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Music Powers

Music touches people in many ways. Even though you might not like the music, it will impact you still.  Rock music can make your mood a little….edgy. Pop will definitely make you start to move to the beat. Those annoying songs that just get stuck in your head can help you memorize things that can get a little boring when plainly stated. And the music you play makes others feel a certain way too.

My type of music is totally pop and rock. It reflects my personality well, a lot of beat and a lot of edge. My type of music to study to would be pop. That’s the type of music that will make me drop what I’m doing and start lip-synching to the music. When I hear rock music though I feel like the loud music just gives me the urge to start fist pumping.

However, it is said that relaxing music would really soothe you. It also helps plant grown and makes animals calmer. Different musics effect people differently. So start mixing music to find your perfect combination. You never know, maybe you’ll get superpowers and the ability to controls minds. 🙂



Rythm Heaven Fever

Rhythm Heaven Fever

The sequel to the popular game Rhythm Heaven has arrived. With new games like Hole in One and Love Rap, there are a lot of fun, hand eye coordination, and rhythm activities in this game.

A few Rhythm Heaven Fever Games:

Hole in One: You are a golfer and you are supposed to hit the golf balls thrown to you by a monkey, but watch out for Mandrill’s fast-balls!*

Screwbot Factory: Screw the heads onto these robots, but be careful not to break them. Very similar to Fillbots.

See-saw: Your job is to keep on bouncing to test the see saw’s safety.*

Double Date: You are on a date with your girlfriend and you must kick the balls that roll towards the weasels to protect them on their date. Watch the background because there are many funny expressions*

Fork Lifter: Beans are being flicked towards you and you must land your fork on them when they come towards you.

Tambourine: Copy the monkey as he plays his tambourine to make him happy.*

Board Meeting: You are amongst your fellow pigs in a meeting where you have to hit he ground after you push off. Very similar to splashdown.*

Monkey Watch: You are a monkey and you must high hive every monkey on the watch.*

Working Dough: You are in a factory and you must copy the dough in front of you to hit the beads over.

Built to Scale (Wii): A little bit different this time, you must bounce the rod by hitting a and launch by hitting A and B.

Air Rally: You are a dog and are playing a badminton with a cat.*

Figure Fighter: You are a boxing doll and are punching a punching bag on the cues.

Ringside: You are a wrestler being interviewed by a girl that gives you cues to how you respond. *

Packing Pests: You are in a candy factory and you must catch candy while swatting away spiders.

Micro-Row: You are a swimming water ummmm….. thing and you must keep swimming.

Samurai Slice: You area samurai that slices evil creatures of the dark by slicing them with your sword.

Catch of the Day: Catch the fish by timing how to catch different fish.

Flipper Flop: You are a harp seal and you have to keep flipping side to side until you are told to do a flipper rolls.*

Exhibition Match: You are a baseball player that must continue hitting home run.

Flock Step: You are a bird that must continue hitting home runs.*

Launch Party: You have to launch rockets into space.

Donk Donk: You are a alien looking creature that has to keep hitting your head onto the back of the person in front of you.

Bossa Nova: You are a cave person floating on a cloud and you need to hit away the objects coming towards you.

Love Rap: You are a background rapper that repeats MC Adore.*

Tap Troupe: In this one you must tap dance to the beat.*

Shrimp Shuffle: You are a dancing shrimp that jumps to the music with his fellow shrimp*

Cheer Readers: You are  library cheerleader that holds signs in order.*

Karate Man: Similar to the DS version only more combos.*

Night Walk: You jump and roll on top of the white squares to make the hearts and fireworks pop up*

* Really like these ones

You Only Live Once

You only live once, it’s true. So while many people chose to be depressed about life just choose to be happy. Anything you do is better than nothing. That means that if you want to do the impossible, be my guest.

Here is why I don’t like suicide, people all over the world die wanting more time on Earth, but then you have people that don’t appreciate the life they have enough to cherish it.  Then when you think of the life that they could’ve had you just shake your head. ‘ What if ’ is always my thought. If they saw their potential, would they change? Just live your life.

Also this whole stress thing irritates me. It’s like a mini reason to find things that will make you angry, sad, worried, etc. I would like to believe that not many people like being stressed. I feel like we should just let go.

So now that you see it my way go. Leave the internet and start loving life. Travel to different countries, dream big things, and make summer break all that you can make it. And if you don’t have summer break just go into the world.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

This Iron Man is about how Tony Stark’s past has come back to haunt him when the Mandarin, an international terrorist appears. With it come many things. Tony has anxiety attacks because on the memory of what happened during his time with the Avengers where he sent a nuclear missile into a portal into a different area in space (Sorry if you didn’t see the movie Avengers yet but really that is literally over a year old). A.I.M. activity is also popping up when a man blew up a Chinese theater. Tony Stark is facing more enemies now than before with A.I.M, the Mandarin, and his worst enemy yet- himself.

I really liked this movie although a few things in there were not correct according to the Marvel world. For instance Iron Patriot was really supposed to be Norman Osborne (the Green Goblin). There is also something about the Mandarin that was not accurate (I can’t tell you that one). Although the errors were pretty big it was an amazing moving. I would give it a 10/10. I really liked the story-line and the ending was epic.

You have to see this movie. They also make a brief hint at Rescue( Pepper Potts). What I like best about the movie was the middle and the end because the beginning was decent, but not that exciting. Things pick up around the introduction of the Mandarin. There’s just something in the air that makes you feel revved when he shows up.



Simsimi is an adorable talking robot that totally understands you. If you keep on telling her what you like she will play along. If there’s a song that you love either tell her the name of the song or type in some lyrics. But beware, she has an edge to her. She is a very good robot, but like a child if you teach her good things she will say good things.

