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Different theories of blushing

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Some Interesting facts on Dreams

What exactly are dreams? Dreams are series of thoughts, images and occurrences that  happen in a persons mind during sleep. Dreams are truly extraordinary phenomenons that occur in the brain. Every person reading this has experienced some sort of dream. Whether it be a sad dream, a funny dream, or even a scary dream. Everyone has had one. But generally, everyone’s dreams are different based on what they could enjoy or most fear, and people may have different effects with dreams. Images, voices, scenes and pretty much every sensual and impressionistic thought under the sun are things that could occur in dreams. Dreams could be very personal as well. A dream could contain some of your deepest and darkest secrets or most private fantasies. There is truly no limit to what your mind could come up with. You could have the least creative mind on the planet and yet your dreams could be so heavenly and illusory, that you know your mind is more capable of anything you thought possible. Everyone has a brain, and everyone has to sleep. Thus, everyone has dreamed before.

Dreams also can portray things that are happening to yourself or someone else your life. Anything could trigger dreams in your lifetime. Happiness, stress, fear… A dream about an empty and endless box that you are stuck in could be the analogy of your feelings for an end-less job you are working for. Dreams are usually most bountiful when you are in the R.E.M stage of sleep. R.E.M is a rare sleep disorder and also known as the deepest stage of sleep. A large percentage of us have it. During this disorder, people tend to get very ferocious in their sleep causing them to kick, scream and react violently to their dreams. Dreams are actually the most clearest during this stage. Eyes are moving rapidly, your heart rate rises and paralysis of your skeletal muscles occur. Even though it sounds a bit frightening and such, it is actually is pretty cool because the paralysis stops you from actually and physically acting out your dreams. This R.E.M stage of sleep usually last a small short while, only taking a short percentage of your sleep cycle. Vivid dreaming arises and in fact, if you awake during this stage of sleep, you are more likely to remember the dream. Strangely enough though, we all dream every night even though it seems like we don’t. We just do not remember our dreams.

Our brains are so endless and full of anythings that we are even close to understanding most of it. Our brains try to determine reality through dreams; which is another theory to determining dreams. There have actually been a lot of theories to what dreams are. Others say that dreams are just a representation of pieces and thoughts from memories or actions turned into one mash up. Truly, the of the end of story is that dreams are absolutely random.

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Top 5 Beatles songs: According to “Rolling Stone” Magizine

Here is the full 100 best songs by the Beatles on the official Rolling Stone website. I’m here to skip to the top five-I would go to the top ten, but my classmates and peers here at the blog HQ don’t really care much for The Beatles and plus I should keep the article to a minimum size- and give a little information about the songs.

I started listening to Beatles music just recently now. But I had grown up with it my entire life. Even though when I listen to the song for the first time, it feels like I have heard that tune before, along with the words as well. Has that ever happened to you? Wow, that was off topic. So back to the original article I was about to show you! If you don’t like the Beatles but like good music then you should stay to read this. For this music has sat in the tops of the tops in legend even up until this day. The Beatles were a group that had started out in the beginning of the sixties. Ten years later and many albums later, they split up and the band mates Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison went there separate ways, Each of them still making music.

Up to this date today, almost half a century later, they are still up on top at the best group of all time, once again according to Rolling Stone magazine, and are till hopelessly missed by fans and groupies. Inspiring many by their great talent.

#5: “In my life”  – Listen

Writer: John Lennon

Album- “Rubber Soul”

– According to John, “It was the first real song that I wrote consciously about my life.” He had actually originally began writing it as an autobiographical poem before Paul had decided to turn it into a song. Actually, it was one of the only songs where they disagreed about who wrote the song, since both of them absolutely adored it.

#4: “Yesterday” Listen

Writer: Paul McCartney


– Before Paul had actually ever written the song, he knew had a good one coming. The melody strummed in his brain for two full years until one day, out of a dream it hit him. A few weeks later, after he had written lyrics, he jumped into the studio and recorded it with only two takes. Later that same day, George Martin their manager had the rest of the band mates dub in a string quartet. Short belated time passed until the song was credited in “Rolling Stone” magazine as a Lennon/McCartney song. Even though John had no involvement in the making of the song.

