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The Lying Game Book Vs. The Lying Game Show

Lying game 2lying game bookThe lying game is a book as well as an abc tv series. The book starts with Emma. She is with a foster family and her foster brother is like devil spawn. She gets framed for stealing her foster mothers money by her foster brother. 

She then hits her brother with a tennis racket and runs away. The story is written in Sutton’s Ghost’s point of view. She is strangled to death with her own necklace more than once. The first couple of times she makes it out but 3rd times the charm. Emma is supposed to live her identical twin sisters life in order to find out how she died.

The show on the other hand starts the same way, but both sisters are alive and video-chat a lot. Emma runs away from home and goes to see Sutton at the bus station. Sutton pulls Emma into the bathroom and tells her to switch clothes with her, so that Emma can live Suttons life while Sutton goes off to look for their birth mother. Sutton tells Emma that she will only be gone for 2 days and that they will meet in a cabin at 10:00 pm.However, when Sutton doesn’t show up Emma gets worried. The book and show are both very good and the show is very interesting.


Book Review: Animal Farm

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell, is a book about a group of animals that are fed up with their oppressive leader, Mr. Jones. The “important” main characters are Snowball, Boxer, Napoleon, and Mr. Jones. This book talks about the ordeals that the animals face when making an independent society. An interesting fact about this book is that it is based on the events that led up to the Russian Revolution.

The story starts out with the story of Old Major, a wise old pig and highly respected leader. He is aware that his time on Earth is about to come to an end. Old Major decides to gather every animal and spread his wisdom to them before he died. During his speech he explains his idea of animalism and tells his fellow animals or comrades that it is time to rebel against Mr. Jones. A few days later Old Major dies peacefully in his sleep and the animals are left with his wise words. Will the animals hold a successful rebellion or will they fail?

A few days after Old Major’s death, the animals attack and drive out Mr. Jones and his wife. A pig named Snowball takes the lead and commands his comrades to build a windmill. All of the animals are ecstatic as they won their independence from Mr. Jones. They all work hard and happily as they feel free and are finally allowed to roam in the pasture. Sadly, Snowball was not the leader he seems to be.

After successfully building the windmill Napoleon, a boar, drives Snowball out of the farm with his dogs. He explains that Snowball was a spy of Mr. Jones and that he had stole his idea for a windmill. At night, the windmill is destroyed and Napoleon accuses Snowball for this happening. Napoleon then becomes the leader figure and focuses on conservation and efficiency. Problems arise when neighboring farms try to capture Animal Farm and when animal commandments are altered. Will the animals maintain a fair society and hold on to the idea of animalism?

My opinion on this book is that it is very interesting and fun to read. It surprises you early on and keeps you wanting more. It shows the reader how a society can corrupt slowly over time and how easy it is to be deceived by your leaders The story gets more and more surreal as it reaches he end and it has a satisfying, yet creepy climax. The ending makes you wonder what happens after the story….

Iron Fist- A Hero Without Recognition

This week I’ve decided to walk away from this whole What to Do thing because of a huge injustice that has occurred to me. In my last article I talked about Iron Fist, a martial arts master that can use his chi in many ways. But, after I wrote the article I realized that very few people know about him or use him in Marvel things. In Ultimate Spider-Man Iron Fist is portrayed as a spacey type of person that says a lot of wise things while in all actuality Iron Fist talks like a normal person. He also has better fighting skills than portrayed but I am pretty sure, or at least I hope, that the team’s potential will show later in the series.

While Iron Fist isn’t a very popular hero, his popularity is growing. On Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Iron Fist and his partner Luke Cage (Power Man in Ultimate Spider-Man), were in the episode “To Steal an Ant-Man” and had a cameo in the episode “Yellowjacket”. Iron Fist is also in the games Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Avenger’s Alliance. He is not in many video/computer games, I hope he is in Marvel Heroes, and just a superhero that is just not well known.

Here are some reasons he would be great superhero video/ computer game character.

  • He has melee, ranged, and healing attacks
  • He would probably double jump
  • He is raw power
  • He would be a great variety and is lethal

(These are basic reasons and I could name much more)

All in all Iron Fist is just a cool superhero and would definitely be somebody that is just meant to be in a video game. He must also be in more things like children’s comics. So if by some improbable chance that anybody from Marvel Universe is reading this you now know is my humble request, also please add some more Nova things to Marvel media.

Book Review: Hex Hall Series

The Hex Hall is a series of books about this girl named Sophie. The first book is “Hex Hall” it’s about Sophie who is a witch, and is having to go to a school named Hex Hall. Hex Hall is a place for not just witches, but all magical creatures. When she gets there she hopes ever thing just might be normal, but she was wrong . Her roommate is a vampire who loves pink, named Jenna. She has a huge crush on the bad boy named Archer.  The 3 most popular witches in the school hate her, and she has a ghost following her around. The first book is Hex Hall in the series, Sophia time in the book is spent at the school.  In the next two books “Demon Glass” and “Spellbound”, the location is not just at the school,  she’s visits different place.

The second book in the Hex Hall series is “Demon Glass”.  Sophie goes with her dad to England over the summer, to learn more about her new found powers. When she goes to England she brings her best friend (Jenna, who is the pink loving vampire) and her fiancé Cal . Should I add, her dad and her are demons  and they add two in this book. The 3rd book out of the hex hall series is “Spell Bound”. It turned out she can’t trust any of the teachers from the school (Hex Hall).  Because everyone she cares about is in danger and might be dead, her mom turned out to be from a family of monster hunters and she can’t use her powers because someone put a spell on them.  So, she is unable to do magic and the only way she can get her power back is if she goes back to the school.

