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Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate

Mitt Romney the Republican from Massachusetts and governor and the current President of The United States of America Barrack Obama. These are the two presidential candidates. Governor Romney and President Obama have done three heated debates in the course of the month of October, and in this article I will be giving a brief recap of each debate and in my opinion who won the debate and who I think will win the race for President. First before we get in to the debates I will give a brief bio of each candidate.

First Mitt Romney (Republican candidate), the Governor of Massachusetts. Romney was born on March, 12th, 1947.  Romney is the son of George Romney who was a former governor of Michigan. Romney has run for president before but lost to the Republican primary to John McCain. Romney attended both Harvard law and Business school. Romney married Ann Davies together they have five boys Tagg, Josh, Matt, Craig, and Ben.

Now to President Obama. Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii. Obama was raised by his grandparents. Obama is a lawyer and also attended Harvard, as well as being the Illinois Senator. He married Michelle Robinson. Together they have two girls Natasha, and Malia Obama.

Now to the debates. The first debate, in my general opinion, was won by Mitt Romney because he was more prepared and had statements that countered attacked many things Obama had to say.  Also, I think that hemade more eye contact with the people than Obama. Even though Obama had the facts and had more cold hard facts than Romney.  But what I say is that its not how many facts you know its how you use the facts and use them well and that’s what Romney did in that first debate. The body language is also another big thing, that in my opinion Obama lost by in the first debate. The camera made it look as if Obama was slouching as Romney was standing tall. That was my opinion on the first debate.

The second debate. I don’t think Obama could do worst than he did in the first debate and he did a whole lot better in this debate. He kept Romney on his toes and guessing and that’s what I was looking for, he engaged more and kept giving more and more attacks to the point where Romney had to think his plan over during the debate. Obama did everything better in this debate his body language, his speech, and his come backs to what Romney had to say. Romney did the same. But the American citizens don’t want the same they want a change, and if we can’t get a change in the debate how can we get one in the oval office. If you can’t tell who I think won this debate well by an landslide OBAMA.

Now the third and final debate. Like is said about Obama I am saying about Mitt Romney. He can’t possibly do worst than he did in the second debate. Obama can’t do better than he did in the second debate but to my surprise he did. He was majorly prepared and I saw it from the first word. Romney was also prepared and this is the debate that I was looking for, two very good presidential candidates prepared for anything, and ready to fire back at anything the other had to say. This is it the final debate. It was a very heated debate everyone ready it kept me on the edge of my seat through out the whole debate . But in all Obama won. He won in the majority of the things said before. He did well but so did Romney but Obama did slightly better. So, that’s the wrap up of the debates. Now to see who won.

In Page Private School

  • Unregistered Heroes got 1 vote,
  • Michael Jordan got 1vote,
  • Abraham Lincoln got 1 vote,
  • Romney got 2 votes, 
  • our winner is Current President Of The United States of America Barack Obama with five votes.

Spotlight Martial Art- Ninjutsu


Many people believe that ninjas are make believe or a thing of the past, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Ninjutsu is the art of espionage, strategy, and the use of unconventional weapons as well as hand to hand combat. While it is less common than most well known martial arts such as karate, judo, and MMA( a compilation of different martial arts- WEAK). Ninjutsu isn’t comepletely unknown, some modern martial arts schools teach ninjutsu. Ninjutsu was most commonly used in Japan where spying, assassination, etc. became needed.

When more people began to hear about and see ninjutsu they were amazed. Ninpo, or ninja some commonly refer to it as, moved with such skill people believed they had powers. This was probably the origin some ninja themed television shows. Ninjutsu is not for the faint of heart as things can get errrr …rough out there. That is the new spotlight Martial Art. Bye!!




Plies is a rapper from Fort Myers FL, his full name is Algernod Lanier Washington. He was born on July first 1976 and he graduated from Fort Myers High in 1994. He first started his career in 2007 with Big Gates Records which he and his brother Ronell ran. In May of 2007 he released his debut album called The Real Testament. In 2008 his album reached number two on the charts on the singles chart he was number 10 with Shawty ft T pain. He accidentally rapped in front of his brother who put him in a recording studio.

At first he could not get it, but after years of work he finally wrote his own rap and recorded it the lyrics “Got em” became the title of his first mix tape. In 2007 he got arrested and lost it all, but his brother still let him rap at his record deal. Afterwards he made “I wanna Love You” which rose to number one in the charts in less than five months.

Iron Fist- A Hero Without Recognition

This week I’ve decided to walk away from this whole What to Do thing because of a huge injustice that has occurred to me. In my last article I talked about Iron Fist, a martial arts master that can use his chi in many ways. But, after I wrote the article I realized that very few people know about him or use him in Marvel things. In Ultimate Spider-Man Iron Fist is portrayed as a spacey type of person that says a lot of wise things while in all actuality Iron Fist talks like a normal person. He also has better fighting skills than portrayed but I am pretty sure, or at least I hope, that the team’s potential will show later in the series.

While Iron Fist isn’t a very popular hero, his popularity is growing. On Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Iron Fist and his partner Luke Cage (Power Man in Ultimate Spider-Man), were in the episode “To Steal an Ant-Man” and had a cameo in the episode “Yellowjacket”. Iron Fist is also in the games Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Avenger’s Alliance. He is not in many video/computer games, I hope he is in Marvel Heroes, and just a superhero that is just not well known.

