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Boys and Girls?

Why do all the boys in middle school act the same way? They are so annoying! Well, some Boys aren’t. Some of the boys have a crush and they become kinda stupid in front of a girl. Or sometimes  they have other issues and just like to annoy all of the girls. I have a baby brother, and he doesn’t annoy me. I annoy him. In this case, It’s the other way around. Boys have  different moods and emotions. I can understand this because I’m the only girl sibling that my brother and my cousins have. I have always been the only little girl in my family. Boys need time to heal after something bad has happened, such as being picked on or teased, or they will become embarrassed.

There is  always a problem with boys, especially ones that are going through puberty. They get so annoying. Girls are also like that, but more sensible. You can’t say too much to a girl about the way they look. Girls are like glass. If you sing too loud to a glass, you will break it. That’s a girl. We girls have different humors, instead of moods. For example, some girls are funny, smart, stupid, and annoying. We just have this twitch. It’s natural and it’s part of our bodies. We can’t get rid of it. It is a feeling that belongs to us. Girls and boys always say something stupid even though they don’t mean to. I always say something stupid but I laugh with everybody to make me feel better. This way, I won’t feel like a total loser.

For those girls and boys who’ve just started to go through puberty, all I’m saying is that it’s just the beginning.


Gray Matter: Extracting Bismuth From Pepto-Bismol Tablets

THERE’S HEAVY METAL IN PINK PILLS!!! Pepto-Bismol is carefully synthesized organic molecules so potent each pill contains only a few milligrams of the active ingredient. As we all know Pepto-Bismol is a modern medicine, and all modern medicines now are synthesized in something. Pepto-Bismol is a very interesting exception. The active ingredient that it contains in Bismuth which is a heavy metal often used in shotgun pellets. Since there is a lot of Bismuth used in every dose. So much in fact that the doctor was able to extract a slug of Bismuth metal from some pink pills.

Every two-pill dose of Pepto-Bismol is more than a quarter of a gram of Bismuth subsalicylate and about an eighth of that weight is Bismuth. Salicylate is an organic molecule. In order to get bismuth metal is to reduce it chemically, just like the way people reduce iron ore. So basically the point of this article is when you eat Pepto-Bismol pills your eating metal.

Why Do We Get Goose Bumps?

There are multiple reasons why people get goose bumps. Some times its because someone scared you. Your body tries to get as big as possible to scare away what just scared you. It does this by making the hair follicles on your body stand up. If we had as much hair on our body as our ancestors then you could see the difference. For example if you where to scare a cat then you would see the hair on its body stand up and make the cat appear to be bigger than it actually is. We use goose bumps as a defense mechanism.

Also when you are cold you will get goose bumps and it will make your hair stand up as well. If you had a lot of hair on your body then, you could see that the hair would form a insulating layer of air, that looks like protective shell to keep your body warm. This means that goose bumps can actually save your life. You can shiver or goose bumps when you feel any sort of surprise, an intense emotion, or in music. A increase or decrease in volume, the moment a singer begins to sing, and a powerful voice of a singer can case goose bumps.

If you hear something or feel something that relates to a lost loved one or an emotional time in your life can cause them as well. Goose bumps are just one false alarm that your body sets of in order to protect you. There are multiple other false alarms that your brain sets of and goose bumps are just a small part in those alarms.

How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You!

A lie is an intentionally false statement. In your life time you will lie over 88,000 times. Which means you will lie about 4 times a day.  All lies are not actually bad, some can save your reputation, your job, or maybe even your life, etc. But it is never good to not tell the truth. It is always good to know if someone is lying to you in the first place. There are multiple  ways to tell if someone is lying to you,  here is a few.

Body Language

If the person is not moving much when they are talking to you. A person who is not lying would be moving around or taking up more space. If they are not making eye contact or looking away from you while their speaking. If the person is touching their face, throat, mouth, nose, or behind their ear they are most likely lying. Sweating or fidgeting is also another sign, as well as less friendly and not in a good mood.

Physical Signs

If their pupil is dilated that means that they are stressed over something and that can relate to a lie. A raise in there vocal pitch is another sign. When someone is faking an emotion like a smile, their whole body won’t be involved. Like when you actually smile your jaw and cheeks move, but that won’t happen if you are lying.

Verbal Signs

A guilty person would speak more naturally and add unnecessary details. The sentences on a lair will be muffled and not spoken clearly. If they use humor or sarcasm they are most likely lying.  Like a liar would say something like “I did not do it” instead of ” I didn’t do it” not using proper grammar.

I hope that this will help you find out if you are not being told the whole truth. Good luck lie hunting!

Different theories of blushing

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Some Interesting facts on Dreams

What exactly are dreams? Dreams are series of thoughts, images and occurrences that  happen in a persons mind during sleep. Dreams are truly extraordinary phenomenons that occur in the brain. Every person reading this has experienced some sort of dream. Whether it be a sad dream, a funny dream, or even a scary dream. Everyone has had one. But generally, everyone’s dreams are different based on what they could enjoy or most fear, and people may have different effects with dreams. Images, voices, scenes and pretty much every sensual and impressionistic thought under the sun are things that could occur in dreams. Dreams could be very personal as well. A dream could contain some of your deepest and darkest secrets or most private fantasies. There is truly no limit to what your mind could come up with. You could have the least creative mind on the planet and yet your dreams could be so heavenly and illusory, that you know your mind is more capable of anything you thought possible. Everyone has a brain, and everyone has to sleep. Thus, everyone has dreamed before.

