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The Mid-Autumn Festival *NEW*

A presentation by 7thdragonwriter


moon[1] The Mid-Autumn festival (also known as the Moon Festival or 中秋节 Zhōngqiū jié) is a Chinese holiday that occurs on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. This Holiday was originally celebrated by farmers who have finished gathering crops and fruits in the middle of autumn . It was a day of relaxation and joy. Eventually, this day evolved into a widespread celebration! Now, for over 2,000 years, this wonderful gathering of people has been enjoyed by friends and family alike!

Due to the natural effects of the season, the silver moonlight shines over the land. Families set up tables in their courtyards or sit in their balconies, relaxing and enjoying the moon’s beautiful light. By doing this many people are reminded of  legends and stories related to the moon. One of the most famous stories of the Moon Festival  is the story of the moon goddess Chang’e ascension to the moon.


According to the legend, ten Suns plunged the earth into an apocalyptic drought. Plants were withered and rivers dried up. Many died of dehydration. To end this madness, the King of Heaven sent an archer by the name Hou Yi to destroy the nine additional Suns and save the world. Hou Yi used his red bow and white arrows to shoot down the suns and restore balance to the Earth. One day, A beautiful woman named Chang’e was coming home from a stream when she saw a stranger who she soon realized was the archer, Hou Yi. She invited him in to her home for a drink. To show him her respect towards the archer, she plucks a beautiful flower to give to Hou Yi. In turn, Hou Yi gave Chang’e silver fox fur as a gift to show her his gratitude. This meeting sparks their love for one another.Mid-Autumn_Festival_250907[1]

Hou Yi decides that he wishes to be with Chang’e forever. He goes on a long journey and finally receives and elixir that will make the drinker immortal. If one person drinks it, then they shall go into heaven. But if they both drink, they shall stay on Earth. An evil man who wants to become immortal hears of Hou Yi’s journey, and kills Hou Yi while he is hunting. He takes Hou Yi’s elixir. Afterwards, he rushes to Hou Yi’s home, where he attempts to force Chang’e to give him the rest of the elixir. Quickly, she drinks her elixir. Because she is the only one to drink, she is risen into heaven and decides to live on the moon. There, she wept for her fallen husband but enjoyed a peaceful life away from the troubles of the Earth.


Many legends like the one above are told on the day of the moon festival. Poems are also recited, such as the poem “Quiet Night Thoughts” written by Li Bai. Many of these poems relate to family and the beauty of the moon.

One Western holiday that is similar to the Moon Festival is Thanksgiving. Although the origins and traditions of each holiday are very different, a few things remain the same. Friends and family gather together to enjoy the holiday’s food and enjoy the company of their loved ones on these fall holidays.

The most famous foods on a Thanksgiving day would typically be Turkey.

The most famous food during the Moon Festival is the delicious moon cake!


  • 2-3 egg yolks
  • 1/4  or 1/3 cup sugar, depends on your preference
  • 1/2 cup salted butter
  • 1 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup bean paste or any kind of fruit jam


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Stir the butter, 1 egg yolk and sugar together, and then mix with the flour.
  3. Put the dough in a bowl, cover and refrigerate for half an hour.
  4. Take the dough out and make small balls (mooncake) in your palm.
  5. Make a hole in each mooncake with your thumb; fill the hole with jam.
  6. Brush each cake with the other 1-2 egg yolks and place all mooncakes on a cookie sheet.
  7. Bake for about 20-25 minutes or until the outside edges are slightly brown.


Author’s Notes:

This information is very interesting to me. I love many things about Chinese culture. This festival is one of my favorite things about it. The story and ideas behind it are very beautiful and I hope to learn much more about it. I would like to thank FLVS and my instructor for providing such great information. Thank You!


