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Sphinxes Around The World


In Greek mythology, the sphinx was the daughter of Echidna, which had a head of a nymph and a body of a serpent and the Typhon, which breathed fire and had many venomous heads. It had a head of a woman, body of a lioness and the tail of a serpent. She was an evil giant monster who guarded the gates of the Thebes. She would attack anyone passing the gates and ask them a riddle: “Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?” she would not let the passenger go until the passenger solved the riddle. If the person failed, she would strangle him and eat him.


In contrast to the Greek mythology which portrays the sphinx as a greedy and an evil creature, the Egyptians paid much more respect to the sphinx. The ancient Egyptians considered the sphinx as a powerful creature that guarded their temples, palaces and their pyramids also guarding the secrets within their temples. The Egyptian sphinx had a head of human or an animal, particularly of a ram, and the body of a lion. In many of the sphinx monuments that were made in the later part of the Egyptian era, the sphinx had a head of a pharaoh. The greatest example is the world’s greatest sphinx monument, the Giza, guarding the pyramid of Khafre, it also has the head of the same pharaoh.


The sphinx plays a great role in many south east and south Asian countries where, unlike other cultures, its legend is still followed and is alive. The sphinx in the culture of many Asian countries has the same identity like other i.e. having a woman’s head and body of a lion.However, the Asian sphinx has wings and a strong tail.


Winter Break


Hello there. So, you want to know what I did over my winter break? Ok, so my break started out with me my brother, my mom, my sister, and my aunt going to Disney. Also by accident running over a person with my wheel chair and other than that it was fun. Next, we went to island of adventures. This was just my brother, my aunt, and I. This was the worst part of my break.We got to the park at ten A.M and got in at four P.M. because of lines and a person who could not do their job correctly. However, the first thing we did when we got inside was ride the hulk. It was a really fun ride we went on it once then Tre said that he was not going on it twice.

Next after that we can skip ahead to christmas. I’ve never spent a christmas at my house and this year did not change. I was at my grandma’s house. It was three of my cousins me, my brother, my mom, dad, both of my sisters, and my uncles. All in one house. I got a new a laptop case and a new pair of shoes.

After that we went to one of the homes we owned and we spent the whole day cleaning it up. Tre, my cousin named Aria, but we will call him A.L., and I spent about three hours working then went home in all it was a very exciting break. I can’t wait for my next winter break!

Boys and Girls?

Why do all the boys in middle school act the same way? They are so annoying! Well, some Boys aren’t. Some of the boys have a crush and they become kinda stupid in front of a girl. Or sometimes  they have other issues and just like to annoy all of the girls. I have a baby brother, and he doesn’t annoy me. I annoy him. In this case, It’s the other way around. Boys have  different moods and emotions. I can understand this because I’m the only girl sibling that my brother and my cousins have. I have always been the only little girl in my family. Boys need time to heal after something bad has happened, such as being picked on or teased, or they will become embarrassed.

There is  always a problem with boys, especially ones that are going through puberty. They get so annoying. Girls are also like that, but more sensible. You can’t say too much to a girl about the way they look. Girls are like glass. If you sing too loud to a glass, you will break it. That’s a girl. We girls have different humors, instead of moods. For example, some girls are funny, smart, stupid, and annoying. We just have this twitch. It’s natural and it’s part of our bodies. We can’t get rid of it. It is a feeling that belongs to us. Girls and boys always say something stupid even though they don’t mean to. I always say something stupid but I laugh with everybody to make me feel better. This way, I won’t feel like a total loser.

For those girls and boys who’ve just started to go through puberty, all I’m saying is that it’s just the beginning.

Great Teen Reads

We all remember when we were younger  and we read The Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones. But now that we are older we can’t read these books let alone do reports for school. But there are some ups to being older! here is a list of some of the great books you can read now that you are older!

1. Cirque Du Freak : Have you seen the movie? Well the book is 100% cooler! The books also come in Manga, if you want a light read.

2. The Sight and Fell: If you like wolves and liked “Call Of The Wild” or “White Fang” you might like theses two books.

3. The Chanters Of Tremaris Trilogy: Do you Like Avatar, the Last Air Bender? Then This Book is for you!

4. Night World: This book is allot like Twilight!

5. Night of the Solstice and Heart of Valor:These books are written by the same author as Night World.

6.The Dragon Keeper Series; Dragon Keeper, Garden of The Purple Dragon, & Dragon Moon : If you love dragons, and Chinese Mythology try these books!