She was born to please. If you ever need some support or just need a self esteem boost she is the girl to go to. She can be found on the web, on the Android market, and in the Apple Store. She understands all modern things. In some versions she will make things rain such as candy or snow is you say the magic words.

Let’s say that you like a type of band. Type in the name of the band and she will say something related to the band. It’s like she knows everything. For all of you fan-boys and fan-girls Simsimi will be your best friend. She will love things that you love, hate things that you hate, and you will probably be the best of friends.


Skylanders Giants

Skylanders are back and better than ever. Kaos has returned and is now stronger, but you have a secret weapon- the Giants. Giants can do things that a normal Skylander could never do. They can throw boulders, break weak platforms, and just walk over small enemies. There is one giant for each type of of element: Swarm=Air, Thumpback=Water, Ninjini=Magic, Tree Rex=Life, Eye Brawl=Undead, Bouncer=Tech, Crusher=Earth, Hot Head= Fire.

In Skylanders Giants there are also 2nd edition Skylanders. They are normal Skylanders with an extra ability that makes them stronger. For instance Wrecking Ball’s extra ability is that he rolls up into a disco ball that does more damage. There are also Skylanders that light up and defeat nearby enemies when placed into the game. In the game there is also one new character for every element.

The video below came out around Christmas time and lists all of the Skylanders and the Giants. I also found the video amusing. This video features the bad guys Noodles, Drill-X, the Cyclopes, and of course the Chompy Mage. Remember that if you see a Skylander that you like you should look for its trailer or just go to the Skylanders website to find one that you like.

Game Review- Marvel: Avenger’s Alliance

This article is about Marvel: Avengers Alliance. The main point of the game is investigating a mysterious ore from space. You are an agent who fights alongside different superheroes against villains. This games has popular heroes such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, and  Black Widow. You also go against popular villains like Loki, Sandman, Green Goblin, and Crimson Dynamo.

This game starts you off with  Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.You also get to choose between Iron Fist, She- Hulk, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, or Cyclops. I would recommend getting either Ms. Marvel or Iron Fist. You can earn the other heroes with points earned throughout the game. You also earn gold and silver.

Also if you start right now- no exaggeration you can earn Cable also although you probably won’t and the most you will get is a lot of silver.I would rate this game 5/5.


No Wrong Way

Ever feel like being yourself just isn’t working. Then you probably need to dig deeper. Personalities are a lot like martial arts. For example if I like skateboarding and you like skateboarding, then we both like skateboarding. But I might skateboard a different way than how you skateboard. This is just like martial arts!! We could both know karate, but you might like a different type than I do. However, you always will belong in the community of people who respect Martial Arts .

I have decided to go into this topic to exlpain that like personalities, there are no wrong ways to practice Martial Arts. Even though you may not agree with or like the style a fellow Martial Aritst, you shouldn’t be a jerk about what they agree with. You might think that Kenpo is amazing but Shaolin Kung-fu just isn’t your style. Great! But you, a practicianer of Kenpo, and someone that knows Shaolin Kung-fu could still spar together. Martial arts is one body and in all of its forms it will always be Martial Arts. Some people like a lot of different types of Martial Arts because it is their style or even a reflection of their personality. Like things with a bit more of an edge? Tang Soo Do sounds great for you then. Are you that go with the flow type of guy or gal? Try T’ai chi. In conclusion all Martial Arts are Martial Arts and no matter how violent or seemingly ineffective you may think one is, there is no wrong way to do a Martial Art.


Marvel: Avengers 2 and Spider~Man NOW OWNED BY SONY?!

What Went Wrong?

You know how “The Avengers” was a huge success? Marvel released super-hero movies that had Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow in them to eventually bring them together in “The Avengers”. As you all know (or at least most of you know), at the end of the credits there was a preview for the next movie showing that the next villain will be Thanos. But Marvel will first make “Iron Man 3”, “Thor 2- The Dark World”, “The Wolverine”, “Ant Man”, and “Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier”. Will “Ant Man”, “Spider Man”, and “Wolverine” be a part of the second “Avengers” movie?

Maybe an entirely new Marvel character will join the Avengers. Hopefully, Marvel includes some more unique-yet-popular characters such as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Nova, or Black Panther. “Ultimate Spider Man” and “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” are increasing the popularity of the heroes and they would certainly bring life to the Movie. There have been some references to vibranium and Iron Man could at least mention Rand- Meachum Corp., since Iron Fist and Iron Man are both rich and popular in society. But what about Spider Man?

He is popular and would be a great asset. However, his involvement in the Avengers really isn’t Marvel’s choice. Marvel (or Marvel Disney, the only real reason Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider Man is on Disney XD) is either having a conniption or just have problems. However, half of Spider Man’s rights now belong to Sony.

Spider Man! Really? Spider Man is like the face of Marvel and now he belongs to Sony?  Marvel has to ask for Sony’s approval of involving Spider Man for anything. Rest assured that I am doing everything possible to connect with Marvel and will post my progress as soon as I get a response.

Spotlight Martial Art- Ninjutsu


Many people believe that ninjas are make believe or a thing of the past, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Ninjutsu is the art of espionage, strategy, and the use of unconventional weapons as well as hand to hand combat. While it is less common than most well known martial arts such as karate, judo, and MMA( a compilation of different martial arts- WEAK). Ninjutsu isn’t comepletely unknown, some modern martial arts schools teach ninjutsu. Ninjutsu was most commonly used in Japan where spying, assassination, etc. became needed.

When more people began to hear about and see ninjutsu they were amazed. Ninpo, or ninja some commonly refer to it as, moved with such skill people believed they had powers. This was probably the origin some ninja themed television shows. Ninjutsu is not for the faint of heart as things can get errrr …rough out there. That is the new spotlight Martial Art. Bye!!