Grey’s Anatomy Review

Grey’s Anatomy is a T.V. Drama series. The series is about many different doctors and whatGrey's_anatomy_cast_photo_season_9 happens in their lives. The series was created by Shonda Rhimes. The main character is Merideth Grey. Her mother is a legend in the world of surgery. In the series her mother ends up with Alzheimer’s Disease and forgets everything that she used to know. Meredith gets worried and starts searching for a way to find out if she carries the gene.

In the series she falls in love with her attending Derrick Shepard. Meredith’s best friend is Cristina Yang. Yang is always worried about work and how she can become great as a surgeon. She almost gets married once but get nervous and the groom (also one of her attendings) walks out of the wedding because she “hesitated” to walk out to the alter. Yang does get married to Owen Hunt the trauma attending. One of the surgeons fell ill due to cancer.

Her name was Isabel Stevens. She fell in love with one of her fellow interns Alex Karev. She leaves the show soon after the sixth season. George O’malley was close friends with isabel on the show. He died in a bus accident when he stepped in front of a bus to save a movie. He was engaged to Calliope Torrez but she ended up to be lesbian and fell in love with Arizona Robbins. Robbins cheats on her in Season 9 even though they are married and have a kid. Arizona cheated on Torrez with Lauren.

Calliope gave birth to Mark Sloans child because she and Arizona wanted one. Mark Sloan dies in the hospital after a plane crash. Derrick Shepard and Mark Sloan were enemies in the beginning of the show. This series has brought tears to my eyes once before and in my opinion Shonda Rhimes is a genius. This show is very mature and not intended for immature audiences. I rate this 5 stars.


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