#3: “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Writer: John Lennon

Album- “Magical Mystery Tour”

Named after a Salvation Army house in Liverpool in Lennon’s youth, It certainly spoke from the youthful heart. “We were trying to write about Liverpool.” John told Rolling Stone in 1968. This song was written in Spain while John was making his movie “How I won the War”. Having backwards noises and psychedelic instrumentation, this song made the message clear. When he had finished up the song on a Spanish beach, he headed back to England and played it for the rest of the band mates. The song struck McCartney as just “Brilliant.”. Separate recordings were done and when the final recording was made, John wanted to submerge two of the recordings together to fit into one song.

#2: “I Want to Hold Your Hand” 

Writer: Lennon/McCartney

Album- Non Album Track

This was the song that made America fall in love with the Beatles and made them kings of the planet. No other British group had brought this much popularity to those shores of America. In 1964, they had gotten their dream. They had appeared on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9th and was drawing over 70 million viewers. Young people weren’t the only fans out there. The Beatles were inspiring to many American artists such as Poet Allen Ginsberg, Composer Leonard Bernstein, and even the famous Bob Dylan fell in love with “I Want to Hold Your Hand”.

#1: “A Day in the Life”-Listen-

Writer: Lennon/McCartney

Album- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Starting in the album as the epic closing song, this is apparently and arguably the best Lennon/McCartney song ever composed. In the song, they describe the usual morning routine of any ordinary person. Through the first part of the song, John spaces out in dreadful apprehension as he fawns over the newspaper, while Paul jumps out of bed and jumps onto the bus steadily with little time to spare. This type of aspect defines the creative bond between the two amazing song writers. That’s why one of the reasons this song is so spectacular.

Website review: Deviantart

“”, A website specifically designed for artists and writers around the world to post and show their works to others. It was founded in August 2000 and already, up to this day, has more than 13 million active accounts and users, and it’s the largest online network for artists and writers on the web. Deviantart allows its members to become Premium members, if they wish, to be able to get multiple different accesses to the website but unfortunately, this advancement would require a monthly payment that would contribute to the top contributors of the website and to the website itself. The Premium website provides a higher gain in development of your creativity on your profile. For example, my account, does not have the premium membership while other accounts have more accessibility to the progression of their journals and the progressions of their deviations or the stuff that they post.

Deviantart joins artists from around the world to be able to connect with each other and post their creative works with one another. From photography to illustrations, to fashion design and 3D art to poetry and literature, all of the above and more are accepted on DA. Even pieces with mature content will be accepted. But they require a mature content warning when you submit it. The process of plagiarism and copying art will not be tolerated on this website without some sort of recognition to the artist or writer responsible for the original art. But besides all rules and regulations, Deviantart is a very good spot for young and unrecognized artists and creative writers can be descried by others who are into the same interests.

I definitely recommend this site to responsible artists and writers who just want to connect with others and share their works.

Movie Review: Tranformers 3: Dark of the Moon

The famous “Transformers” icon has been around for ages. From toys to movies to TV shows and merchandise. Started by Hasbro in 1984, these popular action figures have been a fun resource and entertainment to everyone all ages. The toys popularity had started to grow rapidly and as it grew, Hasbro had decided to license a Television series. Time went by, and more Television shows came out as the plans for a real action live movie created images inside peoples mind.  Finally, In approximately 2005-2006, Michael Bay had decided to partner up with Hasbro and create the first Transformers movie.
The first movie than came out later in 2007.  Things seemed to be going good, So good that Micheal Bay decided to make a second one. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, which was released in 2009. The movie looked like it was going to continue on with the third in a sequel, and apparently it did so. On June 28, 2011, “Transformers: Dark of the moon”, the third in the sequel, hit theaters.
This Action, Sci-Fi adventure is approximately 2 & 1/2 hours and has a movie rating of PG-13. Courtesy of IMDB, for some of this information.

In my opinion, the movie was great. If you are a big “Transformers” fan, in general, like myself, than hopefully you would think the same. I had just seen “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” a few days before I had seen this, and honestly I enjoyed Transformers just a bit better. Not to put anything down on Harry Potter, because I am a huge Harry Potter fan as well as Transformers, but I was just expecting more from it… But that’s a whole other subject that I shall not get into… Anyway, “Transformers Dark of the Moon” is most, beyond any doubt, a movie to see. Full of Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, and Romance. Definitely worth the money.