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What Is Your Favorite Tv Show??

What is your favorite TV show?? There many TV shows to choose from. Some deal with your mind. Others are just fun to watch and are just fictional. I chose some TV shows from different genres like horror, fictional, mind, and other genres. Pick from the ten I put on this poll or you can add one to the poll.


Mechanical Commando 2

Mechanical Commando 2 is a game that falls into the categories: robot, action, shooter, science fiction, and upgrades. Mechanical Commando 2 is a fun-filled game that you can play on,, and a few more other websites. Once you play the game, you get sucked into the game and you can’t get out, it’s like an illusion you can’t stop staring at. Mechanical Commando 2 is a very fun game.

When you play Mechanical Commando 2, there is a hangar where you can upgrade and change how your robot looks, how good your robot is on defense, speed, and power. You can change your weapons so that you can be very powerful so that you can shoot certain enemies with fewer shots, you can change your cockpit so that you can be very defenseful so that when they shoot you, it won’t deal much damage, and you can change your legs so that you can be very fast and you can easily dodge the enemies bullets and the legs also tell how much weight you can put on it, so don’t put too much weight otherwise you will not be able to play with that robot. There are also special components that give you a boost on certain abilities.

There will be levels that are pretty tough and make you change your strategy on how to beat the level. So that’s all I will tell you, so if you are very curious about this game then GO PLAY IT!!!!! ūüėÄ


Kongregate_logoKongregate is a website that has many games that you would love to play. It has many categories such as action, multiplayer, shooter, adventure & rpg, beta testing, strategy & defense, puzzle, tutorials, mmo, and music & more. You can also look at hot new games to see what games are new inside Kongregate. You can also make an account to check what recent games you have played, you can also add your favorite games, chat online, and many more things.

When you go on Kongregate, there will be this box that switches games in a box form that tells you the featured games. There will be games from almost every category. There will also be achievements you can get from playing games on Kongregate (only for people who have accounts). You can also gain points from earning them from getting achievements from playing games. You can also add games in your playlist. You can friend other people that you know, too. You can send messages to other players and they can reply back.

Now I will tell you a little about my account. My account name is LunarShield5 and you can friend me if you want. I am level 7 (for now) and I have few games in my favorites. I love to play action, rpg, mmo, and robot games. So join me in the battle of humanity!!

Cyclomaniacs 2


Cyclomaniacs 2 is a game  that falls under the categories fun, exciting, racing, bike, and sports. Cyclomaniacs 2 is a game where you are a character with a certain bike and you have to do the missions it tells you to do like do 10 back flips, finish in 5th place or higher, get 10 seconds of air time, etc. When you beat one or both of the missions you will either be able to go to the next level or get a new character. When you beat the mission to go to the next level, you will usually get an item like a ticket to Easter Island, or a dinosaur compass, or a guide book, etc.

There are many different levels in this game. There are levels that take place in a parking lot, in a meadow with a mountain range background, and many other places that you can go look for. The place it tells you where the level might take place and the missions might give you a hint on what the ground might be like, such as maybe it might be flat, or bumpy, or maybe going up a mountain, etc. There are many levels to beat. Also there are a few hidden things that unlock “who knows what” mysteries.

There is also an upgrade room that allows you to upgrade your speed, acceleration, spin, brake, jump, boost, and mini-game (?). When you upgrade your speed, you are upgrading how fast you go and when you upgrade acceleration, you upgrade how fast you get to your top speed. When you upgrade the spin, you upgrade how fast you spin and when you upgrade your boost, you upgrade how easy you can get the boost on tricks.When you upgrade your jump, you upgrade how high you jump and when you upgrade your brake, you upgrade how fast you stop. The minigame upgrade, I am not sure what it does, but PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!


What is your favorite color? Each color has a meaning. You can pick any color. You can pick red, orange, yellow, or colors that aren’t in the poll like cyan, turquoise, electric green, red-orange, red-violet, infra-red, ultra-violet, and many more other colors.

White: purity, peace, innocence, youth, good, winter, snow, precision

Red: excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression

Orange: energy, vibrant, enthusiasm, warmth, balance, flamboyant

Yellow: joy, happiness, optimism, sunshine, summer, gold, friendship

Green: nature, environment, good luck, healthy, generosity, jealousy

Blue: peace, cold, calm, harmony, sky, water, truth, trust, tranquility

Purple: royalty, nobility, wisdom, cruelty, mysterious, arrogance

Black: power, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, unhappiness, depth

Green Day

green dayGreen Day is an awesome band. One of my friends is a major fan of them and loves Billie Joe Armstrong. This is an American band created in 1987. The band’s lead vocalist and guitarist is Billie Joe Armstrong, the bassist and backing vocalist is Mike Dirnt, the drummer is Tr√© Cool, and the guitarist and backing vocalist is Jason White. The older band members were John Kiffmeyer, who used to be the drummer, and Sean Hughes.