Our Condolences…


On Friday, December 14th, tragedy struck the hearts of men and women worldwide. Sandy Hook Elementary School fell victim to an event that marked the fourth mass shooting to happen during the presidency of President Barrack Obama. Newtown, Conneticut is mourning the loss of 20 beautiful children and 6 brave adults who passed away in tragedy that will forever be remembered. As a student myself, I felt very depressed coming to my School today. I couldn’t help but think about what could happen to anyone. I couldn’t stop thinking about those parents who are grieving the loss of their innocent children. No words can comfort them. We can only let them know how much we care for them. Let us all try to be decent human beings and post positive comments on the vast internet. Do not cause drama or post your negative thoughts. Let us only help one another and give our sympathies for those touched by this event. We are all affected by this tragedy in this country. Hug your children and hold all of your family. Let us all work together to overcome this inncident. From all of us here at Panther Press, we give our Condolences to those who lost family in this unthinkable tragedy.

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The Legends of Paranormal Kidnappers *NEW*

– 7thdragonwriter’s article-

For many years, the paranormal has intrigued human beings all over the world. We ask ourselves about the evil and demonic forces. We wonder if we are alone in this universe. We wonder if the creatures of the night are creeping in the dark, waiting to make their move. This curiosity inspires us to tell stories that question our perception of reality. Could these frightening tales of suspense actually come true? Or have they already happened?

Many of these dark legends are told to children. This seems to be a tactic used by adults to protect their children from danger. If the children are scared of the dark, they won’t want to be in the dark. Parents will tell their offspring tales of monsters, lurking in night. They’ll warn them of these creatures and why the outside world isn’t safe at sundown. Thus, influencing the children to want to stay at home at night. However, sometimes even parents or guardians are terrified by the demons in the dark.

This article contains a collection of two tales and stories that warn us all of these monsters. Each story is from a different nation. Strangely, all of these paranormal beasts have the same goal. They all want to take away our most precious and innocent people. They all want to take our children.

La Llorona (The Crier): Mexican Legend { 50%- True Story, 50%- Folklore}

 THE TRUE STORY: A long time ago, a widow with two children had fallen in love with a rich nobleman. He was everything she wanted as husband and a father for her children. The man loved her too, but he felt uncomfortable raising another man’s children. Sadly, he hid his true feelings from her and said that he didn’t love her because her kids were too strange. She had lived with him for a while, but after he spoke these words she was forced to leave his home. She was enraged! She wept and wept because she couldn’t provide a better life for her kids or herself. That’s when she went insane and felt that her poor children were really a demonic nuisance, and that they were holding her back from living life. She drowned her children in a very famous river and wept, for she knew that even if she felt her offspring were evil, they were still her babies. That’s when she confronted her lover in a blood stained gown, and frightened him to death. He didn’t want to be with her anymore. This made her even more upset! However she had regained her sense of normalcy shortly after all of her rage and ran back to the river to search for the bodies of her children, where she drowned herself in sadness, and in the river. All 3 bodies were never found…

THE FOLKLORE STORY: The people of Mexico are terrified by this story. For centuries, people have never wanted to even go near the river. Mostly because of the legend, but also because over a thousand people have drowned in the river for unexplained reasons (most of these people are children. ANYONE who goes to the river will here an unexplained weeping! ANYONE who goes to the river WILL see a woman’s shadow. It is a tourist attraction but it is not recommended to go at night due to unexplained kidnappings of children.

Der Großmann (The Slender Man): German Myth

The Slender Man is by far my favorite of these paranormal entities. He is the scariest and most intimidating of these beings.

THE BEGINNING : Der Großmann began in Germany as a simple folklore. Woodcut artifacts were found and have been dated back to the 16th century that included a depiction of Der Großmann. The story of this man began as a children’s story and in this story, a paranormal entity would hide in the woods, chasing after children who misbehaved. It was a widespread story that was mostly known by people who lived along the Black forest in Germany (The Black Forest is a famous forest in Germany, known for it’s density due to very wide, tall trees). No true evidence was found of the being’s existence. However, many pictures taken near the 19th century Black Forest include a dark, tall creature that is hiding in the backdrop.

