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Why Do We Get Goose Bumps?

There are multiple reasons why people get goose bumps. Some times its because someone scared you. Your body tries to get as big as possible to scare away what just scared you. It does this by making the hair follicles on your body stand up. If we had as much hair on our body as our ancestors then you could see the difference. For example if you where to scare a cat then you would see the hair on its body stand up and make the cat appear to be bigger than it actually is. We use goose bumps as a defense mechanism.

Also when you are cold you will get goose bumps and it will make your hair stand up as well. If you had a lot of hair on your body then, you could see that the hair would form a insulating layer of air, that looks like protective shell to keep your body warm. This means that goose bumps can actually save your life. You can shiver or goose bumps when you feel any sort of surprise, an intense emotion, or in music. A increase or decrease in volume, the moment a singer begins to sing, and a powerful voice of a singer can case goose bumps.

If you hear something or feel something that relates to a lost loved one or an emotional time in your life can cause them as well. Goose bumps are just one false alarm that your body sets of in order to protect you. There are multiple other false alarms that your brain sets of and goose bumps are just a small part in those alarms.


How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You!

A lie is an intentionally false statement. In your life time you will lie over 88,000 times. Which means you will lie about 4 times a day.  All lies are not actually bad, some can save your reputation, your job, or maybe even your life, etc. But it is never good to not tell the truth. It is always good to know if someone is lying to you in the first place. There are multiple  ways to tell if someone is lying to you,  here is a few.

Body Language

If the person is not moving much when they are talking to you. A person who is not lying would be moving around or taking up more space. If they are not making eye contact or looking away from you while their speaking. If the person is touching their face, throat, mouth, nose, or behind their ear they are most likely lying. Sweating or fidgeting is also another sign, as well as less friendly and not in a good mood.

Physical Signs

If their pupil is dilated that means that they are stressed over something and that can relate to a lie. A raise in there vocal pitch is another sign. When someone is faking an emotion like a smile, their whole body won’t be involved. Like when you actually smile your jaw and cheeks move, but that won’t happen if you are lying.

Verbal Signs

A guilty person would speak more naturally and add unnecessary details. The sentences on a lair will be muffled and not spoken clearly. If they use humor or sarcasm they are most likely lying.  Like a liar would say something like “I did not do it” instead of ” I didn’t do it” not using proper grammar.

I hope that this will help you find out if you are not being told the whole truth. Good luck lie hunting!

Microsoft Sells AOLs Patents

Microsoft just bought 925 of AOL’s pattens for 1 billion but AOL kept 300. Then Microsoft turned around and sold them some of them to different companies like facebook for 550 million just for 650 out of 925 patents. Facebook will also get the license to use the patents that Microsoft bought. I think that this is ridiculous because Microsoft should not just be able to by something like the AOL patents and turn around and sell them for more than just a couple are worth. So, now just by doing a trade off with AOL, Facebook, and other companies Microsoft made money.

They also had to make a special deal so that the companies would not sue each other for millions of dollars.  So, now what a lot of people are wondering is what is Microsoft going to do with 275 pattens? Some are saying that Microsoft turned there back on Yahoo because they wanted to buy the pattens. Facebook and Yahoo has been in a lawsuit for a while now and now the patents can help Facebook win the lawsuit. But Yahoo said that Facebook has violated 10 of the patents so there is no way to tell who will win. On May 17th 2012 Facebook will launch its IPO or initial public offering. Some are saying that it will be shut down on May 16th 2012, so they can work on the system but nothing is official yet.

The Top 25 Artists

Here is the top 25 music artists of 2012 so far over the year. I think that The Beatles should replace Justin Bieber on this list. Also, Adele deserves the top spot on this because she is also number 1 around multiple other countries and almost all around the world.

1) Adele

2) Rhianna

3) Katy Perry

4) Lady Gaga

5) Lil Wayne

6) Bruno Mars

7) Nicki Minaj

8) Taylor Swift

9)  Justin Bieber

10) Chris Brown

11) Black Eyed Peas

12) Eminem

13) Jason Aldean

14) Britney Spears

15) Wiz Khalifa

16) P!nk

17) Pitbull

18) Kanye West

19) Ke$ha

20) Lady Antebellum






This is not my personal opinion and I got it off the internet. The website I got this information from is

Valentines Day Dance!

