Regular Show vs Adventure Time 2!!

Regular Show is a show that airs on cartoon network. Its first episode aired in September of 2010 and it has been a hit. The show is about Mordecai and Rigby they are best friends and work at the park. The house in The Park is where Mordecai and Rigby live. Their co workers are muscle man, he is a prankster and often gets his jokes wrong by saying MY MOM instead of your mom. Also there is Skips, he can’t run or walk just skip he is a wise and super strong guy he can fix anything Mordecai and Rigby break. High five ghost is Muscle man’s best friend and is always laughing at muscle man’s jokes. There is Benson The Park manager he is always on Mordecai and Rigby’s case and yells at them and threatens to fire them.

Adventure Time is about Finn the human and Jake the dog. Finn and Jake go on adventures in the land of Ooo the might see Marceline a vampire whose bad ate her fries when she was little. They might see Princess Bubble Gum (Finns former love interest) in the candy kingdom. Or they might fight the ice king a wizard who is constantly trying to get a wife by stealing princess but Finn and Jake are there to fight him and save the princess. Lady Rainicorn is Jake’s girl friend. Lumpy Space princess or LSP is a spoiled fun loving purple cloud who always find drama to get in to. Flame Princess is Finn’s love interest now. Also there is Gunter who is Ice Kings pet penguin.

Now it is time for you to pick which is better Regular Show or Adventure time? You decide!Regular-Show-Season-1-Episode-1-The-PowerBat-Finn


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