Alejandro Sanz is respected, talented, singer, songwriter of all time. I have never known someone with so much passion for this kind of business like Alejandro. Thank you for all that you do.



Rugrats is an animated American television series. The word “Rugrat” is a slang word meaning “toddler”. Rugrats was created for Nickelodeon by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó, and Paul Germain. Rugrats is about a group of toddlers going on adventures in the babies imaginations. There parents are never aware of what there doing.

By the parents never being aware of them, helps them because they get to explore more. On August 11, 1991, the series Rugrats premiered. The last episode aired on May 22, 1994. On 1997, Rugrats aired on television again with new episodes. On November 1998 “The Rugrats Movie” came out.

Later on they made another movie called Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. That movie came out in 2000. Rugrats final episode aired on June 8, 2004. With that, the whole Rugrats series had 172 episodes and 9 seasons in total.

Johnny Bravo


Johnny Bravo is an animated American television series. Johnny Bravo was for cartoon Network by Van Partible. Johnny Bravo is about muscular good-looking young man who tries to get this woman in love with him. Johnny has blonde hair with a pompadour hairstyle and has a voice like Elvis Presley. Johnny usually is getting beat up and ditched.

Johnny was originally part of a series of shorts of Cartoon Network’s animation showcase series, World Premiere Toons. World Premiere Toons is also known as “The What a Cartoon! Show.”  Seth MacFarlane, a writer for Johnny Bravo, went out and became famous on his own and wrote Family Guy. Butch Hartman was a writer and director for Johnny Bravo and also for The Fairly Odd Parents.

In India in 2009 a movie called Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood was aired. Also in the United Kingdom in August 2010 it was aired. Finally, in Australia on November 20, 2011, Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood aired. Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood was 70 minutes long in total.

Rythm Heaven Fever

Rhythm Heaven Fever

The sequel to the popular game Rhythm Heaven has arrived. With new games like Hole in One and Love Rap, there are a lot of fun, hand eye coordination, and rhythm activities in this game.

A few Rhythm Heaven Fever Games:

Hole in One: You are a golfer and you are supposed to hit the golf balls thrown to you by a monkey, but watch out for Mandrill’s fast-balls!*

Screwbot Factory: Screw the heads onto these robots, but be careful not to break them. Very similar to Fillbots.

See-saw: Your job is to keep on bouncing to test the see saw’s safety.*

Double Date: You are on a date with your girlfriend and you must kick the balls that roll towards the weasels to protect them on their date. Watch the background because there are many funny expressions*

Fork Lifter: Beans are being flicked towards you and you must land your fork on them when they come towards you.

Tambourine: Copy the monkey as he plays his tambourine to make him happy.*

Board Meeting: You are amongst your fellow pigs in a meeting where you have to hit he ground after you push off. Very similar to splashdown.*

Monkey Watch: You are a monkey and you must high hive every monkey on the watch.*

Working Dough: You are in a factory and you must copy the dough in front of you to hit the beads over.

Built to Scale (Wii): A little bit different this time, you must bounce the rod by hitting a and launch by hitting A and B.

Air Rally: You are a dog and are playing a badminton with a cat.*

Figure Fighter: You are a boxing doll and are punching a punching bag on the cues.

Ringside: You are a wrestler being interviewed by a girl that gives you cues to how you respond. *

Packing Pests: You are in a candy factory and you must catch candy while swatting away spiders.

Micro-Row: You are a swimming water ummmm….. thing and you must keep swimming.

Samurai Slice: You area samurai that slices evil creatures of the dark by slicing them with your sword.

Catch of the Day: Catch the fish by timing how to catch different fish.

Flipper Flop: You are a harp seal and you have to keep flipping side to side until you are told to do a flipper rolls.*

Exhibition Match: You are a baseball player that must continue hitting home run.

Flock Step: You are a bird that must continue hitting home runs.*

Launch Party: You have to launch rockets into space.

Donk Donk: You are a alien looking creature that has to keep hitting your head onto the back of the person in front of you.

Bossa Nova: You are a cave person floating on a cloud and you need to hit away the objects coming towards you.

Love Rap: You are a background rapper that repeats MC Adore.*

Tap Troupe: In this one you must tap dance to the beat.*

Shrimp Shuffle: You are a dancing shrimp that jumps to the music with his fellow shrimp*

Cheer Readers: You are  library cheerleader that holds signs in order.*

Karate Man: Similar to the DS version only more combos.*

Night Walk: You jump and roll on top of the white squares to make the hearts and fireworks pop up*

* Really like these ones

You Only Live Once

You only live once, it’s true. So while many people chose to be depressed about life just choose to be happy. Anything you do is better than nothing. That means that if you want to do the impossible, be my guest.

Here is why I don’t like suicide, people all over the world die wanting more time on Earth, but then you have people that don’t appreciate the life they have enough to cherish it.  Then when you think of the life that they could’ve had you just shake your head. ‘ What if ’ is always my thought. If they saw their potential, would they change? Just live your life.

Also this whole stress thing irritates me. It’s like a mini reason to find things that will make you angry, sad, worried, etc. I would like to believe that not many people like being stressed. I feel like we should just let go.

So now that you see it my way go. Leave the internet and start loving life. Travel to different countries, dream big things, and make summer break all that you can make it. And if you don’t have summer break just go into the world.

Law and Order: SVU Review

Law and Order SVU is a series that airs on ABC. Its a police drama. SVU means Special Victims Unit and thats stands for r2006-L-O--SVU----CI-Cast-law-and-order-svu-62454_1600_1042ape, sexual assault, and child molestation victims who have finally come to the police for help or there are special crimes that have been reported. The main characters are Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson, John Munch, and Fin Tutuola. The chief of police is Donald Cragen. This is a tightly wound group who can never be broken even though they fight at times.

Elliot Stabler leaves SVU in Season 12. Olivia Benson is crushed and is forced to find a new partner. Even though she doesnt like him in the beginning she ends up growing closer to him in the end. Fin is played by Ice-T and to be honest him, John, and Elliot were my favorite characters. Fin and John have always been partners and they are always making funny jokes and keeping the show fun.

Law and Order has other shows as well but this one and Criminal Intent are the most viewed. This one is my favorite because to me it is a little less gruesome and teaches more than the others.

This show deserves 5 stars for being amazing and educational all in one.