It’s now almost time for the Valentines day dance. This event is on Friday February 10th at 7:00 to 9:00 inside of the auditorium. It is for middle school only. It is  just a fun get together where kids bring games and movies to entertain themselves for a couple of hours. There is some dancing but not really any. They do also crown King and Queen, Prince and Princess, then Joker. Only some people dress up but you do not have to just something nice will do. There will be food served there like a bunch of candy and snacks. They are serving dinner as well and that will be a taco bar. There will be music played all over the auditorium and there will be over 40 songs played from different genras picked by the 8th grade and 7th grade. There will be a lot of fun games and prises you could win as well like candy and a CD of all of the music. There will be a raffle where you can win these items as well. I hope you have a great time!

Zac Brown Band

The Zac Brown Band is a country band made up of 6 guys. The main singer and guitarist is Zac Brown, while Jimmy De Martini plays the violin and is also a vocalist. John Driskell Hopkins plays the bass and is also a vocalist, with Coy Bowles playing the Guitar and Organ.  Clay Cook plays guitar, organ, mandolin, pedal steal, and also provides vocals. Chris Fryars plays the drums. They have sung with multiple famous singers like Jimmy Buffett and others. They appeared literally out of no ware and they became a hit super fast. But they could only do something like this with amazing songs like “Toes”, “Chicken Fried”, “As Shes Walking Away”, and many more. Their album “You Get What You Give” is already out in stores. I hope that you like this band as much as I do.

Book Review: Hollow Fields

“Hollow Fields” is a book about a little girl named Lucy Snow. She was traveling to an all girls boarding school and once a strange man gives her directions to a school that turns young boys and girls into evil scientists. Lucy was very surprised when she saw that she does not take normal classes like math and science. Her text books said the math of evil robots. And the ways to create an evil robot. Lucy snow already signed a contract however, so she is not allowed to leave the school. every Friday a child with the lowest scores in school goes to detention in the windmill. That did not sound to bad to her until she figured out that no one ever comes back from the windmill. She was doing horrible in her classes but still trying to find a way out and she found a little talking box inside of the library when she was trying to escape. He is helping Lucy with her school work so she does not get sent to the windmill.

This is an adventure and mystery book. It has 3 books in the series. It is also a manga or graphic novel. I would recommend this for children 10 years or older due to the language in the story. For me I wold rate it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: You dont know me

“You Don’t Know Me” is by David Klass.This book is about a teen named John that is trapped in the worst type of trap, a 14 year old life. He goes to a school that he calls “anti-school” because aren’t you supposed to learn at school, because if so where does he go every day? He also has a father that’s not a father because he is not related to him in any way. He also is stuck with this man because his actual mother had to leave to take care of her dying and sick aunt. So John is going through a hard time but the only thing that kinda understands him is his tuba which is not a tuba because it sounds like a dying frog.

I would recommend this book for the ages 13 and up because there is some violence and inappropriate language. Overall this was a good book I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.

The Band Perry

The Band Perry is made up of three siblings, whom are all from Grenville,TN. Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry, and Neil Perry make up the band. Kimberly is the main vocalist. Her two brothers are the back up singers and they both play many different instruments. Kimberly was 15 when they started the band, Reid was 10, and Neil was the baby of the group and was 8. On February 2011 there album sold 500,00 copies which means it went gold. On February 2011 also there song “If I Die Young” was nominated for the Best Country Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards. They are a great group/band  and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


The number one artist in the world is now Adele. She is a British pop singer. Her newest album, “21” came out recently with her hit singles “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep”. She has touched many peoples hearts. When Adele was 14, she discovered that she wanted to be a singer. She never liked writing poetry, but she loved reading it. Adele has vocals that will blow you away. She wrote all of her songs about one guy, and he tried to claim the money because he eligibly caused the inspiration.