Indiana Pacers Tie Playoffs Against the Heat

The Indiana Pacers beat the Miami Heat and tied the series.  Roy Hibbert finished the game with 23 points and 12 rebounds. Lance Stephenson aIndianaPacersdded 20 more points. The ending score was 99-92.  “We’re never going to give up. We’re relentless,” Hibbert said after another big game. “All those guys in there, they believe we can win. No matter what all the analysts or whoever says anything, they count us out, those guys in the locker room were ready to play and we went out and played our hearts out.”

Lebron James “fouling out” for the second time in his career was the main reason they lost. “That’s what the series is about, who can get to who and do it for longer periods of time. They kept us out of the paint,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “We’ll just have to do it better.” The Heat are now in a must-win scenario, as they mus win Thursday night in Game 5 or they will have to come back to Indy for Game 6, fighting for their playoff lives.

“We had them right where we wanted them, but every time we would get a stop, especially in the fourth quarter, we didn’t come up with the rebound,” Bosh said. “It was there for us, but we didn’t capitalize.”


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