Dreams also can portray things that are happening to yourself or someone else your life. Anything could trigger dreams in your lifetime. Happiness, stress, fear… A dream about an empty and endless box that you are stuck in could be the analogy of your feelings for an end-less job you are working for. Dreams are usually most bountiful when you are in the R.E.M stage of sleep. R.E.M is a rare sleep disorder and also known as the deepest stage of sleep. A large percentage of us have it. During this disorder, people tend to get very ferocious in their sleep causing them to kick, scream and react violently to their dreams. Dreams are actually the most clearest during this stage. Eyes are moving rapidly, your heart rate rises and paralysis of your skeletal muscles occur. Even though it sounds a bit frightening and such, it is actually is pretty cool because the paralysis stops you from actually and physically acting out your dreams. This R.E.M stage of sleep usually last a small short while, only taking a short percentage of your sleep cycle. Vivid dreaming arises and in fact, if you awake during this stage of sleep, you are more likely to remember the dream. Strangely enough though, we all dream every night even though it seems like we don’t. We just do not remember our dreams.

Our brains are so endless and full of anythings that we are even close to understanding most of it. Our brains try to determine reality through dreams; which is another theory to determining dreams. There have actually been a lot of theories to what dreams are. Others say that dreams are just a representation of pieces and thoughts from memories or actions turned into one mash up. Truly, the of the end of story is that dreams are absolutely random.

Original Article from Discovery Health

Teenagers Get Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer

Six students have been put in San Fernando Valley Hospital after drinking hand sanitizer. The students drunk hand sanitizer and got drunk off it. The doctors said that the students had alcohol poisoning. The kids have been reported to be really ill from drinking the hand sanitizer.

The students did not drink it right from the dispenser. They used salt to isolate the gel so that it turns into sort of “a shot of liquor”. They got the instructions to do so, online. It only took a couple of shots of the sanitizer for the teenagers to get drunk.  Cyrus Rangan, the director of the toxicology bureau for the county health department said that this was extremely dangerous.


Do you like soda? Do you drink soda a lot? Well after reading this you might not want to drink soda anymore SO BEWARE. Many people drink soda for the fizz factor and also some for the caffeine. But there are other ways to get this INSTEAD of soda. Keep reading and you might be surprised about some things.

Are you trying to lose weight?  WELL DON’T DRINK ANY SODA! The thing about regular soda is that it builds fat in places where you will NEVER know. Some places around your organs are where it really builds. Also, let’s talk about diet soda… Diet soda is no better than regular! Diet soda is all fake, the sugar, everything. Diet soda has a lot of artificial stuff to have fewer calories. What this does is damage the brain cells. This later gives you a higher risk of getting diabetes. You don’t want this do you?

Why don’t I tell you about Mountain Dew? After this you probably won’t want to take another look at a Mountain Dew can. In Mountain Dew is Brominated Vegetable Oil. This is a toxic flame retardant which is put in to keep the artificial flavor from separating from the actual liquid. This really affects your health a lot and it’s just a horrible drink for you and horrible substance.  If this doesn’t make you want to stop drinking soda? Then there is nothing more I can tell you! I will continue about sodas later in another post.

Teens don’t know how to lose weight

Teens who try to lose weight might be going at things the wrong way. A study by a doctoral student at Temple University figured out that obese teens have a great interest in weight loss. Temple University’s public health candidate, Clare Lenhart, presented data from a survey 2010 of students 44,000 at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association this Wednesday, November 2nd.

The results say that around 75.7% of students attending Philadelphia and Pennsylvania public high schools have sought to lose weight.

“What I was expecting to see was increased intake of salad or healthy foods,” Lenhart said.  “In fact, what I found was persistent unhealthy behaviors contrary to weight loss.”

I think that it is very hard to lose weight. It’s something you have to be mentally and physically ready to do, because it takes a lot not to eat junk food. I’ve tried many times and I’ve actually lost a lot of weight. You just need to set a goal for your self cause anything is possible.

Help Girl Scouts Recycle

Did you know that one aluminum can, recycled gives a tv 3 hours of power? Also it takes plastic 700 years to break down in a landfill. Now girl scouts have seen this problem and are trying  to help. But we need as many people as possible to help, because we only have a couple of people and that won’t cut it.  So now you’re thinking, how is there a way for me to help recycle? Now your problem is solved. Thankfully the Girl Scout t Troop 1084 has come to help. If you want to recycle something then come to Page Private School and we have 2 bins upstairs  on the far side of the hall way outside of the library. Also, one down stairs in the main building outside of the office. The big blue bin is for plastic, glass and aluminum bottles. The small green one is for any loose paper or news paper. So if you want to help the earth then start recycling today.