Kongregate_logoKongregate is a website that has many games that you would love to play. It has many categories such as action, multiplayer, shooter, adventure & rpg, beta testing, strategy & defense, puzzle, tutorials, mmo, and music & more. You can also look at hot new games to see what games are new inside Kongregate. You can also make an account to check what recent games you have played, you can also add your favorite games, chat online, and many more things.

When you go on Kongregate, there will be this box that switches games in a box form that tells you the featured games. There will be games from almost every category. There will also be achievements you can get from playing games on Kongregate (only for people who have accounts). You can also gain points from earning them from getting achievements from playing games. You can also add games in your playlist. You can friend other people that you know, too. You can send messages to other players and they can reply back.

Now I will tell you a little about my account. My account name is LunarShield5 and you can friend me if you want. I am level 7 (for now) and I have few games in my favorites. I love to play action, rpg, mmo, and robot games. So join me in the battle of humanity!!


About Naruto

I'm a very athletic person and I love to play with cats and dogs. I love to play soccer and football the most. I'm on the Orlando City Youth Soccer (a.k.a OCYS).

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