Many of these books you might not be able to find via scholastic. So make sure your local library, or bookstore for them! Keep reading!- Silvercat

Big Nate

This book is about a boy named Big Nate. He is always saying he was made to do big things. So one day he did not have a lunch so a kid offered him a fortune cookie. He opened his fortune cookie and it said.Today you shale surpass all others.” Throughout the day Nate did not follow the rules and found himself in detention after every class.  Now you will have to read the book to find out how he got in trouble and how he will surpass all others.

I think that this is an amazing, funny, and exciting book. I think kids 3rd grade and up wold love it. You can find this book in your local library and at Books-A-Million. I hope that this book will inspire you to do something in school and to not forget your lunch. So go out and start reading. Happy reading 🙂

My Summer Vacation, By Amber

Amber is one of Page Private School’s 8th Graders. I hope you enjoy her writing!-Silvercat

For my Summer vacation I went to Chicago to visit my family for several days. During this time I stayed at my Aunt’s house with my cousin, my uncle, my father, and my mother. My family and friends went to South Chicago for our reunion. We had a huge picnic, a big BBQ, and had lots of fun! One of the best things about Chicago has to be the food. I went to all types of restaurants for food that left me stuffed like a delicious Thanksgiving turkey! The food in Chicago is the best because when you eat it you can’t stop, even when you’re full! My favorite thing about my Chicago trip was the fact that I was able to see almost all of my family members. Just about every day I went to see the people that are very near and dear to my heart. To me, the best things about your family is that you get to laugh and have fun with them. Also a very neat thing is that everyone in my family has their own individual personalities.  When we left Chicago I missed everyone that we had seen, but when you have a family like mine,  it’s like you can feel their unique and wonderful spirits with you. So that’s what I did on my amazing and fun-filled summer vacation.

The End

The Hunger Games

Have you ever thought of what happens after humanity fell? Where North America once stood lies the nation of Panem. It is literally a “Grand Capitol” that is surrounded by 13 districts. The Districts where once at war with the Capitol. The Capitol defeated the Districts and to make a point they destroyed the thirteenth district. Not only that, but every year they force each district to send one boy and one girl called tributes (at random) to fight to the death on live TV. The last person standing gets fame, fortune, a new home in the victors village, and food for their district for a year. But that is not the worst of it. Every one in the district must treat this like a holiday, meaning school and work are canceled.

When Katniss Everdeen takes the place of her sister she must leave her home, family, and Gale to fight in the Hunger Games. soon she is known as “The Girl On Fire.”  After the costume she wore to the interview, she becomes a fan favorite after Peeta (the boy tribute from her district) claims that they are in love. Will Katniss and Peeta survive? Find out in the three books: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay.

The Popularity Papers

This book is about two girls named Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang that are best friends. They only have one goal to be popular but apparently they’re not. They’re the lamest kids at school.  For example, in an attempt to become popular, Julie dyed her hair blonde but it ended up all falling out.   So, now they’re writing down everything that is happening to them. While they are trying to become popular some problems occur. As the school year is passing they are failing more and more on their goal to become popular. And while that is happening their relationship is failing too.

This book is  funny as well as adventurous. It also gives you tips on becoming popular. You can find this book at your local book store or in a local library. The author has a great website I have really enjoyed every second of reading this book and I hope you do too. Happy reading to all of you in the internet world.

Read For The World Record

Scholastic is holding a contest for the school whose students can read the most books this summer. It is not only for the students, parents and teachers are involved to!

Students: Over the summer kids can make an account on the scholastic website and record the minutes they read! They also create a team for their school so that other students can join. They also can play games based on there favorite books.

Teachers: For teachers the website has ways to fit the read for the world record into their lesson plan.  Also there is a check list for grade up to 9th that kids can check what books they read.

Parents: For the parents of kids who don’t want to read there is a list of books that are perfect for your child’s needs.

Here is a link to the web site!  link

How Panther Press Turned Out At The End of The Year

Panther Press is where are these kids work on a blog either about the school or about something they know a lot about. There are seven kids and two editors. The two editors are Mrs. Zeiger the one who made this all happen and now Cosette. The authors are Diago, Tyler, Matthew, Clara, Adora, Austin, and Isabella.

At first nobody had been writing a lot of articles. But now everybody has been working really hard to finish their goals. So far in one school semester we have  1,366 viewers. Cosette had just been chosen to be editor on Tuesday May 25th, 2010. At 12pm on Friday May 28th, 2010 everybody who is in the sixth grade most have to have eight articles up. This is going to be over in a couple of weeks. But some are the kids are going to try to keep the site alive. There well probably be only three or four more authors left to save this site.