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Runescape: Fishing

I am writing a new ‘Runescape’ series, telling people about all of the stats you can level up.  First up, Fishing.

You can do many things with fishing, earn money, get cooking up without paying any GP, you can go for the skill cape (level 99), or you can just do it for fun. The higher your fishing level, the more often you’ll catch fish and you will be able to catch higher-level fish, or even use better gear. the first thing you catch is shrimp, and they only give you 5 xp, but they are very abundant, and not very many people fish them. my favorite fishing spot for shrimp is just south of  Lumbridge. Once you’re level 8, I usually go caging crayfish, until level 15. Then I figure out which fishing will give me the most money, and fish that until I get bored of it. Please give me your vote for next stat review through comments, thank you!



Everyone thinks that one juice is better than all the rest, but what is really the best? If you read this, then answer my poll, we’ll all find out. In the poll, you can choose Grape juice, OrangLuis's favoritee juice, Apple juice , and Pear juice. If you think pear juice is weird, get this! I also have Artichoke juice just to stir up the fun. Yes, Artichoke juice. In one month after I post this, I will see which is the best. Have fun!

Pottermore: Game Review

In this game, Pottermore, you go through each chapter, buying your books, finding galleons, being sorted into your House, and dueling, potion-making, and even searching the castle, while following in Harry’s footsteps. When you go through the chapters of each book, you can find potion ingredients, which give your house points. Galleons are stored in your Gringotts vault, which can be accessed from Diagon Alley, at any time. Dueling is a lot harder. You have to type the letters, but only when the smoke reaches it, when the circle is its biggest. If the spell is cast correctly, it has a certain potency, judging by how well it was cast. The more potency, the stronger the spell/ charm/ curse/ hex/ jinx. When you’re going to duel, you should practice first, other wise you may incorrectly cast the spell. When you go to Ollivander’s to get your wand, you answer questions to help the wand choose you. The same goes with the sorting hat. When you get chosen for your house, the whole screen is filled with the sorting hat’s brim, as if you really were having the sorting hat on your head…

The Virus That Generates Electricty: The M13

Recently scientists have found a virus called M13, that can be extremely beneficial to man-kind. Scientists have genetically modified the virus to generate electricity every time pressure is applied on it. The virus generates electricity by something called the piezoelectric effect.

This effect allows the virus to generate electricity when pressure is applied to it. Scientists say that this virus is still in its beta and has a long way to go. This virus was put to the test in an experiment and generated enough power equivalent to a quarter of the power a triple A battery produces.

Scientists feel that if they succeed with the virus they will change daily life. The virus had been proven to not be harmful to humans and will probably be used for other purposes. Scientists are hopeful for the potential of this virus.

I think this virus will help the environment, but if it spreads it might cause forest fires. This Virus can also evolve and become too powerful for us to handle and it can be a disaster if it goes on the loose. Other than those potential flaws I think that It will benefit the world a lot and that it will provide new structures of architecture and keep the world powered at all times. This can even benefit the economy as well.

Lady Attacked By Cheetahs

In South Africa a women was mauled by cheetahs. The women that was mauled said she was traumatized about the incident. Violet D’Mello told reporters in an interview with Caters News Agency that ( I tried to play dead to tame the animals). She also said ( All I remember is the cheetahs clawing at my head,stomach, and legs.

Her and her husband where at Kragga Kamma Game Park, in South Africa for her 60th birthday celebration. The couple had got a chance to go in a petting session with 2 brother cheetahs Monty and Mark. The whole reason the women got attacked is because she was saving a 8 year old. They were in the petting area and on of the cats grabbed the girl. The women tried to save the little girl and got pulled in. The attack lasted for more than 3minutes before the guides pushed the animals away. She was clawed in the face dangerously near her eye. Her husband is very angry at the incident and is protesting.

*NEW* “Angry Birds: SPACE” Available for download!

This is the Trailer for the newest Angry Birds video game!

This time, Rovio is taking the famous Angry Birds franchise into outer space with the new “Angry Birds: Space”!

Angry Birds space is about the dastardly space pigs who have come to earth in a cosmic storm to steal the famous eggs of the Angry Birds! Now, the birds have had their physical features changed due to the cosmic storm and are now looking more futuristic than ever! Rovio plans to have this game also become an educational tool as well. This game teaches you about NASA, Space, and it teaches you more about the physics in space. This new new game is going to definitely become Rovio’s newest bestselling video game!

To learn more about Rovio, go to:

Protest in Boston

On Tuesday morning, 200 policemen in riot gear went to a park in Boston where protesters were located. Police gave the protesters two minutes to disperse and clear out of the area. The protesters would not move and police began to arrest the protesters, The amount of protesters that were arrested was at least 100. The reason this happened is earlier protesters were allowed to stay in Dewey square and a small part of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Green way. But within a few hours they occupied the entire Green way. After that the police dispersed the crowd, protesters were arrested and after an hour or sow the protesters returned to Dewey Square. The protesters that were arrested were 65 men and 35 women. People are calling it a “Brutal Attack on a peaceful protest”. The main concern is who could be spearheading these attacks. If you want more info go to

Combat City’s North vs South

There is a big airsoft game coming at Combat City and its called N vs S or (North vs South) and the game is basically North Florida against South Florida. There are usually up to 500 people at this event. This game is going to happen on October 1st and I will be there , with my team called 1st ASTG (1st Airsoft Special Tactics Group). The field opens  around 8:00 am and they start normal games, then go to the North vs South games which are about 1 hour and 30 minutes. They do about 3 of them. There will be lots of teams there and some people will camping out as well as our team. There will be some vendor’s selling airosft guns,gear,and optics. This game is going to be amazing and people are still watching videos from the game that was in the beginning of the year.

Help Girl Scouts Recycle

Did you know that one aluminum can, recycled gives a tv 3 hours of power? Also it takes plastic 700 years to break down in a landfill. Now girl scouts have seen this problem and are trying  to help. But we need as many people as possible to help, because we only have a couple of people and that won’t cut it.  So now you’re thinking, how is there a way for me to help recycle? Now your problem is solved. Thankfully the Girl Scout t Troop 1084 has come to help. If you want to recycle something then come to Page Private School and we have 2 bins upstairs  on the far side of the hall way outside of the library. Also, one down stairs in the main building outside of the office. The big blue bin is for plastic, glass and aluminum bottles. The small green one is for any loose paper or news paper. So if you want to help the earth then start recycling today.

A Harry Potter Adventure

Universal Studios has a new a new area in Islands of Adventure and it’s called The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter. This ride is very fascinating and fun. First the fun starts at the walk through. The walk through is breathtaking. Inside the walk through there are many different shops like: the candy shop, broom shop, robe shop, and the wand shop. The Dueling Dragons entrance is also in the Harry Potter walk through. The new Harry Potter exclusives have two rides. The first one is named “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”  and the other one is named The Flying Griffin. In the Harry Potter walk through they also sell every Hogwarts favorite beverage, butter beer. This drink is non alcoholic so it is appropriate for all ages. I would recommend getting the frozen one and not the non- frozen one because in my opinion I think the frozen one was far more refreshing and enticing on a hot summer day.  The new Harry Potter ride is kind of scary so I think that  if kids are under the age of 7 it may not be appropriate for them. Thanks for reading see you next time!