This is a really good series. It is good for teens 13 and older. There are parts that may not be good for younger kids. The book is full of action, and has humor. The second book has a awesome cliff hanger. Trust me once you start this book you can’t stop till it ends.  I give it a 9.8 out of 10.  The books were written by Rachel Hawkins.

Book Review: Catching Fire

This book was released on September 9, 2009 and was written by Suzanne Collins. This book is part of a trilogy called the “Hunger Games Trilogy”. This book’s predecessor was The Hunger Games and it’s successor was Mocking Jay.

This book is about the aftermath of the Hunger Games. Katniss and Peeta have gotten a better house for their family and they have become wealthier. However Katniss is informed that her stunt at the end of the hunger games has had a negative affect on the audience that was watching it and has lead to riots in district 8. Katniss and Peeta are also forced to get married because the capitol wants to keep the public from knowing the truth. Katniss now has to convince the public to stop the riots while preparing for the next special hunger game called the “Quarter Quell” in which past tributes battle to see who’s the best.

I thought this book didn’t live up to the expectations that everyone had, but the second half of the book makes up for it, but not enough to fill all expectations. The story wasn’t bad, but It would’ve been better if it had more action in it. I recommend this book to people who would like more back story on some of the characters and for those who really enjoyed the first book. I give this book a 3.7 out of 5.

Hunger Games- Movie/Book Review

The Hunger Games is a trilogy of books (Also soon to be movies) about a group of 24 children, one girl and one boy between the ages of 12 and 18 that are chosen at random to be put in to an arena to fight to the death for food and how you say “eternal glory”. The games can only have one victor. In this movie Katniss Everdeen’s sister Primrose, was chosen to be in the games. It was her first year putting her name into the bowl, which is where they randomly chose the name of the to tributes. Katniss wouldn’t let this stand so she volunteered as a tribute. The other tribute was Peeta Mellark, who Katniss had history with. Not love history though.

So let’s get to the point, basically they go in to the arena and fight to the death. Katniss and Peeta are the last to in the arena and they both decided that if they both can’t win, then they’re going to commit suicide together. At the last minute the gamemaker’s decided to let them both win. That was pretty much the book and the movie. If you want a more detailed version, read the book or watch the movie.


This week I am doing another book review and this one is the sequel to “The Bully”. This book is also a part of the “Bluford High” series and is called “Pay Back”. The book is about a boy named Tyray he used to be the school bully but all of that changed when a new kid named Darrell had enough of his bullying and stood up to him and broke Tyray’s wrist. Now, Tyray was mad and he wanted to pay back the person who beat him up, but he was only at school. Tyray did not want to go to school, ever but no matter what he had to go to school. At school he was laughed at and humiliated by everyone, but one girl named Lark. She sat by Tyray and he told her about his revenge. Just then Darrell walked by with his friend, he looked at Tyray, but he just kept walking. Tyray was at home and his father was furious and Tyray’s dad was yelling and told Tyray that fighting is how his brother got thrown in jail. His mom told him to go outside while his father calmed down. Outside Tyray saw his brothers friend and he told him about what happened at school. Then Tyray’s friend pulled out a gun Tyray said he wanted it but his friend told him no to wait. To find out what happens next you have to go read the book your self it is worth it to find out what happens next.

Book Review: Hollow Fields

“Hollow Fields” is a book about a little girl named Lucy Snow. She was traveling to an all girls boarding school and once a strange man gives her directions to a school that turns young boys and girls into evil scientists. Lucy was very surprised when she saw that she does not take normal classes like math and science. Her text books said the math of evil robots. And the ways to create an evil robot. Lucy snow already signed a contract however, so she is not allowed to leave the school. every Friday a child with the lowest scores in school goes to detention in the windmill. That did not sound to bad to her until she figured out that no one ever comes back from the windmill. She was doing horrible in her classes but still trying to find a way out and she found a little talking box inside of the library when she was trying to escape. He is helping Lucy with her school work so she does not get sent to the windmill.

This is an adventure and mystery book. It has 3 books in the series. It is also a manga or graphic novel. I would recommend this for children 10 years or older due to the language in the story. For me I wold rate it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Breaking Dawn Part 1

“Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1” tells the epic battle for love. Bella and Edward have gone a long way for their love. They have gone though thinking each other were dead, hurt, lost and many other things. In this movie they finally get married to each other. Jacob (Bella’s werewolf best friend) was madly in love with her and tried to talk her out of marrying Edward, but Bella just insisted that he was wrong. So, they got married and went to Isle Esme, which is an island that Edward’s father bought for his wife. Who buy’s a freaking island for someone?! Well apparently he does. Ok well back to the point, they go to the island for their honeymoon, and Bella’s gets pregnant with a half human half vampire baby. Isn’t that just wonderful? I’m not going to say anymore, if you want to know what happens see the movie or read the books. Hope you like it. Bye!

Book Review: You dont know me

“You Don’t Know Me” is by David Klass.This book is about a teen named John that is trapped in the worst type of trap, a 14 year old life. He goes to a school that he calls “anti-school” because aren’t you supposed to learn at school, because if so where does he go every day? He also has a father that’s not a father because he is not related to him in any way. He also is stuck with this man because his actual mother had to leave to take care of her dying and sick aunt. So John is going through a hard time but the only thing that kinda understands him is his tuba which is not a tuba because it sounds like a dying frog.

I would recommend this book for the ages 13 and up because there is some violence and inappropriate language. Overall this was a good book I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.