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Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2012

The annual Victoria Secrets fashion show is every year. There is always a famous musician that performs his or her latest hits. This year Victoria Secrets had Rhianna perform “diamonds.” Justin Bieber performed an acoustic version of “As Long As You Love Me.” Victoria Secrets is for older woman to shop for there underwear. Young girls are disgusted by Victoria Secrets ,but the truth is they be shopping there when they are teens, just saying. At the annual Fashion show the models are called angels. They have different types of angels every year. In 2012 they were candy angels. In 2011 they were aquatic angels as in under the sea.

Victoria Secret has been around for a while now. It is also a store all around the world. The biggest Victoria Secrets shop is in new york city. Victoria Secrets is known for its bras and well you know the rest. Victoria Secrets is just a regular store that only sells bras, underwear, lotion, makeup, etc. Usually women wouldn’t like to shop there. Sometimes I shop there for the perfumes and creams. They have all types of smells.


Runescape: Fishing

I am writing a new ‘Runescape’ series, telling people about all of the stats you can level up.  First up, Fishing.

You can do many things with fishing, earn money, get cooking up without paying any GP, you can go for the skill cape (level 99), or you can just do it for fun. The higher your fishing level, the more often you’ll catch fish and you will be able to catch higher-level fish, or even use better gear. the first thing you catch is shrimp, and they only give you 5 xp, but they are very abundant, and not very many people fish them. my favorite fishing spot for shrimp is just south of  Lumbridge. Once you’re level 8, I usually go caging crayfish, until level 15. Then I figure out which fishing will give me the most money, and fish that until I get bored of it. Please give me your vote for next stat review through comments, thank you!

The Legends of Paranormal Kidnappers *NEW*

– 7thdragonwriter’s article-

For many years, the paranormal has intrigued human beings all over the world. We ask ourselves about the evil and demonic forces. We wonder if we are alone in this universe. We wonder if the creatures of the night are creeping in the dark, waiting to make their move. This curiosity inspires us to tell stories that question our perception of reality. Could these frightening tales of suspense actually come true? Or have they already happened?

Many of these dark legends are told to children. This seems to be a tactic used by adults to protect their children from danger. If the children are scared of the dark, they won’t want to be in the dark. Parents will tell their offspring tales of monsters, lurking in night. They’ll warn them of these creatures and why the outside world isn’t safe at sundown. Thus, influencing the children to want to stay at home at night. However, sometimes even parents or guardians are terrified by the demons in the dark.

This article contains a collection of two tales and stories that warn us all of these monsters. Each story is from a different nation. Strangely, all of these paranormal beasts have the same goal. They all want to take away our most precious and innocent people. They all want to take our children.

La Llorona (The Crier): Mexican Legend { 50%- True Story, 50%- Folklore}

 THE TRUE STORY: A long time ago, a widow with two children had fallen in love with a rich nobleman. He was everything she wanted as husband and a father for her children. The man loved her too, but he felt uncomfortable raising another man’s children. Sadly, he hid his true feelings from her and said that he didn’t love her because her kids were too strange. She had lived with him for a while, but after he spoke these words she was forced to leave his home. She was enraged! She wept and wept because she couldn’t provide a better life for her kids or herself. That’s when she went insane and felt that her poor children were really a demonic nuisance, and that they were holding her back from living life. She drowned her children in a very famous river and wept, for she knew that even if she felt her offspring were evil, they were still her babies. That’s when she confronted her lover in a blood stained gown, and frightened him to death. He didn’t want to be with her anymore. This made her even more upset! However she had regained her sense of normalcy shortly after all of her rage and ran back to the river to search for the bodies of her children, where she drowned herself in sadness, and in the river. All 3 bodies were never found…

THE FOLKLORE STORY: The people of Mexico are terrified by this story. For centuries, people have never wanted to even go near the river. Mostly because of the legend, but also because over a thousand people have drowned in the river for unexplained reasons (most of these people are children. ANYONE who goes to the river will here an unexplained weeping! ANYONE who goes to the river WILL see a woman’s shadow. It is a tourist attraction but it is not recommended to go at night due to unexplained kidnappings of children.

Der Großmann (The Slender Man): German Myth

The Slender Man is by far my favorite of these paranormal entities. He is the scariest and most intimidating of these beings.

