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The Popularity Papers

This book is about two girls named Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang that are best friends. They only have one goal to be popular but apparently they’re not. They’re the lamest kids at school.  For example, in an attempt to become popular, Julie dyed her hair blonde but it ended up all falling out.   So, now they’re writing down everything that is happening to them. While they are trying to become popular some problems occur. As the school year is passing they are failing more and more on their goal to become popular. And while that is happening their relationship is failing too.

This book is  funny as well as adventurous. It also gives you tips on becoming popular. You can find this book at your local book store or in a local library. The author has a great website I have really enjoyed every second of reading this book and I hope you do too. Happy reading to all of you in the internet world.