The Letter:

One piece of evidence that hints to the existence of the Slender Man was a journal entry dating back to 1702, saying:

“Mein Kind, mein Lars … er ist weg. Taken, von seinem Bett. Das einzige, was wir fanden, war ein Stück der schwarzen Kleidung. Es fühlt sich an wie Baumwolle, aber es ist weicher … dicker.
Lars kam in mein Schlafzimmer gestern, schreien an der Spitze seiner Lunge, dass “Der Engel draußen ist!” Ich fragte ihn, was er redete, und er erzählte mir einige Unsinn Märchen über Der Großmann. Er sagte, er ging in den Hainen von unserem Dorf und fand einen meiner Kühe tot, von einem Baum hängen.
Ich dachte mir nichts dabei auf den ersten … Aber jetzt, ist er verschwunden. Wir müssen Lars und meine Familie verlassen müssen, bevor wir getötet werden. Es tut mir leid mein Sohn … Ich hätte hören sollen. Möge Gott mir verzeihen. “


“My child, my Lars … he’s gone. Taken, from his bed. The only thing we found was a piece of black clothing. Feels like cotton, but it is softer … thicker.
Lars came into my bedroom yesterday, screaming at the top of his lungs that “The angel is outside!” I asked him what he was talking about, and he told me some nonsense fairy tale about The Slender Man. He said he went into the groves by our village and found one of my cows dead, hanging from a tree.
I thought nothing of it at first … But now that he is gone. I need to find  Lars and take my family before we are killed. I’m sorry my son … I should have listened. May God forgive me. “

Modern Day Myth:
The Slender Man was discovered by North American communities on the online forums of “The Creepypasta”. Ever since it’s discovery, everything from movies to video games have been developed to tell the story of the myth. In “SLENDER” the video game, the player controls a man with a flash light and a camera in this First-Person style game. The player will see through the lens of the camera as you search for eight manuscripts of the Slender Man that are drawn by the lost children of the woods. You must be cautious, for the moon is slowly rising as you try to find the eight pages. And the Slender Man loves to attack in the dark. The marblehornet’s Youtube Video series is a collection of tapes that include Slender Man evidence.

Rick’s Minecart Tales *NEW*

–[PANTHER PRESS] Written By Luis Melara–

From the popular animated youtube series “Rick’s Minecraft Tales” comes his new flash video game entitled:


If you are a fan of Minecraft and Mr. Rick Murray, you would love this great video game! In this series, Rick tells the story of the random events that take place in the multi-player Minecraft video game. In Minecraft, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Each world is randomly generated and filled with anything you can use to survive or make art. Rick Murray has created an animated video compilation of his frustrations with the Minecraft universe.

In Rick’s Minecart tales, you must ride the longest minecart ride of your life! The player must play as Rick Himself as he leaps over obstacles, rides tracks of cobblestone, and tries not to crash into redstone spikes! So far my record is 17.6 seconds without dying (horrible record). That’s how hard the game is! Try it for yourself below!

OFFICIAL FAN GAME NEWS: Mine-4-Dead (Currently Under Development by Myself!) 5/29/2012

Although I have had some doubts about this project, I am formally announcing the first official fan game made by myself:

Mine-4-Dead is a fan made project that has been experimented for quite some time now. I’ve done a lot of test games and .gml scripting (Game maker language scripting). I just feel I should do something official. Unlike the popular Minecraft mod, this game will be a two-dimensional, side-scrolling shooter similar to the popular flash game, Raze. However, this game will have elements from the popular game Left 4 Dead(a zombie shooting game), including the location of the player’s heads up display. However, all HUD icons will be replaced with Minecraft-style sprite icons (Minecraft is a block world-style game in which you can build, fight, and explore to survive evil mobs). The main characters will also appear to be identical to the Minecraft characters. Steve, the famed Minecraft character who shares the same likeness as every Minecraft player, will also be a playable character in all campaigns. The main controls will also be similar to that of Minecraft.