THE BEGINNING : Der Großmann began in Germany as a simple folklore. Woodcut artifacts were found and have been dated back to the 16th century that included a depiction of Der Großmann. The story of this man began as a children’s story and in this story, a paranormal entity would hide in the woods, chasing after children who misbehaved. It was a widespread story that was mostly known by people who lived along the Black forest in Germany (The Black Forest is a famous forest in Germany, known for it’s density due to very wide, tall trees). No true evidence was found of the being’s existence. However, many pictures taken near the 19th century Black Forest include a dark, tall creature that is hiding in the backdrop.

The Letter:

One piece of evidence that hints to the existence of the Slender Man was a journal entry dating back to 1702, saying:

“Mein Kind, mein Lars … er ist weg. Taken, von seinem Bett. Das einzige, was wir fanden, war ein Stück der schwarzen Kleidung. Es fühlt sich an wie Baumwolle, aber es ist weicher … dicker.
Lars kam in mein Schlafzimmer gestern, schreien an der Spitze seiner Lunge, dass “Der Engel draußen ist!” Ich fragte ihn, was er redete, und er erzählte mir einige Unsinn Märchen über Der Großmann. Er sagte, er ging in den Hainen von unserem Dorf und fand einen meiner Kühe tot, von einem Baum hängen.
Ich dachte mir nichts dabei auf den ersten … Aber jetzt, ist er verschwunden. Wir müssen Lars und meine Familie verlassen müssen, bevor wir getötet werden. Es tut mir leid mein Sohn … Ich hätte hören sollen. Möge Gott mir verzeihen. “


“My child, my Lars … he’s gone. Taken, from his bed. The only thing we found was a piece of black clothing. Feels like cotton, but it is softer … thicker.
Lars came into my bedroom yesterday, screaming at the top of his lungs that “The angel is outside!” I asked him what he was talking about, and he told me some nonsense fairy tale about The Slender Man. He said he went into the groves by our village and found one of my cows dead, hanging from a tree.
I thought nothing of it at first … But now that he is gone. I need to find  Lars and take my family before we are killed. I’m sorry my son … I should have listened. May God forgive me. “

Modern Day Myth:
The Slender Man was discovered by North American communities on the online forums of “The Creepypasta”. Ever since it’s discovery, everything from movies to video games have been developed to tell the story of the myth. In “SLENDER” the video game, the player controls a man with a flash light and a camera in this First-Person style game. The player will see through the lens of the camera as you search for eight manuscripts of the Slender Man that are drawn by the lost children of the woods. You must be cautious, for the moon is slowly rising as you try to find the eight pages. And the Slender Man loves to attack in the dark. The marblehornet’s Youtube Video series is a collection of tapes that include Slender Man evidence.

Pottermore: Game Review

In this game, Pottermore, you go through each chapter, buying your books, finding galleons, being sorted into your House, and dueling, potion-making, and even searching the castle, while following in Harry’s footsteps. When you go through the chapters of each book, you can find potion ingredients, which give your house points. Galleons are stored in your Gringotts vault, which can be accessed from Diagon Alley, at any time. Dueling is a lot harder. You have to type the letters, but only when the smoke reaches it, when the circle is its biggest. If the spell is cast correctly, it has a certain potency, judging by how well it was cast. The more potency, the stronger the spell/ charm/ curse/ hex/ jinx. When you’re going to duel, you should practice first, other wise you may incorrectly cast the spell. When you go to Ollivander’s to get your wand, you answer questions to help the wand choose you. The same goes with the sorting hat. When you get chosen for your house, the whole screen is filled with the sorting hat’s brim, as if you really were having the sorting hat on your head…

Madame Tussauds and The Happy Feet 4-D Experience

In this blog entry, I will inform you about a place called Madame Tussauds; which is located in New York City. I will also talk about the “Happy Feet 4-D experience movie they have there. The people who went on the New York field trip will remember it as the wax museum.

Madame Tussauds is home to very realistic wax figures, which has made it very famous. The wax figures depict world leaders, famous movie stars, super heroes etc. It has a lot of cool wax figures, so if you’re in New York be sure to check it out.

