Mechanical Commando 2

Mechanical Commando 2 is a game that falls into the categories: robot, action, shooter, science fiction, and upgrades. Mechanical Commando 2 is a fun-filled game that you can play on,, and a few more other websites. Once you play the game, you get sucked into the game and you can’t get out, it’s like an illusion you can’t stop staring at. Mechanical Commando 2 is a very fun game.

When you play Mechanical Commando 2, there is a hangar where you can upgrade and change how your robot looks, how good your robot is on defense, speed, and power. You can change your weapons so that you can be very powerful so that you can shoot certain enemies with fewer shots, you can change your cockpit so that you can be very defenseful so that when they shoot you, it won’t deal much damage, and you can change your legs so that you can be very fast and you can easily dodge the enemies bullets and the legs also tell how much weight you can put on it, so don’t put too much weight otherwise you will not be able to play with that robot. There are also special components that give you a boost on certain abilities.

There will be levels that are pretty tough and make you change your strategy on how to beat the level. So that’s all I will tell you, so if you are very curious about this game then GO PLAY IT!!!!! 😀


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