This band plays music like punk rock, pop punk, and alternative rock. Billie Joe Armstrong  was born February 17, 1972 and is an American rock musician. In 1987, when he was 15, he formed a band called Sweet Children with his friend Mike Durnt. Mike Durnt was born May 4, 1972 and is also an American rock musician. He is best known as the bassist, backing vocalist and the co-founder of Green Day. Green Day is an awesome band.

They made many albums such as the most recent which is ¬°Uno!, ¬°Dos!, and ¬°Tr√©!. In the ¬°Uno! album, there are songs like Nuclear Family, Stay The Night, Carpe Diem, Let yourself go, and many more other songs. In the ¬°Dos! album, there is See You Tonight, Stop When The Red Lights Flash, Lazy Bones, Wild One, and so many more songs that you should listen to. Last, but not least, the ¬°Tre! album, there are plenty of songs in this album like Brutal Love, Walk Away, The Forgotten, Drama Queen, and plenty more other songs. Well, that’s about Green Day, you need to listen to Green Day, they make very good songs.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense and strategy game set in the medieval times. There are different levels in different areas with different terrain setups. There are empty lots set up in different sections of the level where you can buy and place an archer tower, barracks, mages, or a dwarven bombard. Each of them deal a certain amount of damage to certain enemies. Some enemies have certain defenses against certain weapon systems. Plus certain weapon systems have slow reloading, very fast reloading, etc. You can also upgrade the weapon systems and sell certain weapon systems to get what you really wanted.

When you win, you’ll get a certain amount of stars, depending on how many enemies you let go into the place your defending. With these stars you can upgrade the towers abilities and other things. You can also use reinforcements during the game and use a meteor storm to kill the enemies, but they each have a certain cool-down time. You can also upgrade the meteor storm and the reinforcements.

Some enemies have certain defenses against certain weapon systems. Take the orc for an example, it has armor that is strong against the soldiers from the barracks, but is weak against the mages. It is the same with a few other enemies. You can also buy heroes from the heroes room using stars. Some have certain strengths on certain powers, like one can have high health, but low melee. Kingdom Rush is a very fun game.

Kongregate Recommended.

What Are Your Favorites?

01. What is your favorite color?

02. What is your favorite sport?

03. What is your favorite genre of music?

04. Who is your favorite band?

05. What is your favorite restaurant?

06. What is your favorite game console?

07. What is your favorite tv show?

08. What is your favorite brand of shoes?

09. Who is better: Green Day or Linkin Park?

10. Where do you like to go to eat?

These are my answers:

#01. Blue
#02. Football and Soccer
#03. Rock
#04. Linkin Park
#05. Fireside Pizza (what used to be RedBrick’s Pizza)
#06. Xbox 360
#07. Naruto Original and Shippuden
#08. Nike or Adidas
#09. Linkin Park
#10. Home to my mom’s cooking

Post in the comment section what your favorite’s are. Hope to see some cool things!! =D

Learn To Fly 2: The Game


Learn To Fly 2 is a game with a penguin that is getting revenge off of a message that he saw on Facebook which is “penguins can’t fly”, then the penguin got frustrated and went outside and bought some materials to fly. In this game you are trying to slide a sack as far as you can, as high as you can, as long as you can, as fast as you can, and trying to destroy the obstacles. There are different kinds of upgrades for this game, you can upgrade your ramp height and length, you can get better sleds, get better gliders or choppers, get better rockets, get better payload which is the sack, and get better fuel amounts. There is also a shop where you can get different bonuses on different stuff like fuel, gravity, reduce speed loss, boost efficiency and many other things.

During the flight you can measure yourself, so you can get better distance and better flight. The main things I usually use on Learn To Fly 2 would be the best glider, not chopper, best payload without explosions and stuff, get the best toggled boost which means like using the boost at different times instead of using it all at once, and the best sled without a takeoff. I wish luck to all of you, so you can hit the wall and prove those jerks wrong that penguins can fly. I believe I can fly high, I believe I can touch the sky.

Flight: The Game

Picture 11Flight is a game of a note folded into a paper airplane and is thrown from one city to another and another. The objective is to pick up the plane and throw it as far as you can. There are different things you can get during the flight, you can get stars that give you $5 per star, you can get swans that are a multipliers to the stars (when you get one swan, you’ll get $10 a star, when you get two swans, you’ll get $15 a star), and when you get a windmill, you will get a burst of wind, which gives you a boost. You can upgrade all of this stuff so you can fly faster, longer, and have more fun.

There are different types of upgrades. You can get a better plane model, upgrade to be lightweight, upgrade to be aerodynamic, have rudder control, have better throwing power, get a fire engine (which is activated by the space bar), get a crane booster, get a lucky star, get green fuel, get hurricane (a boost on the windmills), get an emergency booster, get rainbow stars, get a better crane duration, get a wind detector, and last but not least, the mystery upgrade. Each one of these upgrades are important to the game. You can also design your airplane by color or pattern.

There are also different achievements you can achieve. There are 24 different achievements you can get. The achievements you can get are obtained by collecting 20 stars, reaching the altitude of 15 meters, traveling 200 meters in one single flight, flying for one minute, and plenty of other tasks. When you play this game, your mind will be set to reach the goal.