Madame Tussauds also has a 4-D movie called “The Happy Feet 4-D experience”. Sadly I didn’t get to see this movie on the New York trip, but I did however do some research on how it was like. The movie is basically a brief representation of the first movie, but extra sensory effects are added.

Grinchmas at Universal (Islands of Adventures)

Grinchmas started November 17 and will go on till January 1.  Grinchmas is the story of Dr. Seuss’s book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. For the people who don’t know what that book is about, It about this old cranky green man (thing), that lives near the town of the WhoVille . The Who’s are these people who LOVE Christmas, and the Grinch, who lives just north of WhoVille hates Christmas and the whole Christmas season. The Grinch comes up with a plan to stop Christmas.  When all the Who’s are asleep sleep, he will sneak into the town and take everything. After he steals all the gifts, he goes to the top of the mountain to dump it. But then the Grinch realizes that Christmas is more then the gifts, Its about having the people who care all around you.

So the book is basically what Grinchmas is all about, but Grinchmas has singing and dancing, too. This year for Grinchmas, they put it out where the sound stages are. It’s easy to find and if you can’t find it, just ask one of the Who’s that are all around . Yes I said Whos, who are walking around Seuss land. So I think they would know. Grinchmas is a good show for EVERYONE. I hope you guys go and see it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Review: Ice House Theater

The Ice House theater is in Mount Dora. The Ice House is an excellent theater. This theater has kids programs and has very good shows. I have acted in the Ice House in Honk and Really Rosie , both were kid’s programs.

This theater is on it’s 2nd show this season. It has already done Bye Bye Birdie which I saw and it was a funny and interesting show. Currently, Little Shop of Horrors Sept. 17- Oct 10th, 2010. I hope to see the show. The other shows are Marcel on 34th street, Steel Magnolia, Bingo the winning musical, and Later Life. Some are musical, some are not but I hope to see a few of them. The Ice House theater is my favorite theater, my 2nd favorite is Melon Patch whereI have performed in a play. Ice House theater was found in 1948 and the president was Cella Clafie .

This is the Ice house web site .

Here are some videos from Honk and Really Rosie , Poulatrytal,   Realy rosie

A Harry Potter Adventure

Universal Studios has a new a new area in Islands of Adventure and it’s called The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter. This ride is very fascinating and fun. First the fun starts at the walk through. The walk through is breathtaking. Inside the walk through there are many different shops like: the candy shop, broom shop, robe shop, and the wand shop. The Dueling Dragons entrance is also in the Harry Potter walk through. The new Harry Potter exclusives have two rides. The first one is named “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”  and the other one is named The Flying Griffin. In the Harry Potter walk through they also sell every Hogwarts favorite beverage, butter beer. This drink is non alcoholic so it is appropriate for all ages. I would recommend getting the frozen one and not the non- frozen one because in my opinion I think the frozen one was far more refreshing and enticing on a hot summer day.  The new Harry Potter ride is kind of scary so I think that  if kids are under the age of 7 it may not be appropriate for them. Thanks for reading see you next time!

Tokyo Sky Tree

     Everybody in Japan is waiting for the Tokyo Sky Tree, the new tallest building in Japan, and one of the tallest buildings of the world. It will be situated in the heart of Tokyo. Now it is under construction, but when it is completed, it will be 2,050 ft (634 m) tall! Inside there will be a restaurant, two observation floors, and it will also be a TV and radio broadcast station! At night, some parts of the tower will be illuminated with lights and other parts will not. It will be finished by December 2011, and it will be open to the public in spring  of 2012. 

    Make sure that when you go to Japan someday, you visit the Tokyo Sky Tree!

Review: Tom Sawyer at Melon Patch Player in Leesburg

On Thursday April  22 there was a play called Tom Sawyer. It was at the melon patch player in Leesburg the address is 311 North 13th Street Leesburg . At the melon patch I did not see the show……. I was in it.  The people how played the characters were kids ages 9- 13 years old. The kids who played the people in Tom Sawyer were great actors. The play was about a kid named Tom and his friend Huck ( played by Mary) are in the grave yard (  which is in the middle of play) see muff potter and Injun Joe with Doc Robinson at the grave yard and them getting in to a fight and Injun Joe killing Doc Robinson, But that’s not all there is, Tom panting the fence( or making other pant the fence). It is full of action and humor that all mixed together made a great play.


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