Here are some reasons he would be great superhero video/ computer game character.

  • He has melee, ranged, and healing attacks
  • He would probably double jump
  • He is raw power
  • He would be a great variety and is lethal

(These are basic reasons and I could name much more)

All in all Iron Fist is just a cool superhero and would definitely be somebody that is just meant to be in a video game. He must also be in more things like children’s comics. So if by some improbable chance that anybody from Marvel Universe is reading this you now know is my humble request, also please add some more Nova things to Marvel media.


The Unicorn is an animal from European folklore. A Unicorn is a white horse with a horn on his forehead. The ancient Greeks created this character and it is the most imaginary animal in their mythologies. The only way you can capture a Unicorn is that you have to be a virgin. Some books say that the Unicorns horn have powers to heal sickness and to render poisoned water potable.
Until the 19th century, the belief of Unicorns was widespread among historians, alchemists, writers, poets, naturalists, physicians, and theologians. In the bible, it says that there are these un-tamable animals with strength and agility and horns. That animal was an Aurochs, similar to a unicorn. In Chinese mythology, there is a being that is sometimes called “The Chinese Unicorn”. The Chinese unicorn is a hybrid animal that is part unicorn,  it has the head of a lion, the body of a deer, it has green scales, and a long, curved horn.
There is also a being called a Chimera. In the Bible it says “His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh”. (All of these verses can be found in 33:17). In the past, humans have wanted to hunt down a unicorn. The white color on the unicorn made it a symbol for virginity, purity and chastity. The unicorn’s horn was the weapon for  christ and the faithful. The unicorn was a symbol of chivalry with qualities befitting this status. It was proud and untamable.

Griffins through the ages

Most monsters in any mythology have their own place in Greek mythology. In the case of the griffin, they are believed to have pulled Apollo’s chariot. This would be appropriate, as the griffin is more powerful than any ox or horse, and had the ability to fly, carrying the sun god to and from the Earth. Apollo also represented wisdom and knowledge, which is also a characteristic of the griffin. Other than in the example of pulling Apollo’s chariot, It is hard to find other tales or myths about specific griffins.

Griffins were thought to be like dragons, hoarding treasures while being very wise and regal. In other mythology, they where thought to be a trickster, who would challenge people with riddles in a contest of wits, much like the sphinx. The winners get to keep their lives and treasure, and the losers… wouldn’t. The sphinx also has the body of a lion, so this is also appropriate.

Spongebob Squarepants

The first thought of Spongebob was in 1993.  The producer of Spongbob, Stephen Hillenburg started working on it when Rocko’s Modern life was canceled in 1996. Then in 1998 Hillenburg got a crew of people including Tom Kenny who is the voice behind Spongebob and others which include writer Tim Hill and voice Doug Lawrence. The first episode aired on May, 1 1999 and then its rise  to stardom kicked off.

In late 2000 it had over 2 million views in just one year. The episodes though weren’t enough in 2004 and The Spongbob Squarepants Movie aired on Nickelodeon, but after the movie new episodes did not air until September of 2006 where Spongebob made a comeback.Sadly instead of the regular thirty minutes it was cut to fifteen. This outraged fans everywhere, but in 2009 the thirty minutes came back and it has been like that since and still is today, and remember SPONGEBOB IS BEAST!

Robert Benfer *NEW*

Robert Leon Benfer Jr. was born on December 18, 1987 in Hinesville, Georgia. He is a known voice actor, editor, writer, producer, director, musician, animator, and internet-based clay maker. Robert Benfer Sr. was a Soldier, author, and detective. In 1988 Robert’s sister was born in Germany, her name was Nikki Benfer and later on Robert Benfer’s parents got divorced when he was 2. After that they moved to Kerrville, Texas because of an incident that happened with his dad. Then Robert Benfer’s mother got married to Curtis Shoelzel and moved to Schertz, Texas in 1994 and that’s where Robert Benfer was raised.
Afterwards Robert Benfer’s mom gave birth to Jakki Schoelzel and Jill Schoelzel. Robert Benfer has this condition that can give him cancer and because of that he’s been hospitalized many times. Later on he started on his career. From the age 7 to 12 Robert Benfer started filming with his parents video camera and that was when he got interested in filming because he started doing short films with his sister Nikki Benfer. Most of Benfer’s films were mostly of clay characters.  In 2003 Robert Benfer started posting 45 videos online. After that he titled the clay “Klay World: Off the Table”. So that’s Robert Benfer for you.

The History of The Snickers Candy Bar

A Snicker is a Chocolate candy bar. Snickers are made with a nougat base, with caramel and peanuts, and are surrounded by milk chocolate. It became the most popular chocolate bar. The inventor of Snickers candy bar was Frank Mars. He started out making candy with his mom. Then he began selling the candy and started the Mar-O-Bar Company. In the 1920s, it was starting to become the world leader in chocolate bars. In the 1930s, it became a big a hit. But after a few years, Frank Mars died at the age of 50. Either way, Millions of people buy Snickers candy bar every day. First, the candy bar was called “Marathon” in the United Kingdom, but then they changed it to Snickers. They changed it to Snickers because they named it after one of their favorite horses. The Mars Candy Company expanded and is now one of the largest businesses in the world. The Snickers bar itself costs about $2 Billion of Mars sales. More than 15 Million Snickers candy bars are made a day. That’s about 100 tons for those 15 Million. The Snickers bar is still a wonderful success in the candy business.