In this game, the world’s population of creature mobs has grown. Even people have transformed into these evil creatures. You and your friends will embark on a journey to reach Notch’s castle (The home of the famed creator of minecraft) since it is the only safe house in existence. Players will move through apocalyptic waste lands and burning buildings to find a place where everything seems safe…

The Mob:

The following is a description if the enemies you will be facing in Mine-4-Dead. It includes their bios and what they will do to keep you from reaching your goals. This will also have a comparison between Left 4 Dead creatures and Minecraft creatures.

The Horde Zombies:

Yes, there are already Zombies in Minecraft. But like the Zombie horde in Left-4-dead, these types of Zombies don’t have any special characteristics. They may be green, but their strange color does not mean anything. The only thing they can do is try to get to you. Trust me, they may sound intimidating, but wait until you meet the rest of the mob.  I’m sure they wouldn’t be so happy to meet your arrows.

Trust me, they may sound intimidating, but wait until you meet the rest of the mob.

The Boomer The Creeper:

These sad green creatures just want a hug… If you get close though, they will explode. Not only can that kill you, but it can attract an entire Mob. Mobs are attracted to loud noises. Explosions or loud weaponry will startle an entire mob and bring them to your location. Try to avoid making any kind of noise in infected villages or large cities. Especially avoid these Creepers. Defeating one without the use of loud weapons will not alarm them and they will not explode. Boomers in Left 4 Dead will get close and spill bile on you. This attracts the horde.

The Witch Spawn of Herobrine:

Herobrine, brother of Notch, was once defeated in battle by a gifted swordsman. Now, he haunts the chaotic ruble that is now Earth. Those who have seen him have gone insane and simply wish to be in peace. If startled, they will charge at you! Avoid making loud noises near them. You can always figure out if someone has seen Herobrine if they are white in the eyes and if they constantly murmur soft whispers under their breath. Whispers will get louder when they are about to charge. Work with your team if you encounter one. Witches in Left 4 Dead will cry and wish to be left alone. When startled, witches will attack.

The Hunter Endermen:

Endermen will seem invisible. You can see one if you look for a purple, particle-like glow. Once Visible, they will grab you and shake you to death. Hunters in Left 4 Dead will hide and pounce on you when you pass by them.  Endermen are very hard to kill and will not stop attacking until they die.

I don’t want to spoil everything for you, so I’ll let everything else be a surprise. In a few weeks, I will release the beta version for testing in at least a week. I’ll post any updates later. For now, have a good rest of the day !

“The Avengers” Set an Amazing New Record!!! Over $200,000,000 earned in one weekend!

As we all know about the newest addition to the Marvel movie family is “The Avengers”! A film that unites all Marvel universes as the famed heroes “assemble” to form an amazing  team of heroes. The warriors include Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Hawk Eye, and The Black Widow. You will probably agree with me when I say they are all cool in their own way.  I mean, a billionaire tech inventor fighting alongside a demi-god? That’s awesome! And I think America agrees with me! Did you know that in opening weekend alone, “The Avengers” made approximately 200.8 MILLION DOLLARS?! That is the largest opening in history! That includes  surpassing “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows: Part II”, which earned a whopping one-hundred and sixty million dollars!

200 mil is kind of hard to beat. Well, until they make an Avengers II that is. That would be totally Awesome!

