Music Powers

Music touches people in many ways. Even though you might not like the music, it will impact you still.  Rock music can make your mood a little….edgy. Pop will definitely make you start to move to the beat. Those annoying songs that just get stuck in your head can help you memorize things that can get a little boring when plainly stated. And the music you play makes others feel a certain way too.

My type of music is totally pop and rock. It reflects my personality well, a lot of beat and a lot of edge. My type of music to study to would be pop. That’s the type of music that will make me drop what I’m doing and start lip-synching to the music. When I hear rock music though I feel like the loud music just gives me the urge to start fist pumping.

However, it is said that relaxing music would really soothe you. It also helps plant grown and makes animals calmer. Different musics effect people differently. So start mixing music to find your perfect combination. You never know, maybe you’ll get superpowers and the ability to controls minds. 🙂



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