Tim Tebow Book

Anyone who has ever watched, seen ,or followed football should know Tim Tebow. Tim is a quarter back in the NFL he went to college at The University Of Florida(UF). While Tim was at UF he set records such as being the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman trophy and leading his team to two national championships

In the book Through my eyes Tim lets his fans and other readers see what his life was like on and off the field. Tim say’s in the book that his birth was not the greatest his mother almost lost her life, and his. Tim was born in the Philippines while his dad was on a mission trip.

Tim moved to Jacksonville when he was almost one. Since the his family has lived on a farm. Tim was always home schooled by his mother. Even then he was always into sports he played baseball, basketball, and football. When Tim was in high school he stooped being home schooled so he can play football.

Tim hasn’t always thought about Florida as a collage, he considered Alabama and Florida. It was a tough choice for him he liked both schools but in the end he choose Florida. Tim was starting to see his calling in his freshman year Tim led his team to a 2006 national title and another in 2008.

Times looked hard for Tim in 2009 when he had a famous concussion. This concussion had him out for most of the season. Most people thought that was it for Tebow but like every other challenge Tebow faced in life he came out a champion.


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