Anyway, the list of the highest film opening earnings are :

Biggest Weekends at the Box Office

Rank Date Movie Gross Theaters Per Theater Total Gross Days
1 5/4/2012 The Avengers $200,329,000 4,349 $46,063 $200,329,000 3
2 7/15/2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II $169,189,427 4,375 $38,672 $169,189,427 3
3 7/18/2008 The Dark Knight $158,411,483 4,366 $36,283 $158,411,483 3
4 3/23/2012 The Hunger Games $152,535,747 4,137 $36,871 $152,535,747 3
5 5/4/2007 Spider-Man 3 $151,116,516 4,252 $35,540 $151,116,516 3
6 11/20/2009 The Twilight Saga: New Moon $142,839,137 4,024 $35,497 $142,839,137 3
7 11/18/2011 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 $138,122,261 4,061 $34,012 $138,122,261 3
8 7/7/2006 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest $135,634,554 4,133 $32,817 $135,634,554 3
9 5/7/2010 Iron Man 2 $128,122,480 4,380 $29,252 $128,122,480 3
10 11/19/2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I $125,017,372 4,125 $30,307 $125,017,372 3
11 5/18/2007 Shrek the Third $121,629,270 4,122 $29,507 $122,536,609 3
12 3/5/2010 Alice in Wonderland $116,101,023 3,728 $31,143 $116,101,023 3
13 5/3/2002 Spider-Man $114,844,116 3,615 $31,769 $114,844,116 3
14 5/25/2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End $114,732,820 4,362 $26,303 $127,972,864 3
15 6/18/2010 Toy Story 3 $110,307,189 4,028 $27,385 $110,307,189 3
16 6/26/2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $108,966,307 4,234 $25,736 $200,077,255 5
17 5/20/2005 Star Wars Ep. III: Revenge of the Sith $108,435,841 3,661 $29,619 $158,449,700 4
18 5/21/2004 Shrek 2 $108,037,878 4,163 $25,952 $128,983,060 5
19 5/26/2006 X-Men: The Last Stand $102,750,665 3,690 $27,846 $102,750,665 3
20 11/18/2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire $102,685,961 3,858 $26,616 $102,685,961 3

As you can see, Avengers is currently at the top and the number is still getting higher as I type.  The next big movie that is released must have a large marketing team if they really want to compete.

But for now, these mighty superheroes have not only conquered New York, but they have conquered the box office for sure. See you later!

Nintendo 3ds Dragon Ball Z Game!

A little while ago, a rumor had spread that Nintendo will release it’s very own DBZ game for the Nintendo 3ds!

Although It is just a rumor, Bandai has assumed to have been working on a project after its newest game release for Xbox 360. A few screenshot have been release for a video game called DBZ KAI: BUTODEN. This is supposed to be a new video game that will be played in 3D. However, news has recently spread that the images released were for a game that had only been released in Japan several years ago for the Nintendo DSI. Whether or not a similar game will be released is not for certain.

I personally would like to see a 3DS game for DBZ. Many children own the 3DS and I feel that the sales that Bandai and Nintendo will make with these games will be very high. Many people would want to buy this game especially since it is in 3D!

The Life and Death of Oskar Schindler

Many people do not know of this man. A man who saved thousands from death. A man named Oskar Schindler.

Oskar Schindler was a man born on April 28, 1908 in Moravia. As a young man, Oskar was a business salesman. Having the gift of a great business man, Oskar Schindler became a very successful industrialist in Germany. His most important work was creating ammunition in factories for the German Government. The production of these materials became essential during the rise of Nazi Germany and the start of the second World war. In 1939, Oskar became a part of the Nazi party only to receive a source of income as an ammunition producer for the Nazi military. He did not agree with the imprisonment of Jews. But at that point of his life, he was only concerned with his money, his women, and success. To run his factory, he needed workers. At the time, Jewish men, women, and children could be bought and sold. Lists of names could be provided to the German government to hire his Jewish workers. They were fed and provided a home away from the chaos of the concentration camps. Oskar had hired a Jewish secretary and hundreds of factory workers. Jewish people requested for  Oskar Schindler to save various family members of the Jewish people from war. Oskar provided hope to many of the Jews. However, Oskar’s intentions were not to save anyone. He simply wanted to run his business and make money. Eventually, he felt fulfilled in his work and wished to leave his business.

