Rythm Heaven Fever

Rhythm Heaven Fever

The sequel to the popular game Rhythm Heaven has arrived. With new games like Hole in One and Love Rap, there are a lot of fun, hand eye coordination, and rhythm activities in this game.

A few Rhythm Heaven Fever Games:

Hole in One: You are a golfer and you are supposed to hit the golf balls thrown to you by a monkey, but watch out for Mandrill’s fast-balls!*

Screwbot Factory: Screw the heads onto these robots, but be careful not to break them. Very similar to Fillbots.

See-saw: Your job is to keep on bouncing to test the see saw’s safety.*

Double Date: You are on a date with your girlfriend and you must kick the balls that roll towards the weasels to protect them on their date. Watch the background because there are many funny expressions*

Fork Lifter: Beans are being flicked towards you and you must land your fork on them when they come towards you.

Tambourine: Copy the monkey as he plays his tambourine to make him happy.*

Board Meeting: You are amongst your fellow pigs in a meeting where you have to hit he ground after you push off. Very similar to splashdown.*

Monkey Watch: You are a monkey and you must high hive every monkey on the watch.*

Working Dough: You are in a factory and you must copy the dough in front of you to hit the beads over.

Built to Scale (Wii): A little bit different this time, you must bounce the rod by hitting a and launch by hitting A and B.

Air Rally: You are a dog and are playing a badminton with a cat.*

Figure Fighter: You are a boxing doll and are punching a punching bag on the cues.

Ringside: You are a wrestler being interviewed by a girl that gives you cues to how you respond. *

Packing Pests: You are in a candy factory and you must catch candy while swatting away spiders.

Micro-Row: You are a swimming water ummmm….. thing and you must keep swimming.

Samurai Slice: You area samurai that slices evil creatures of the dark by slicing them with your sword.

Catch of the Day: Catch the fish by timing how to catch different fish.

Flipper Flop: You are a harp seal and you have to keep flipping side to side until you are told to do a flipper rolls.*

Exhibition Match: You are a baseball player that must continue hitting home run.

Flock Step: You are a bird that must continue hitting home runs.*

Launch Party: You have to launch rockets into space.

Donk Donk: You are a alien looking creature that has to keep hitting your head onto the back of the person in front of you.

Bossa Nova: You are a cave person floating on a cloud and you need to hit away the objects coming towards you.

Love Rap: You are a background rapper that repeats MC Adore.*

Tap Troupe: In this one you must tap dance to the beat.*

Shrimp Shuffle: You are a dancing shrimp that jumps to the music with his fellow shrimp*

Cheer Readers: You are  library cheerleader that holds signs in order.*

Karate Man: Similar to the DS version only more combos.*

Night Walk: You jump and roll on top of the white squares to make the hearts and fireworks pop up*

* Really like these ones


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