Law and Order: SVU Review

Law and Order SVU is a series that airs on ABC. Its a police drama. SVU means Special Victims Unit and thats stands for r2006-L-O--SVU----CI-Cast-law-and-order-svu-62454_1600_1042ape, sexual assault, and child molestation victims who have finally come to the police for help or there are special crimes that have been reported. The main characters are Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson, John Munch, and Fin Tutuola. The chief of police is Donald Cragen. This is a tightly wound group who can never be broken even though they fight at times.

Elliot Stabler leaves SVU in Season 12. Olivia Benson is crushed and is forced to find a new partner. Even though she doesnt like him in the beginning she ends up growing closer to him in the end. Fin is played by Ice-T and to be honest him, John, and Elliot were my favorite characters. Fin and John have always been partners and they are always making funny jokes and keeping the show fun.

Law and Order has other shows as well but this one and Criminal Intent are the most viewed. This one is my favorite because to me it is a little less gruesome and teaches more than the others.

This show deserves 5 stars for being amazing and educational all in one.


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