Oskar Schindler had a change of heart. He cared for the Jewish people and made his goal to save more and more Jews. He became obsessed with writing lists of names to save lives. He made his workers swear not to ever produce real ammunition. They could only pretend to be working. He became a true savior to the Jews.

Soon, the war was over. He was member of the Nazi party. He would soon be arrested. On this day, Oskar said his final farewell to the Jews he had come to love. He fled for America, wishing he could have saved more.

Castro’s Cuba: The Control of Communism

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, born August 13, 1926, was dictator of Cuba from 1959 – 2008. Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul Castro, is currently maintaining Fidel’s position as “president” of Cuba. Fidel Castro led Cuba to depression, as millions of innocent people struggle in poverty each day.

Cuba is not what most people think. Tourists that travel there see only what the government wants them to see. White sandy beaches and Tropical resorts. But that is only the part of Cuba that the government shows to their visitors.

This is what Cuba really looks like:

What made Cuba come to this? The following explains the reason why Cuba is not as beautiful as it used to be.


The Cuban Revolution (1953-59) was led by Fidel Castro to gain “Independence” from an already pre-existing communist government.  Fulgencio Batista, the leader of this government, lost the battle against this rebellion on  January 1, 1959.  The first attack was made on the Moncada Barracks of Santiago and on the barracks in Bayamo. Among the rebels, five were killed in battle, and fifty-six were killed later by Batista’s soldiers. Castro was arrested and was sentenced to 15 years in the Presedio Modelo prison.

This was only a taste of things to come.


“I believe that there is no country in the world including any and all the countries under colonial domination, where economic colonization, humiliation and exploitation were worse than in Cuba, in part owing to my country’s policies during the Batista regime. I approved the proclamation which Fidel Castro made in the Sierra Maestra, when he justifiably called for justice and especially yearned to rid Cuba of corruption. I will even go further: to some extent it is as though Batista was the incarnation of a number of sins on the part of the United States. Now we shall have to pay for those sins. In the matter of the Batista regime, I am in agreement with the first Cuban revolutionaries. That is perfectly clear.”

U.S. President John F. Kennedy, interview with Jean Daniel, 24 October 1963

In June 1955, Fidel met and joined forces with the Argentine revolutionary Ernesto Guevara. They called themselves  “26th of July Movement”.

This “Anti-Communist” group stormed the Presidential Palace on March 13, 1957 and brutally murdered Batista and created a hacked all radio stations shortly afterwords to announce Batista’s death. Although it seems that this was a great victory for Cuba, this would soon be the start of a great downfall. Small battles against the remnants of the Batista Regime were successful. Radio Rebelde, a form of the resistance’s propaganda, was set up to announce the revolution’s victory. Rebel forces had spread all over Cuba, slowly deteriorating the last of the Batista Regime. It was not until July of 1959 that the Batista Regime battle in “La batalla de la Plata” and “La batalla de las Mercedes” that Finally were defeated. Multiple battles took place as the last of the Island’s Cities were captured.


Castro had won. Hell was about to break loose.

Castro had betrayed the huge following he had gathered by reforming the government to once again follow communism. Because of this, the beautiful Island of Cuba has not been given the freedom it deserves. And so, that is the story of Castro’s Cuba. The Cuba that agonizes every day because of his betrayal.

*NEW* “Angry Birds: SPACE” Available for download!

This is the Trailer for the newest Angry Birds video game!

This time, Rovio is taking the famous Angry Birds franchise into outer space with the new “Angry Birds: Space”!

Angry Birds space is about the dastardly space pigs who have come to earth in a cosmic storm to steal the famous eggs of the Angry Birds! Now, the birds have had their physical features changed due to the cosmic storm and are now looking more futuristic than ever! Rovio plans to have this game also become an educational tool as well. This game teaches you about NASA, Space, and it teaches you more about the physics in space. This new new game is going to definitely become Rovio’s newest bestselling video game!

To learn more about Rovio, go to: